Tuesday 5 July 2016



Now, surely guys, you have got to have heard of  "Billy Fury?  The late Great "Billy Fury" that was just one in many singers from the 60's that was popular in Rock n' Roll..  He was born has "Ronald William Wycherley to parents Sarah Jane Wycherley and Albert Edward Wycherley.

* So, like most singer, "Billy Fury" was only his stage name, not his real name.  And even though, he was an English singer from the late 50's to the early 60's he remained an active songwriter till his death which was in January 28th 1983!

* His most popular songs was "Halfway To Paradise," "Like I've Never Been Gone," "Last Night Was Made For Love," "When Will You Say I Love You" and "Once upon A Dream" not forgetting "A Thousand Stars" which he sang in 1960.

 * As for the others!  Well guys, if you don't knot already, the first song that I've mentioned, above - "HALFWAY TO PARADISE" was in 1963, then, "LIKE I'VE NEVER BEEN GONE" well it was in the year, 1963 also!

* As, for the other last two that I've mentioned to all you guys, above, well the third was "LAST NIGHT WAS MADE FOR LOVE," was once again was released in the year, 63, like the others...  * And finally as for, "ONCE UPON A DREAM" Well that was released also in 63!  So, it seemed that it was "A Thousand Stars" was released in 1960!

But guys!  This well-known and much loved Rock n' Roll singer - shall I say did do one hell of Songs, as in he made Millions and Millions of Records!!!  I just mentioned a couple to all that's all!

* Now, around that time, you who would or can REMEMBER would have heard other well-known singers, such as "Marty Wilde," Adam Faith," Eddie Cochran," "Helen Shapriro" and "Bobby Vee!

* Will understand if a lot of you don't though, okay!  

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