Thursday 23 June 2016

Oh Boy! I've gone again!






Even though, you had always made this GIRL go all completely SHY those many years ago, whenever she had "once upon time," saw YOU "and only YOU!  (Brown-Eyes) that once was.

AND THAT'S NO JOKE KIDDO!!!  Or should that be You "Smiler" because that smile of yours, had ALWAYS sent this girl completely SHY!!!!

* So, basically what I'm trying to say is....  "You and you alone, had ALWAYS managed to sent this Girl in a TRANCE of her own by going completely SHY whenever she saw YOU AROUND in her PAST that is  But, now, course, of YOU it's that other (Brown Eyes) but who's sexy that this girl is totally for fallen in love!  Which, as you know is "Luke Wilson!  And only "Luke Wilson!!! 

Not "YOU  and that's a dead cert!  Because, do you honesty think I'm a fucking idiot, that would really want to be know anyone like you that's either married, devoiced or single with some fuckin' sex-objects like what you have with your fuckin' wifie!!! "Yes!  "YOU!  You BASTARD as YOU are NOW to me!  As I HATE fuckin' kids... 

 Especially, that is, if they're between you and that Bimbo that you ended up marrying, cos, if you guys had kept on shaggeing whenever you two had got together, back when I knew you better at work that is!!!!  Well, come on!  Do you really think I would ever like someone like you!  The answer to that Question is NO! I FUCKIN' WOULDN'T! 
But to finish this sentence "BASTARD" I don't think I would ever like someone like YOUI mean, you had always liked to get involved with any girls, like one after another, which makes me want to PUKE... 

 But, if I would ever see myself with someone now, that is, which I don't want too, well they would have to be one hundred per-cent devoted to me then, going back to their old ways, like you!!! Course, even if you're older, right!  Leopard don't ever changed their Spots...  Which, means YOU!  

Who I will explain more if anyone of you guys, out there read on!

* But, before I start, well can I just say the title to this was actually going to be - "SEX ON LEGS"  only it wasn't my idea, really it wasn't!   It was actually a very dear friend who every blooming time I see them, had always brought the beast out of me!!!  And since YOU did actually made me thought you  were of ONE of those guys, that simply just wanted one bloody thing well, let's just say that title "SEX ON LEGS" would have been bloody ideal for this picture of YOU...   And that's NO fucking joke!  But can I say before, adding, it was a sad shame you, "Yes, I do mean, YOU that did act very much like one of those other "Bastards" that's around now, then, simply acting like someone who shows signs of being a really truly nice and slightly Shy DECENT guy! 

Anyway, getting back to my friend who had always made this girl laugh none stop course, she always managed to you know..

* Especially, when she had told me "why not put "SEX ON LEGS" to that picture Sandy!!!  
So, Trudy!  You sexy doll you!  Thanks for suggesting  that title!  Really!  Thanks!  But, thinking long and hard now, that title even though, it would really fit the describe to how this person had always, always had acted, lets say could type it in or leave it on this Web-site of mine!!!  

But, again, thanks, Trudy!  So, "Who loves you babe!!!  You sexy thing you!  Got you girl!

* Anyway, back to this picture that I've finally plucked up the courage to draw now, after all these years, because, this was actually a DARE and nothing more from a neighbour that was once, since they knew what I went through those many, many years ago, when I not only knew this person, but had a very hard time throughout those years at work!  Not forgetting around those awful years, my dad who I really loved had died and a very dear person, who I loved as a child had also died!

* :-( So, basically, it was a very, very sad shame that this guy above, had never liked me as a person or even had wanted to be a friend like the others that was around work, which I so very much wanted so!  Course, this person was the only person (shall I say), that had really brought this girl back with a smile on her face and who had also, my I add, started to make her laugh again, since her Manager who was the ONLY one person may I add, that was so decent and who had truly cared for all his staff, then like all of the rest that had came to work for us later on... 

** But who had sadly had to leave after a year since we opened the shop together, course, he was SWITCHED UP good and proper, from what I believed and saw at the time, of those nasty  "BASTARDS" in Head Office that probably wanted to choose their own personal staff  that they liked for the blooming Company! 
 Course, do they really thought that they could pull that trick over my eye? Hey!  As I'm NOT that STUIPD or THICK like some had probably thought I was way bay then!!!

