Monday 22 July 2019

John Cleese and Eric Idle playing silly BUGGERS!


Hiyeah viewers, out there! 

Now, as you can see from above, I've drawn these two, well known as well as very talented may I add,  Comedian Actors "John Cleese" and "Eric Idle" who just love to make us all laugh!

And if you guys, didn't know this!  "John Cleese" had first meet "Eric Idle" was a young freshman at Cambridge University...  He was just Nineteen years old, while John was only, Twenty-three years old!

It was in February 1963 at Pembroke College "Smoker" that the annual comedy revere and "Idle" had shared the stage with two other well-known talented comedian Actors, "Tim Brooke Taylor" and "Bill Oddie! (Later though, two thirds of the Goodies), had played a biblical weather man.

But, really getting back to these two old FOOLS as they probably like to see themselves has, since playing in Monty Python Flying Circus those many, many years ago...   Course, what I've found out was that, with no studio what so ever available at Thames until Summer 1970 for the late night show, "Palin" as in "Michael Palin" had agreed to join "Cleese" and "Graham Chapman! 

Then suggested the involvement of writing partner "Terry Jones" and not forgetting colleague "Idle" who in turn wanted someone by the name of  "Terry Gilliam" to provide animations for the project series.

Now, if you guys didn't know already, "MONTY PYTHON FLYING CIRCLE" was a British surreal sketch comedy series, created by and starred the comedy group of  Monty Python...
"Graham Chapman," "John Cleese," "Eric Idle," "Terry Jones," "Michael Palin" and "Terry Gilliam," aka the Python!

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