Wednesday, 5 January 2000

Playing Games - Chapter 40


  Chapter 40


                                                                 THE TIME

                                  WHEN WHO SHOULD SURPRISE SANDY? 

                                        AROUND THIS ONE CHRISTMAS      


                      WALTZING IN BEHIND HER AND SAY, "HELLO, SANDY."  

                            UNEXPECTED-LIKE, WHEN WORK TRIED TO GET   

                                                                HER OUT!

                                                      THOSE BARSTARDS!


 And so this one Christmas when those at work was really giving me such an hard time because, as they knew full well, by now that they couldn’t get their own way with me, as I always stood up to them all and not allowing them to walk all over me, had tried to get me out from there.  Which unfortunately, for them, didn't succeed to do so, but who on this day, had somehow, got Matt involved.  By probably asking him to come over, which could say had took me by complete surprise.  

Why!  Well, while I was quietly but, sorting some clothes out near the far back, away from everyone expect for Bobby, course, she could have been working around me at the time, Matt had unexpectedly surprised me, by slowly brushing straight past me and say, “hello, Sandy," quietly!  Which, when he had, I immediately ran off to the front, leaving him to have a quiet word with Bobby, as usual.  

 Only, don’t ask me of why, I ran as I did, straight to the front near to where the till was, as I don’t really know.   Even though, it may sound stupid, I know I just really couldn’t help myself from doing what I did especially, as he just unexpectedly went past me as he did!  Oh Boy!  Anyway, what I noticed while trying to carry on with my work, “which may I add, was slightly hard for me to do now, now that I knew he was there, was that just occasionally, couldn’t help myself from glancing up and look where Matt was.  

 Even though like always, had saw the guy was facing from the back of me, I just still couldn’t help myself from looking at him.  Aww!  Though, while all this was going on, what I couldn’t help noticing was both the Area Manager and "Barbie Doll" aka Cilla, was looking straight at me with a smile, but who then looked at one another and whispered, something quietly to themselves, but who once again, turned to look at me!

 Only, while I had rushed straight to the front, near to where the till was, I had, one of my old time favourite Christmas songs come on, which was one that I couldn’t help myself from singing along to the tune, as it wasn't that I knew the words to it, but which, when it  came on as it had, I first said quietly, “oh!  “Not now Shaky."  Course, it was "Shakin' Stevens" Christmas song.  So, what was going through his mind at the time, when the tune had suddenly come on as it did, just couldn’t help but sing along to it!  

 Though, while doing so, saw (Brown Eyes) aka Matt, was now slowly going away from Bobby, but who this time, while walking slowly towards the front, slightly tilted his head and glanced over to my direction with that certain look in eyes and that amazingly but, lovely smile of his.  That could have easily knocked me down right there and then, because it was really like a shy smile, then rather giving someone a normal smile!  

 So, just before he had left and said his, “goodbyes,” to all of them, well, he still kept on glancing over to me with that unforgettable look, that could have started to make me dream of him, 'if only you could have liked me Matt?  'If only?  Course, of how I somehow felt of the way, Matt was acting towards me, while still working with us.   Which was, mostly horrible, then trying to be a nice person.  Anyway, when Matt had left us, leaving me feeling, as always, 'oh Matt,' on that day, both the Area Manager and that blooming "Barbie doll" aka Cilla were still looking my way, well, all I did instantly, was walk slowly towards  our entrance of our shop and tried to peep around the corner to see if yours-truly, Sandy could see Matt.


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