* Anyway, thank god for me now, that this (so-call person) that I once knew that many, many years ago, isn't around now, NOT that I don't want them to be around, but WHO shall I say, it's because whenever they were around, they had always managed to make this girl go back to her old true-self, which was going COMPLETELY SHY!!! 

* As well as, telling them that whenever I tried to look at them whenever they were around, that is well this girl just couldn't look directly at them properly-like -  let alone try to go near to them and speak to them as she used to when they had first started to work in the same work-place...  But, once again, that was part of my shyness showing...  Or shall I say coming back out! 

** So, really wherever this person may be now. "thank you!  Course, for making me feel the way I do now, for the rest of my life, "being a true romantic and an old fashion girl for "you know who?  My gorgeous "Luke Wilson" that's who!   Or is it???  As, I'm so confused at times now, because I still very much so got those FEELINGS for YOU!  That's why, I think it may be more safer for myself to be in totally in LOVE with the Actor "Luke Wilson!!!

**  Only, Why!  Oh why, I can't I be really pretty so guys would actually like me or even notice me for who I am, then rather wanting fucking sex all the bloody time!  Hey!  As I was brought up proper, then rather thinking just like most girls with "NO brains" who really acts like bloody guys do these days now, course, (in my book), that's how a lot of them act as you should know!!! 

Which, you should know, if they just want one thing from a guy, not to mention, trapping them, if they think the guy may like another, by getting themselves bloody pregnant!  Which, shows that they must be a bloody Stupid-Brainless "BIMBOS" or "TARTS!!! And that's NO flaming joke there!  These days, Girls certainly do act like that... Which is taking a bloody mockery of how my age group was brought-up let alone believe in!!!     

* Personally though, (in general), all those fucking "BIMBOS" around, really acted like they were all going (back and forth), like a blooming yoyo, playing a really dirty game yet again, without the guy possibly knowing that they have been played upon...

**  Which, may I add, I won't alone in really thinking of that!  And I am talking about, how those brainless-stupid (BIMBO'S) as in all girls out there NOW like to trap guys that they may be with, be getting themselves fucking PREGRANT course, the guy may be just looking another person!!!  

* But, if those stupid guys that couldn't see or probably didn't wanted that they have been truly add-like, well, that must show that they are truly THICK!   And I truly mean, thickos!!!  Which, I'm not sorry to say that does include yourself, that I've "drawn above" as well...  Because of the way you had really acted then. 

And don't think you've changed now, because, you're older, course, PEOPLE don't change even though they may be older now...  For all you are to me now, is still very much the SAME  Stupid! Stupid!  And Stupid!!!  Because, you are NO different then all the rest that just want one thing and ONE thing only!  Which, makes me really wanna really throw-up course, of the way, you were showing that "YOU aren't a decent guy!!!

* Which, once upon time, when I was younger, not now, had liked to dream will I ever meet someone so nice and Shy but that doesn't think of one thing?   Because, that's how I was really like!  But guys, like yourself as ruined that lovely Dream of mind...  You fucking "BARSTARD you!!!  "SEX ON LEGS!!!  And yes!  I am speaking about YOUIf only you were a truly lovely person that didn't have to behave the way you had back then, course, I really truly liked YOU and only YOU so much, you "MUPPETT"-you!!!

(*) In other words, you viewers out there also, all those "brainless-BIMBOS" now truly play a really (Dirty Game) on that poor guy then, rather wanting to be in a real true relationship that's meant to be!  But, there again, ALL guys, these days now, sure act like that, so there's not much difference between them both really, only that they bloody DERSERVE each other!  Which I'm NOT sorry to say you are ONE of them...  Because of the way you really did act back then,  Then, really wanting to know someone like MYSELF for example, once again!

