Wednesday, 5 January 2000

Playing Games - Chapter 25




                                                                  THE TIME


                          JUST WHILE AFTER SAYING HER BYES TO MATT 

                                                         IN THE TAXI HOME                           

                             AFTER CELEBRATING THE BABOON'S BIRTHDAY!

 But before I’ll tell you what happened, well let me tell you about this one more event that occurred, before, Matt left, course, but when things didn’t seemed to be to bad with that so-call Manager who once again, had referred her as the "big fat Baboon" that I truly didn’t want to keep bring up, because of after Matt had left, had really gave me so much grief, that you wouldn't believe.   

 As it was while I was most vulnerable and knew that I was still most upset about, you know who departure, when he had left us?  Had announced, "that it was their birthday coming up and would we all like to join her in having a meal with them, at their favourite restaurant?  So, after asking us, “would you like to celebrate my birthday, by joining me at my favourite restaurant?"  Said, “as I really needed to know, so I can book who will be coming or not."

 Now, as for who will be taking who?  Well, some of us did have a lift from them, while others had made their own arrangements like Matt and Bobby had, as they both arrived together slightly later, since Matt didn’t drive at that time.  Only, when they finally arrived at the restaurant, well boy!  Did Matt sure make me feel like he couldn’t take his eyes off me, as we all noticed they were coming up the stairs, where we were all sitting, waiting for them to come.  After we shortly ordered, I still couldn’t help from noticing Matt was still looking at me, then really paying his attention to all of the others that was around the table, even after sitting opposite to me, he just couldn't help from glancing in my direction.

 Then, while trying to talk to the others, had heard Bobby asking Matt, “why are you seemed to be taking pictures of only Sandy?"  As Matt had took his Mobile phone out from his jacket pocket, which you can also take pictures, but which I had no idea at the time that he was only taking pictures of only myself, then all the rest of them.   Because this was just before hearing Bobby after noticing Matt, “why are you taking pictures of Sandy?"  Which after he looked at Bobby turned back around to face me yet again, with such a lovely smile upon his face.

 Though, after we all finished, well some of us had suggested, “why don’t we go down stairs now?"  “Where we could all have a drink at the bar."  Which as we did, had noticed while Matt was getting the drinks, Bobby and that big Fat Baboon that was the Manager, was not only talking fairly quietly to themselves, but, who kept turning themselves around, looking at my direction with a smile on their faces.

 Anyway, when Matt returned, well as we were near the Pool table, that he seemed to want to play a game, but whom, needed two players, as you know, well, what do you think Matt had gone and done?  But, after seeing both Bobby and that Manager talking quietly away, to themselves, looked straight at me, with a smile.  Making me wondering, of course, of how they somehow, wanted Matt to ask me to play with him, then themselves, which he had, even though, they must have known I would have some difficultly in playing, because of my right side of not having the strength that others do, to really hold things, which like anyone if they wanted to play Pool had! 

 So, even though, I had found it hard to play this sodding game, that Matt had made me felt in away that he did, wanted me to play with him, then thinking he could have chosen one of the others to play, did actually, enjoy myself.  Even if I had mucked the game up at times, I really enjoyed myself, only it was a shame that we had to finish when we had.  As, I so, wanted to carry on playing, along side Matt!  Or was the truth that I simply wanted to be so so closer to him?  But, who knows, maybe that was a bit of both, but still we did have to finish the game, as it weren’t just getting late, but our taxi had arrived to pick us girls up to take us back to our homes. 

 Only, just before leaving the others as I had, went over to the Manager to once again, wish her a Happy Birthday as this was her birthday, we had all been celebrating and who I was stupid enough, gave her a hug.  Well, no sooner then, I said my byes to Bobby and Matt, who may I say, wasn’t sitting down while we were all going, but who, on the way out just couldn't help herself, from glancing up just slightly to Matt, but who didn't look at me, said quietly, "bye Matt," yet, at the same time, heard Bobby say something to him, which was asking him to say, “bye Sandy, before she leaves?" 

 Because when I had said my byes to both of them, the only person I couldn’t look back, even though, I did, was Matt and only Matt!  So, I didn’t just say my goodbyes quietly to him, while going out from the door, but who couldn't help herself, from putting her head slightly down.  Only, as I had, the next thing I heard was Matt’s voice saying, “bye Sandy.”  Which, I felt so moved by it, even if Bobby had asked him to say that, because there was just something when he said this, had touch me so.

 Anyway, after hearing him say, “bye Sandy.”  I replied softly to him yet, again, “bye Matt.”  But while us girls were all on our way back home from inside the taxi, well I just couldn’t help noticing how many stars that there were in the sky while at the same time, thinking of him, Matt and who I still like to think, my Brown Eyes.  Only, just don’t ask me why?  As I didn’t know or realised then, that how deeply, how I truly felt for the him!


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