Wednesday, 5 January 2000

Playing Games - Chapter 13


Chapter 13




 *As for the following day, when I walked into work, the first thing I noticed was Matt looking slightly down at the floor!  Why!  Well, I had no idea, only, he looked-like he was in a little world of his own!  Even when I approached him and thought, he may have at least looked up a little, when I said, “hello Matt!  But, who still didn't!  As he seemed to be given me a look without saying nothing at all!  

 So, as I walked towards the back, so I could get myself all ready to start, shortly noticed big Liz and Laura standing in-between the door-way to the back, giving me a huge smile!  Which, coming from big Liz had made me feel a little curious, of why?  Because, of knowing of what she was truly like!  The Bitch!  And yes!  I was referring to his so goody-two shoes mate, big Liz! 

 But while I did go through to the back to get myself ready, I couldn’t help over hearing that bitch aka big Liz of trying to tell Matt, who I think could have been still standing quietly, as he had said, “Sandy's here."  Then saying, “didn’t you see Sandy just coming in?"  Which, I didn’t hear any reply off him!  Which was typical of him, to not to say anything!  As for that afternoon, well that was completely different, because as I was approaching both Matt and one of the other younger girls, well boy!  Did the guy take me by complete surprise, as to what he said to me next.  Course, what Matt said, while I was approaching both him and Polly, who was helping him, was, “watch this?" 

 Then, after turning back, to face me with a smile, suddenly cried out, “Sandy, you love me!  Which yes!  Had certainly took this girl by completely and unexpected surprise! Because of how Matt had somehow, blown me away, by what he just said!  And that, as you know, started to get me, aka Sandy completely all shy-like!  Which then who couldn't help by walking around the other side, then, of going past both of them!  Course, when, I finally heard Matts voice once again, just couldn't help still looking at him, by thinking Aww! 

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