Saturday 29 June 2019

Tony Hadley from Spandau Ballet


Now,  viewers out there!  Did you wanna know summat about this very talented singer, that was the lead singer to one of my whole time favourite Groups from the 80's??? 

Well, do yeah?  Well, way back then, when this girl, meaning, myself was in her teens...  Boy!  Did she have a one Big humongous CRUSH over him!  And who can blame me hey?  Cos, if any of yeah remember what he was like, way back then, well, you must know what I mean!  If that is, though, any of yeah, was teenagers like I was! 

Because, oh brother!  Every blooming time I saw Tony Hadley in Spandau Ballet, well, the thoughts of mine was simply going to...  'Oh is he cute or what!  Or just thinking to myself, 'Oh Boy!  Is he major good-looking!!!  And that's no bloody mistake!

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