Wednesday 5 January 2000

Playing Games - Chapter 6


Chapter 6 


                          THE FIRST TIME MATT ACTED LIKE MR. HYDE!

                                      FROM "DR JYKLE AND MR HYD,"

                                                        TOWARDS ME!

 Though, that wasn’t the first time that Matt had truly acted hastily towards me!  Because the first time that I can ever remember, was shortly after he and that toffee-nose bitch!  Who!  As you know, was aka big Liz!  Had started to work for us!  Or should that be slightly before, their first Christmas with us!  Which, I think was around October or November of 2005.  There again! It could have been, in the year of 2006, that Matt had decided to be absolutely horid to me!  By saying over and over, “oh, I love blondes, I do" "and pretty ones!  

 Which, after Matt had turned, he more then less, ended up saying, “well, you don’t think I was talking about you, did you?  Which, to be perfectly frank!  Honestly didn’t know of why he was saying all that, to me!  Course, firstly!  Of being a brunette!  And secondly!  How I already knew full well that Matt liked blondes in the first place!  Because as it was coming up to Christmas, most of the other staff had really wanted to know of how we were going to celebrate our Christmas!

 So, after suggesting, of having a Christmas party, including a meal, well after Matt had popped out!  He had popped out of his way, to fetch a menu for us!  Only, when he had came wondering back, well for some unknown reason, Matt had first threw what looked-like a white Sports Band towards me!  Course, earlier that day, I told Deek that I didn't feel quite like a member of the Staff!  Which, besides himself!  Matt had only brought one other Sports Band for myself!  Which, till this day onwards, has still treasure it!   Because it was from him personally!  Sounds silly!  But, really, that's what I had done!  I had kept that White Sports Band besides my bed, because of it being from Matt, himself!

  Anyway, getting back to eventually asking each of us to come into the back, to tell him of what we wanted from the menu that he had just brought for us!  Well lets just say when it came to my turn, into going into the staff-room with him!   Well before, getting interrupted by one of the Christmas temps, Mia!  Who sadly for me, saw her peeping through the door while I thought I heard Matt saying something nice to me!  And I do mean, it sounded so nice, to me!  Suddenly must have realized it was saying this to Mia then myself!  Which, of course, was when I found out Matt must have really liked blondes!  And pretty ones!  Because Mia was not only blonde!  But who was pretty as well!  But getting back to what Matt had said all those things to me, shortly after seeing everyone, about what they wanted!  Because whether he knew it or not!  Even though, I knew it!  There was still no need for him to be that nasty, of saying what he had said, before going!  

Because what he ended up by saying was, “well you didn’t think I was talking about you?  "Did you?  "Hey!  Though, the only thing was, whenever Matt was always like this to me, well no matter how he was, I still couldn’t fight back!  Or even have a right go at him, like I probably would have, if it was anyone else, from work!  Which, I know I should have done!  But really at the time, couldn’t when it always came to Matt!  Because whenever I saw him around!  Well it was like Matt had always, seemed to have done something to this girl, aka myself!  Even though, at times, Matt was mostly swearing to my face!  By saying, "fuck off," over and over again!  Plus, that angry look in his eyes!  As if to say, "I  can't stand you!  Making me feel though!  Why, I couldn't do a dam thing right, with you, Matt!  And yes!  At times, I did thought, why is that idiot, treating me in this way!  Just why?  And why, only me?    

 Course, of just imaging, what would it be liked if Matt had acted like a nicer person towards me, then the way he was!  But, as for imagining now, what would I want to meet Matt yet, again!  After all these years, if someone would asked me, that is?   Well, would I?  The answer to that is, "I don’t know!  Course, of the way, he had acted most of the times towards me aka Sandy, back then!  Like acting as if  he was Mr Hyde then, rather such a nice guy!  As, I had once thought he was!  But who was only nicer to the others!  So, my answer again, to that question if I was asked would still be, "there is no way, I could not see that from happening!  "Just no way!  Course, of knowing how Matt was, with me back then!  As, if I was the problem!  Because normally, I would always get along with guys, then girls, in my past!  Even way before Matt had wondered into my work!  I had always seemed to get along with guys!  So, it must have been Matt himself that had the problem, then thinking it was me!  Because boy!  Did Matt had truly made out to myself, that he really dislike me!  Or even hated  bring around me, while I was there!  The "Barstard!         

 So, even though I had thought I knew of why I couldn’t!  Is that I always felt I couldn't do anything when it came to only Matt!  But there again, this was only that I was trying not to admit it to myself, that the truth behind of it was, deep down it was my feelings for him!  Oh yes!  It was differently my feelings, alright!  As, there was just something about Matt now, that I honestly felt I loved!  And yes!  It was probably from the first moment, I clapped eyes on him!  Leaning against that big table, with his arms folded!  And just looking like he was in a little world of his own, near to the entrance of our shop!  As I wondered in that sunny day, thinking to myself why, he looks-like he was slightly shy!  Which, oh boy!  All that had came to my mind then was, a huge Aww!   

 Because it was even every dam time, that whilst I noticed Matt of smiling away, that while he may have thought, I wasn’t looking at him, had got me going in a shy mode!  Course of not wanting to admit it then, that had left this girl thinking, secretly, to herself, oh, Matt!  Matt!  Matt!  Matt!  If only you would embrace me so!  Because truthfully, it wasn't the way he simply made this girl feel at times!  Whenever I saw those big, adorable eyes of his!  But of his smile also!  But did that stop me from dreaming!  No!  As I really wanted to imagine, what if you really would take me in your arms Matt!  As, I would really don’t think I would ever want to let you go!    

 Though, whether it was good or bad!  Whenever it came to Matt, I had always thought the world of him!  Even though, I knew full well, he didn’t like me!  I really had meant every word, of what I thought of him!  By telling myself that I do dream of him, of wondering what if only Matt could just take me in his arms and whisper sweet nothings, in my ear!  Not forgetting, dreaming, embracing me!  Which, would be vice a versa!  But also, dreaming I wouldn't be at all surprised that this girl would even dare herself to give this guy a real kiss on his soft, tender red lips, then on his cheek!  Which, sounds corny!  As, well as, silly!  But was also, true!  

 Course, I've never been kiss romantically by anyone!  And I do mean, by anyone!  Well you could say, ever since I had kiss Matt on his soft tender cheek!  And I had!  I had always wanted to dreamt, but what if Matt had given me a kiss!  Then, someone else!  Because it t was only Matt!  But course, Matt had showed his true colours back then, well, this girl was not like some girls those days!  Which, who just wanted to know a guy, for just sex!  But like always, there was another time Matt had to acted so ghastly to yours truly, while Deek was off!  And as usual!  It was mostly when that snobby-nose bitch aka big Liz was always around!  Who as you should know by the way, I speak of her!  Couldn't stand the sight of her!  

 And why!  You may well ask!  Well, it was always because, she had some what reminded yours truly of one of those awfully snobby peoples around!  Or even those kids, while I was still at school, that thought, they were really better then the rest had put together!  So, once again, whenever they were always used to hang around together, doing something, well it had always seemed they had pretty much wanted to make my day so miserable!   By picking on me until, they both thought, that they had enough!  So, while they were always working together-like, well they were more acting like a part of bullies!  unfortunately, this time they had seemed to be playing with my emotions!  So, I wouldn’t know whether I was coming or going!

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