* Which, I'm glad in some way, that I had FOUND OUT what YOU were really like way back then, while you were working at my old work-place, as I'm not stupid or thick

* Course, do you really think that I thought, "YOU" were so DIFFENT to those others, I've just described?  Hey!  The answer to that is NO!  NO!  And NO!!!  Because sadly, it was the way YOU had truly acted back then, if you remember?  That sure had all those signs, to all those other fucking "BASTARDS" once again, that just want one thing from those (Stupid-brainless) "BIMBOS or TARTS" then really wanting to know only one person who could be a truly nice person who's also genuine then, a fucking "BIMBO!  As, YOU had sadly did

* But now saying all that, I'm not really saying that I personally want to meet someone, course, I really don't think I DO NOW!  Well, NOT if they are anything like YOURSELF who had TRULY acted  like ALL those other  total fucking "BASTARDS that simply want ONE THING" then!   So, I think you actually did me a blooming huge favour back then, for NOT really wanting to know you-like as a person or even allowing me to be a friend, as I so wanted to be, in the first place course it was the way you were to me and acted!  So, thanks!!!

*  Also, and this may probably shock some if I tell yeah that, that fucking big FAT PRICK that I've drawn above, when he was very young, course, unless, I'm not mistaken now, that BARSTARD is now thirty-three or thirty-four...  Course, of how I first meet him like, as you will all find out from THE "SPOOKY BIT below!!!  

**As not only married, with three some lads, course, one of my Care-workers that I know, knows of him from her lads, but who told me, he's on FACE-Book Sandy!  Which, after showing the whole lot of pictures of him, with his FAT BIMBO wifie, or should that really be his enormous FAT TROLLOP!!!  Hey! Course, that's what she is!

Only, what would you all say, if you all knew, that this big FAT BARSTARD Steve, has either got more different fucking WIVES' or that he's simply got a whole bunch of different blonde BIMBOS, lurking around Town, course, I've seen them all, with also, a whole lot MORE of his fucking kids from them!!!

Because, like I mentioned, one of my Care-workers know of him, as well as she showed me all those pictures of him, with either all of his different Wives and kids...  Or that he's been playing around course, his got a different girls on his FACE-book!


** So, now, my one true WISH because of maybe meeting YOU, is for definitely really image "if only this was "America" and I suddenly saw YOUR double who I've really have fallen in Love with!  Course, besides you really, only that Actor, could allow this girl to go all so Shy-like!  Course, of not knowing then, or even now, why I fell in love with them in the first place...   Not forgetting, as well, it's knowing that now, I can't get hurt anymorelike that YOU had those many years ago, who at times were so horrible to myself, course, all I did was really cared about you!

* Only, please don't be Angry of me for drawing this very old picture that I came across?  Course, like I mentioned it was only a dare that my neighbour that was once, had dared me to do, that's all!

* But again, If this so-call person do come across to seeing themselves on my Web-site, which at times, I do hope so, but there again, I don't know if I want them to see this!  But, anyway, thanks again, for making this girl stumble upon her darling Luke!  Or should that be her Dream-guy, "Luke Wilson" who so looks remarkably like that so-call person I knew!  

* As, I always seem to go on - Cloud 9 whenever I see my gorgeous (Brown Eyes) "Luke' Wilson's" films...  Course he actually does reminds me of you so much, even though he's that Actor I was referring to in the first place  
* And that's no blooming mistake, either!  I really do go on CLOUD 9 when I see him or possibly think of YOU still.  Which, just call (Me) - "STUPID"  But he's so worth it to me now...    Really, that Actor, is so worth it (BROWN-EYES) No/1!   And once again, if you do happen to see this part I added - well Sunshine, you better fucking SMILE!  DA!!!

:) But, oh boy!  Now, I've really done it to myself by thinking of him, course,  if you must know, it's ever fucking time I DREAM of those lovely dark brown eyes of his, not forgetting that SMILE so, of course I've totally have gone now!!!  Haven't I!  So, bye, bye you all if you see this!   Over and fucking out!

Yours truly

Crazy (Blue Eyes) Sandy



* Because, if only you knew something that I do that's if you happen to see this, (which in a small way, sure hope you don't), because of what I'm about to tell you!  Which, is if you had actually thought you had met this girl through my old work was really actually the very FIRST TIME you had met yours-truly, well, it wasn't!!!  Because, if you haven't got a very, very good memory as I have, well, I have actually met YOU way, way long before then! 

* Only, it wasn't in some other Shop around here in the Redditch Town Centre either, so there!  But. yes!  I have seen YOU!  But it was even way before then-like and if you want a clue well, all I shall say is, "it was when I noticed you (and it was you), smiling directly at me, while I was still very young myself, at one of the old Shoe Shops, when it was around back in the mid to late 80's!!! 

