Wednesday 5 January 2000

Playing Games - Chapter 14


Chapter 14





                                                  IF I WAS TRULY ALRIGHT

                                                       BY CRYING OUT,

                             "SANDY!" SANDY!  "ARE YOU ALRIGHT?"

                                         AND ALL SANDY COULD THINK 


                                                            OH, MATT! 

 Not forgetting, what happened to me, on this particular day!  After finishing work and went straight over to see my friends that worked in Wacky's that was store opposite to where I worked at then!  Because, what I didn't unexpected happen was, while I was laughing so much may I add, with my friends!  Which, I couldn't help from running out from their shop,  because of the way I was laughing of course!  Course, it had looked-like I was truly crying, then laughing!  And that's no mistake!  Brings me, to why I don’t think I would want to ever forget this day in such a hurry!  Because of what happened next!  

 Because, no sooner then I had ran straight out straight from Wacky's, laughing like you would not believe!  Didn’t seemed to realise, that while I was running further away, from the shop and on my way out from the Kingfisher Shopping Centre!  That I heard my name from a far distance!  More then once!  Which, after turning myself around, someone and I do mean, someone, had took me by complete surprise!  And boy!  I certainly do mean, they had took me by complete surprise!  Course, who should I see!  By running after me, calling my name?  But Matt!   Which, even to this day onwards, can't seemed to ever forget it that!   Because what I thought then was, that was honestly so nice of him to just do that!

 And secondly!  It was knowing, why, he was suppose to be at work, working away, on that day!  As, that was what I couldn't understand!  Why!  Oh why did he came up running, as I was heading out of the Shopping Centre!  Don't get me wrong!  It was nice!  But at like I said, why?  That is until, he spoken to me, by saying, “are you alright Sandy!  Which, all I could think of was, oh Matt!  How sweet of you to come out, all this way!  And from work, to just find out, if I was really okay or not! 

 Only, if you must know, while I was thinking of that, about Matt! Because of how he just dropped everything, to see if I was alright!  Had made me wanted to do something, that I wouldn’t have dreamt of doing to anyone else, being a real true romantic!  Which, was imagining myself, to run up to him and whisper sweet nothings, in his ear!  By maybe, saying,  “oh, Matt!  "How I love you so much!  

 But, because I couldn't!  And I couldn't!  Due, to how Matt had always made me feel, by making me slightly shy when of being around him!  And him only!  Even dreaming of him to taking me in his arms!  But who probably knew if he had, would, try and pluck the  courage by giving Matt a really, true romantic kiss, upon his tenderly red lips!  Then, rather his cheek, as I really had done! 

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