Wednesday 5 January 2000

Playing Games - Chapter 7


      Chapter 7


                                         THE DAY'S, THAT I DREADED OF 

                                                  COMING INTO WORK!

 Now, as you know I always dreaded of when Deek had took time off!  Because of knowing full well of what each day may bring!  Because of knowing what Matt and that stick-insect aka big Liz, which again, looked-like a total snobby-nose bitch!  Had both wanted to play upon my feelings!  As, well as, seeing how far they could possibly take it!  Which, half of the time, I’m sure they knew by how I would react to it!  And secondly!  Of what happened shortly after they both decided to stop!  So, they could see while I was trying to carry on with my work!  But after seeing Matt standing near to the front of the shop, looking like he could have not been feeling to good, had felt like doing something nice to cheer him up!  But what I had thought was a only a nice gesture to cheer him up!  Had turned horribly wrong for me!  Because after thinking Matt would take this, as a nice compliment!  Well Matt just flipped out at me!  Leaving poor me, feeling like I could have cried on the spot!  

 But as I stopped myself from crying, didn't mean, to say he hadn't hurt my feelings!  Course, he had!  Only, why should I had felt like that!  Where all I did was write how I thought I liked him!  Even maybe possibly added, I think I love you, in  the most nicest way!  As, it was not like that I loved you like that then!  It was just to try and cheer the guy up!  Which, I know I shouldn’t have done!  Because that big idiot aka Matt, didn't take that as a nice compliment!  But, who twisted it around to try to say that I was harassing him!  That sodding "Barstard!  

Because if that was anyone else, well they would have taken that, as a really, lovely compliment-like!  But, once again!  I wondered did Matt actually find that, a very nice compliment from me?  Well did he?  Well, the answer to that was, no he didn't!  As he acted like a complete prick!  And that's no mistake!  In thinking I was harassing him!  Him!  Who I had always thought the world of!  And who I couldn’t hurt his feelings, even if I wanted to!  Had certainly made out, in front of my face by saying, "just wait till Deek gets back tomorrow!  "As you can't harass me!

 Anyway, as he tried to make out that I was really harassing him, with some help from his best friend and colleague!  Big Liz, who if anyone had saw her, had looked-like a tall, but thin, stick-insect in my eyes!  Because that the way, she had looked!  Besides that nose of hers, that  looked-like a snobby toffee nose witch!  And boy!  I do mean, that!  As I couldn't help myself thinking whenever seeing her around Matt, you are a total bitch!  And that’s no mistake Big Liz!  Because of how I didn’t always have a leg to stand on, when it came to them both working together! But like I said!  If that was anyone else, then what I had written, would certainly take it as a nice compliment!  Then, rather, what he more then less, had done!  While being with her! 

 So, after Matt had mentioned, “just wait till Deek comes back tomorrow!  Could say had freak me out!  Even trying to reason with him!  Had didn’t help one bit!  Course, I ended up pretty much in tears, especially after leaving work!  Which, Matt must have known what was going on while noticing me going straight into see my friends, in Wacky’s crying!  As for the following day, as I knew what was coming went before going into work, I had went into the small coffee shop called Costas that was around the corner of work, to prepare myself of what was going to come!  But what I didn’t get was, just as I was on my way there, well I had caught a slight glimpse of both Matt and Deek peering around the corner of the front entrance, to our shop, grinning like you would not believe!  

 Only, after sometime, while I was starting to go for my NVQ in Retail!  The person that was helping me for this, had told them, how Matt had acted after what I did!  Which their  immediate reaction was anger!  Or to be precise!  Livid!  Because of what they said to me was, “my god!  “Do you mean to say, they are trying to say you were harassing Matt because of what you written for him?"  Said, "yes!  Which, once again, if that was anyone else, would have taken that as a nice compliment!  Not flaming twisted it around, so it would look-like they've been harass instead! 

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