SPOOKY!  I know, but all this for what I'm saying is in fact, all TRUE (Brown Eyes), I really had met you while I was in my teens, those many years ago, in one of the old Shoe Shop, holding your Mummy's hand of course, well really you had to my darl!!! 

* Who, before continuing though, way back in the 80's most girls as well as women had their hair like big on top and slightly longer at the back not forgetting around the sides if you know what I mean...  Which, what I'm getting at is now, your Mum sure looked like she had that sort of style then, only, being a Geordie Girl like her beloved Dad was, with a great sense of humour could only really describe that style like a huge "Jelly-Fish" on top of her HEAD or a flaming "Squid" not forgetting, a blooming great giant "Octopus

So, sorry, (Brown Eyes), if I've offended you by saying that but, it's all true!  Your mum sure did look-like she had a huge jelly-fish or a squid shall I say not to mention an octopus on her flaming head back then, even most of the guys!!!  But, as for myself well, I didn't have my hair like that, thank god!

* But, now, let's get back to this little tale of how I truly remember of seeing you, because as it was in the mid-80's well, just don't worry of thinking I will mention of how old you could have been, as I won't say how old you must have been then...  As, that's my Secret, if once again, you surly can't really REMEMBER yours truly then or even how old you could have been then darl! Ok!  But, it sure was you that's for sure!  Weird!!  I know, but it was truly YOU then, thinking it was yet another little young (Brown Eyes), that I had saw holding their Mummy's hand, course they sure had to once again... 

* And if  you probably think to yourself, if seeing this of course, well, how would you know that was me that you had saw???  Well, it's just I've actually got a very good memory!!!  And I've actually remembered now!  Though, what I will say about all this, was, you did actually look so blooming CUTE then, with that ADORABLE look of yours, as well as smiling directly at this very young Sandy! Which, still from this day on, actually thought to myself  "Aww!  That's so nice.  As, I was really paying more attention to YOU, then rather your blooming miserable mum course, really why the hell should I look at her!  Hey!  While YOU had truly got my attention, more, by just looking directly at me with that adorable look yours not forgetting that biggest smile YOU had given this very young GIRL!    And that's me of course, (Brown Eyes).

* Thank god though, that you didn't turn out to look like blooming mother...  Only, what was a very sad shame was, I believe you have got her ATTITUDE...   Like for instance, how YOU had sometimes treated me a lot of the times at work!  REMEMBER???  Mostly fucking NASTY or quite HORRIBLE to only me and no one else may I add!  Just ME!  

Because your mum had always given yours truly, whenever she had saw ME back then, around Town, (either with someone or on her own), a GREAT big dirty look!  And that's NO joke either!  She always had!  So, yes!  I really do believe that you had probably took your mums personality as well as her behaviour-like course, frankly, YOU weren't really a nice person to me!  If you know what I'm talking about!  And because you may be older now, well, you can't say "but I've changed now, because once you know someone like I have, meaning you, well you can't say, you've changed!  As You will never be a truly nice person...  Frank god!  YOU have FUCKED UP your life whereas mine, I'm bloody enjoying my life!

But, getting back to the "very first time" I meet YOU those many, many years ago, while we were both very young!   Because, do you think I'm that daft in telling you if you do happen to see this once again, that what this old Shoe Shop where I first saw you was called?  Hey!  No!

* As, all I'm going to say was, it was really in some old Shoe Shop where back in the 80's that I saw you! So, it sure looks I've got you now, if you can't remember really smiling at some very young girl who was only just looking around then, while she was also with one of her parents, only I sure hope it wasn't my fucking Mafia mum being a bloody Italian, as she is...  As, I rather like to think I was with my lovely Dad then, who I will always love so much forever and ever! 

(*) But get this people out there, if you are looking at this to!  Even that bloody Mafia of mine, and who you never know, my dad had sometimes joked about or was it???  As I really liked to believe he was really serious about saying this to me, "Do you think mum is any related to (SCAR-FACE) Sandy???  Answer to that was always, "YES Dad, yes!!!  Why!  Do you know viewers, she always had her flaming hair in a strange style as well!  As, my mum always had her hair right UP-like with some help of some big giant huge rollers of course, every single morning, (so it was like a fucking "BEE-HIVE" with what really looked-liked a very strange wired bubbles all over or a blooming great big "WASP-NEST!  And that's no joke there!  Buzz! Buzz!  As in saying Buzz off you! 

