Wednesday 5 January 2000

Playing Games - Chapter 19



  Chapter 19

                                                             THE TIME


                                        I WORE A BLACK AND WHITE 

                              DRESS, PLUS THE SMALL BLACK BOOTS

                                                     ON MY DAY OFF

 And then there was this one Saturday!  This Saturday, when I had that day off and as had always went out!  But, instead of popping into work to say "hi!  I thought this time, why not nip round to see my friends at Wacky'!  Though, while I was approaching their shop, who should I see outside talking to Lynette?  But the Manager of that shop, Deek!  So, while he was talking away to Lynette over something, but which, I had thought, instead of ignoring them both, just nodded to Deek!  Then, who went strolling into say, “hello,” to Roxie!  Who was just another friend of mine that I spotted in the shop!  Leaving, Lynette and Deek to simply carry on talking away with one another, outside Wackys! 

 Now, as it was such a really lovely day on that day, I decided to wear a dress!  Yes!  That's right!  A dress!  That was black and white, which was very unusual for me to wear!  But I wore it anyway!  As I normally would have worn a top, with black leggings!  So, again, when Deek had noticed me, approaching from a far!  Well lets just say, shortly after I nodded to him, Deek had stopped talking to Lynette and shouted over to Matt!  Who could have been nearer to the till, serving away!  "Hey!  “Matt, don’t forget to do what I told you to do!  While, at the same time, had glanced over towards me, with a huge smile upon his face!  So, really!  What I’m leading to is!  Did Deek truly try to get Matt’s attention, of reminding him to do something for him?  Or not!   

 As for myself!  Well, all that I could think of at the time, was I couldn't turn around!  Because something told not me to!  So, I hide face from Matt’s sight before he could have seen me properly!  And why, you may ask?  Well, it was like always!  If I had glance at those dam sexy brown eyes of his!  Well I would have known, I would have been in trouble!  Course, oh boy!  Did Matt have those sort of eyes that could easily get my attention!  Because I wasn't always looking into big brown eyes of his! Oh no!  As all this girl could see from them, was how deep and dark they were!  Not to mention, melting, mesmerising and captivating look he had, over me!  

 Which, firstly, had always made me feel I had a huge smile upon my face!  Followed by feeling like I was hypnotised by just looking deeply and deeper into them!  But before, I had always glared into those gorgeous, sexy eyes of his, had thought to myself, could Matt have seen me?  But who knows!  As I dashed straight into Lynette's shop, to say, “hello,” to Roxie, while, Deek had carried on talking to Lynette!  Though, what I didn’t expect was, noticing shortly after Deek went back to work and thought Lynette was carrying on with hers, that who should I see hanging around her?  But him!  Matt!  

 Only, from where I was standing, still trying to chat away to Roxie!  Didn't realise that where Lynette was, by trying to sort out the price codes! That there, standing along side her was my darling, Matt!  But who I had tried not to realise while I was having a good laugh with Roxie that he was there!  As, it was more when I had shortly wondered out, that I truly noticed my darling, Matt!  Course, oh boy!  Just by noticing Matt had really had came wondering out, had sort of made this chick aka myself go completely shy in herself!  But, had he or not, come out to maybe see me?  That's my theory!  As, that was only my head wondering, oh! if only you had come out from work, to only glance at me!  Like how you are doing now, Matt!    

 Because, the way he simply just looked, was like being in a little world of his own!  As, well as, looking!  Course, the way, he had gone a little shy-like!  And bashful!  While trying to gazed around!  Pretending as I reckoned, he could have been there, only to see me!  Me!  Because of how he tried not to look in my direction, while I was still laughing away, with Roxie!  But who knows on that score!  Course, all I do know is!  That’s how it looked to me back then!  When I had finally decided to go and say my byes, to Roxie and Lynette!  Not forgetting, Matt!  As, I gave him a little nod to indicate, bye Matt!  Followed by one of my  little shy smiles!  Course, who can not smile really, when noticing Matt was around!  

 Especially!  Especially, me, that is!  As, those eyes of his, was really a knock out!  As, for Matt!  Well, while I was smiling at him, I just couldn’t help myself from looking down-like course, of how Matt had already made me feel!  Going all blooming shy, in myself!  Just  because of noticing Matt was giving me one of those lovely glance, plus a little smile!  Which, was so, so nice!  Why!  Well would you believe, that just by seeing that lovely look of his, had certainly made me think that, could he have been around there, course I was still in there!  Then, really!  like usual, looking into those deep, dark, mysterious, melting, sexy eyes of his once again!  

 And even though, that was just my wishful thinking to think he could have only been hanging around there because of me!  Well really that was how it looked to me!  But, was I complaining?  Well, no!  Sir-re!  I was not!  Because as I was starting to really fall head over heels in love with him then!  But who I probably didn't want to admit that to myself!  How I had loved him for making this girl aka myself, feel like she was!  Which, was going all weak in my knees, when every time I saw him!  As well as, feeling like I had butterflies in my stomach!     

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