Wednesday 5 January 2000

Playing Games - Chapter 36


  Chapter 36


                                                HERE'S LOOKING AT YOU


 Why!  There was even this one event, that while I went into my usual coffee shop that one of the girl’s that worked there!  Suddenly, asked me to get something from a cake shop for her!  While noticing she was indicating to someone, that worked more closer to Matt’s work then!  Which, I thought to myself well, why couldn't you have gone, yourself, then asking me?  But after giving me the money for it, noticed before I went, she got out her Mobile from her pocket!   

 Only, as I was slowly walking towards this cake shop for her, well who do you think I noticed peering their head from around the corner of their work?  Looking, slightly shy with a lovely smile upon their face?  But Matt, of course!  As I saw him looking straight at me as he did with that lovely look!  And like always, he made me turn just slightly around, because of going all shy!  But  I wouldn’t be at all surprised that at the same time, Matt made me go all bashful two!  As, I blush very easily if my shyness had showed!  Which I can tell you now, had always happened when I saw only him around! 

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