* But, if that was real-like (lets say) and you were around, shall we say to a giant bee-hive or a wasp-nest well, knowing you, you would probably say... "OH FUCK OFF" then rather saying, "Buzz off!  Get it!  "Oh fuck off, will you!  Course, that was what you had always said to someone, which unfortunately, ended up upsetting them so much!  Which, was another reason why, I don't think I want to know YOU!        

So, really!  If you do happen to see this, and I do mean, do happen to see Website of mine by accident (that is) which, once again, don't know if I really want you to, because of stumbling upon this picture that I've drawn of you now...  Had actually, met way, way, before-like, when we were both very younger...   And I truly mean, that when we were both very, very  young (Brown Eyes), you!!!

* Only, some that I've told this to, had told me that, "that's very uncanny-like for if you Sandy, had met this so-call person while you were still in your late teens, then rather meeting through your old work-place!  Which, you may have thought you had yet again! 
But, after adding to me, (which, I truly don't believe in), course, of my past,  "How it's also like Destiny or Fate!   Or even if you want to put it in another teams, "how it's meant to be!

* Which again, really don't believe in all that because it's all crap man!  And why!  Well, its because of how I was always told while (growing-up) to really forget of thinking you will meet someone, course you won't!   Adding, "as you're not pretty!  Which, now I totally believe, not to mention that I'm older now and wiser!

(*) But, all I will say in that though, it is very uncanny-like of  how I had truly came STUMBLING upon that very GORGEOUS Actor, "Luke Wilson" or should I say discover him that looks so remarkably like you after you had left my old work those many years ago, or should that be how it was you really had looked so blooming remarkably like "Luke Wilson" since he's the one that's older then you are.  Hey!  Not forgetting though, who's so nicer of course, as he's always seems to knock this GIRL out whenever she seems to see his films!  

* Anyway, that's what l'm got to say on that, than rather agreeing to those who like I just mention, above, had told me otherwise...  I mean, after telling them about seeing you way back when I was in my late teens in this very old shoe shop back in the late 80's, not just holding your Mummy's hand, but who was really looking directly at me with that look of yours, as well as giving this girl the most biggest smile ever.  As, and I quote, "that's really like it's destiny Sandy!  "You know, Sandy, how it's like it's meant to be!  Which, again, is, is total rubbish, not to mention that saying, "there's always someone out there for everyone" is also, utter rubbish in my book! 

* :-) But, thanks! For really allowing me to discover that gorgeous "Luke Wilson" the Actor, who really does reminds me of you, as I wouldn't have known him if I hadn't met you, really through work! "Really, I wouldn't! 

* Course, really after discovering him through meeting you way back then, felt like "Luke Wilson" had truly restored my heart, because, when a certain person had eventually left work those many years ago, well I had actually fell apart, didn't I!  As it was like I felt my heart had been torn from me, leaving a great big enormous hole...  Sounds stupid, I know! 
*But, really that was how I truly felt back then, because as I was so weak and didn't really understand to what was going on around  me.   Which, as you should know, had involved all the rest from work, "Those fucking BARSTARDS" as they all were (but who still are, may I had) course, of way they all made me have at the end, when someone left us, which was playing with my emotions or feelings shall I say...  But even now, they are still, all complete utter "BASTARDS!!!

* But, saying that, I just couldn't say that about yourself then, that also, which I'm sadly to say had decided to join in with them, for playing upon my feelings!  Though, if you want to put it in another way, I really felt like my heart was missing, when a someone had left!  So, rediscovering that Actor, "Luke Wilson" as I did, had certainly felt like that Luke had given my HEART back to me! 

* So, in other words, it was sure like that person, meaning "YOU" darl of course, had never left work!  As it was "Luke Wilson" that had definitely helped me to carry on smiling away, like YOU especially, had a lot of those times, had done to me, (even though, you had acted so horrible to me).  You were really the only true one that had brought a huge smile upon this girl's face then, those many years ago!  You big softie you! 

