Thursday 31 March 2016



Abba was yet another group that I loved to listen to while I was growing-up besides, Showaddywaddy, The Monkees, Slade, Mud, ELO, Blondie, Spandau Ballet, Bucks Fizz, Queen, Madness, Billy Fury, Bobbie Vee, Roy Orbison, Shakin Stevens and many more because I so love my music!

Anyway, getting back to ABBA because yes! All their entire songs may be brilliant, but my all time favourites have got to be "I Do I Do I Do" "Ring, Ring" "The Winner Takes It All" "Thank you for the Music" "Take A Chance On Me" and finally, "Hasta Mananna! Which, was released in 1974, when their Album called "Waterloo had came out!

Course, every time one of them comes on, well you can be sure this girl had always loved to sing along to these tunes on her own... Well I always used to like I was, because when my beloved Dad was around and just came walking into the front-room well you can be sure this girl had stopped singing, let alone tried to lower the music to her CD Player!

Which, my Dad had always used to tell me with a smile on his face, "I don't know why, you think you had to stop singing Sandy, course, I can hear you from inside! Making, me of course, start to blush just slightly because I don't see me as a singer-like only that I used to love singing on her own to most of her favourite songs.

Call me MAD! Course, now a days I don't fucking care to what anyone really thinks of me...

But, come on, I'm sure any of you out there may also like to sing to your own favourite songs like myself, the only thing is, which I'm sorry to say is - these days the music industry that makes all music you all hear is NOT real music to what it was!

And if you guys, think I'm just saying this to you well let me tell you first of all, I'm not the only one that may think or say any of this to you, if anyone !

As there's many like myself that would also tell you these days the music isn't MUSIC... As real music had all STOPPED early around the 90's!

There is probably another reason of why I should say this and that is basically I'm in a few that grew-up listening to all sorts of music, throughout the years!

Why! Do you want to know something else, guys? Well in my early teens when Walkmans was around I had always loved to listen to all my different favourite music then!

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