Wednesday, 5 January 2000

Playing Games - Chapter 17



 Chapter 17


                                                               SANDY'S SECRET 

                              THAT I REALLY SHOULDN'T HAVE TOLD DEEK!

                                  COURSE, GUESS WHO WAS LISTENING?

                                                  BUT MATT, HIMSELF!


 Then, there was a time while I had a day off, but who had a phone-call from work, asking me that, "could you please come in Sandy?"  Which after asking them, well, is Matt going to be there?"  Course, if so, well I know, I wouldn't!  But who what I've got was, "oh no!  Matt, isn't in today!  Which, thank god!  I wouldn't have!   Because of how he and that total fucking bitch, aka big Liz, had made out that I was harassing him!  Not to mention, those nasty words he said to me because all that I trying to do was cheer Matt up!   

 Which, what I was referring to!  Was to what happened yesterday, as well as, thinking now, this might be the best time to have a quiet word with Deek about how Matt was towards me!  But, who, after going in to work, to tell Deek about what Matt had said to me, as well as, treated me?  Well guess who I noticed who was hanging around, near to the front?  But Matt, of course!  

 Only, as I wanted to talk to Deek, hoped that he wouldn’t want to join in the back as well! Because, as I certainly didn't want him to listen to what I had to say to Deek about not only what happened yesterday!  But, that maybe how I was going to finally tell Deek how I really liked him!  So, while trying to avoid looking at Matt, looked at Deek, and asked him, “I want a quiet word with you, in the back?" 

 Though, after asking Deek, “could I have a quiet word with you?"  Would you believe, Matt had also thought that he should be included to!  But who know of why?  Course, if you ask me, well I don't know!  Course, no sooner then I knew that he wanted to join, that I sort have looked directly at Deek to try and tell him, quietly, with my look, that if he wouldn't allow Matt to join in?  "As I only wanted to speak to you!  Because, of just wondering, what Matt might think of what I had to say to Deek! 

 So, while we were in the Staff-room, Deek asked, while I sat down, facing my back to the door, that, “do you mind if the door could stay open in case, I’m needed?"  Which, I had thought, was no problem!  But, no sooner then he said this, that he said,  "oh!  "Sandy, I'm just popping out for a second, so I can tell Matt, if anyone needs me, then I'll be in  the back!  So, as he went out, leaving me on my own for a while, well after coming back in and apologising for stepping out, as he had, apologised once again to me!  But who then asked me, “now, Sandy, what did you want to talk to me about?"  

 Thought, while I was trying to explain to him the reason, of why he thought I had a so-call problem with Matt, but who truly hadn't!  Said, “oh!  “Deek, if only, I still had my photo of Robson Green, still stuck on my locker?"  "Because then, I can easily say, to myself, I love you!  Then, trying not to really refer to Deek, that it was, you know who?  That I could be in love with now!     

 Though, before, I had tried not to say anything about how I was really feeling now!  That I added, to Deek, "course Robson, as in Robson Green, is just a Geordie Actor, for whom, I only saw, as my hero!   Then, seeing him as just one of my old infatuations that I kept on having, while I was growing-up!  Which who this girl had adored for twenty-two years!

  Which, was before, allowing myself, to probably cared for someone so real, like Matt, in my so-call crazy life!  But, who sadly for me, had found out shortly, that Matt just didn't want to know me as a friend or a person like!  But, which I personally, just couldn't help herself on dreaming, but what if we were friends?  Though, what if? 

 Anyway, as soon as I said something to Deek, well, I had thought, for a split second, did I hear something?  Course, as I stopped to just turn around, still sitting down, first thought, was there someone that crept in?  But there wasn’t anyone that I could see!  But boy!  Was I wrong in thinking that, course, no sooner then I had looked again, then I saw it was Matt that was trying to hide himself from the corner of the door!  

 And this was while I was starting to explain of why I was being the way I was, around him, but who now slightly notice that that fool, aka Matt had given me the most biggest smile like!  As well as my darling, was really turning a little shy!  Which couldn't help thinking Aww!  You big brown eyes you!  Then, suddenly thought though, but how long was you there?  Because of thinking, that he could have been listening to every word, I was telling Deek!  Which, what came to mind then, was oh, crumbs! 

 Especially, that part of when I was trying to tell Deek , “if only Robson’s photo, could have still been on my locker!  Because of then trying to refer to him that I love him!  Which again, had thought, while I was only trying to talk away, to Deek in the staff-room, away, from you know who?  Couldn't help of thinking, was that Matt listening?  But who was sure to quietly not to make a noise!  

Because, as I was sure that I heard the back door of opening slightly, without slamming it, well whoever, you would have thought that have opened that door, didn't came wondering past the staff-room door!  Which you would have thought, you would have seen!  But, who I didn't from where I was sitting!  

 So, while trying to tell Deek of why, I was the way I was, over Matt, looked straight to Deek because there was just a brief moment, that I noticed Deek had turn to look from the outside of the door, smiling!  And well, to see him smiling like he had, had made yours truly, turn just quickly, to see was there anyone there?  Well, was there?  Because, you could say, that I had panicked a little!  Course, I truly didn't want Matt to hear what I had to say to Deek!  

 But who I had once again, really noticed Matt had been hiding himself between our staff-room and the office!  Course, of just seeing he was actually, blushing away, a bit, with that shy smile upon his face!  Which you could say, I loved about him!  Oh yes!  Did I certainly love just noticing that look of my darling, as I like to see Matt as!  Then, after turning aback to Deek, Deek was still giving me a huge smile two, as if he had already knew that he was going to be there!  So, what was really going on there?

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