** And if it hasn't dawned on YOU still, I was really truly HEARTBROKEN when you had decided to leave work back then, because boy!  Did I cry and cry without knowing why, for two and a half blooming years!  And yes! That's NO joke either, if you happen to see this "Brown Eyes" as I really did CRY over YOU for not being around anymore.  And that was why, I could NOT come in to say farewell to YOU on your very last day, if you can remember Sweetheart!  Because, I knew if I saw YOU back then, well, you would have definitely saw me showing my emotions, which I didn't want you to see me CRYING right in front of YOU! 

* :-) So really now, I so love that smile of "Luke Wilson," as well as the way he really truly looks at those blooming Actresses, whoever they maybe, that always star along side him in any of the films!  "The LUCKY SODS!  The only trouble is, I always seem to dream, "what if I could be them, close to him, my gorgeous, gorgeous Luke?  Hey!  Oh why!!!

* But anyway, getting back to even though, the truth may be, that it was actually when we were very young that we had really first met each other or should that be saw each other-like!  Well, "just please whatever you do in your life now, try to carry on smiling???  As that very, very young girl way back in the 80's, had probably did like seeing you smiling to her, even though you had to hold your Mummy's hand, she probably really did like the way you did smiled at her!  Only, what I didn't know was, I was going to meet YOU yet again, when we got older-like through my work!  Because, that was truly weird!

* Because, just saying as a laugh-like, it was also like saying "We are now going into "The Twilight Zone" course, of remembering YOU really from way, way back then, holding your Mummy's hand and giving yours truly who was just looking around the most biggest smile ever, not forgetting, who was really looking directly at me with that look of yours!    

* And who knows really, may be just maybe, that was the reason of why I had truly liked you in the first place course, oh boy!  When I always see my lovely "Luke Wilson" in his films that I've got or any well, he sure reminds me of YOU "always," when you use to smile that is, which was very rareCourse, of the way you something's acted once again, if you remember???  You flaming ,"DICK-HEAD!!!   So again, just try to carry on smiling?"   Please!  "Carry On?"  As, that was so nice, you know, seeing only YOU that was, SMILING away!

Then rather seeing you being a total fucking "BASTARD" when YOU wanted to be, especially, whenever you wanted to work along side that "so-call" Snobby BITCH!!!   Which, she was a real total fucking "BITCHAnd that's NO MISTAKE because, first of all, it was how I was always constantly being bullied in my entire life for the start.  Which I can tell straight away who was a really NASTY PIECE of WORK! 

*And secondly, that she really had LOOKED-like a "SNOBBY BITCH" which I so wanted to give her a good thump in her truly Ugly face, then, a slap, course she was more like a nasty bully like YOU had sometimes acted towards me, "you fucking "BASTARD!!!  Thank god though, there's a saying, "that if one is Nasty to someone, then "WHAT COMES AROUND, GOES AROUND!  Meaning, that all you "PIGS" will get what you all deserve in your life, even YOU, for being that nasty to me!  If only you were so NICE though???  Because, I really would have liked you to be a friend, course, you made me laugh so much!  But, no!  "You really had to join in with those fucking "BASTARDS" that was around including those BITCHES!!! 

* And yes!  I was referring to that blooming "BIG C" as she was known to all of us back then!  That "UGLY" piece of "TRASH," as she was!  Let alone, who made me think of that Wicked "WITCH" of the West from that blooming awful film of "The Wizard Of Oz" starring Judy Garland!!!

Which, if I can remember from that film!  Wasn't that Wicked WITCH of the West in that Film got herself killed off, by really "something falling right on top of her?"  Which, you must know what I mean, if I say - "that wicked WITCH of the West" was SQUASHED like a BUG, by something!  Only, I can't really remember what exactly fucking SQUASHED that wicked WITCH of the West!     

* But should I put it in another word - "BIG C" was a real total fucking "COW" like some that was definitely around at work, only she came TOPS!!!  Because of my past mainly, of being bullied all the time at School and even while I was at work while you were still there.  As, a lot of those nasty bullies from School were just like her, except for one thing, their NOSES weren't really STICKING right UP in the bloody AIR like "BIG Cs had

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