Saturday 29 June 2019

That First Kiss will Last Forever if She Loves Me

Hi guys out there!  Well, I bet you've never would have thought to see this sort of Picture once again, but slightly different to what you may have saw it, if any of you out there had typed SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL?  Hey!  Course, just before you guys had finally saw that I had stunned all of yeah, by adding thirty-six NEW posts onto my Web-site well, the LAST PICTURE that was above the rest of my other Posts, was called, "SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL" which this was from...
Only, boy!  If I hadn't mentioned it to you, already, well, way, way back in the 80's when this young teenager had always used to love watching any Films like this well, it was always this part that had got to ME in a very big way, because of "Dreaming" or "Wishing," for how you like to put it... 
Of if only first, "I was really pretty!  And secondly, "what would it be so like, if I was someone like the Actress, "Mary Stuart Masterson" who plays Watts to get her FIRST KISS that will LAST FOREVER???  Hey!
Course, I'm wasn't stupid back then!  I knew Watts, had something for her friend Keith "Eric Stroltz!!!!
* And as for that flaming tune just before, Watts had asked, Keith, "if you can deliver A KISS!  Followed by saying "just pretend I'm  A GIRL!  Then, realising she was A GIRL...  Watts finally said to Keith, "Just pretend I'm Amanda which she then tilted her right arm down a bit and sat herself on something that looked-like a huge tin drum...  Because, that Tune had always sets me off, because, (1) I'm totally Romantic and secondly again, I really thought that TUNE was really so NICE, while Watts "Mary Stuart Masterson" prepares herself for her very FIRST KISS in the film that LAST FOREVER with her friend Keith!  
** Which, being an old fashion romantic, had ONCE believed that was so very true!!!  But, I've expected it now, that, that part in my life, of having a FIRST KISS from that very special someone, won't EVER, EVER HAPPEN to ME!!!  Which, I'm not expecting it, as I mention...  As, I use to believe, "if it happens, then it will HAPPEN!!!  And yes guys!  I was referring to maybe MEETING THAT VERY SPECIAL SOMEONE IN MY LIFE!!!         
But, what I think I would like to tell yeah guys, is that IF and I mean, A BIG IF! That I got my (VERY FIRST KISS), which is in my DREAMS...  Is that, I think I would really and truly LOVE to hear that flaming TUNE that just before, Watts "Mary Stuart Masterson" from this part of that old film from the 80's called SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL to be played...
Because, I just think that would be really nice, while I having my FIRST EVER KISS!!! 
And if by any chance, you don't know the tune...  Well, it was sang by "Stephen Duffy" and the tune was called - "SHE LOVES ME! 

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