Wednesday 5 January 2000

Playing Games - Chapter 4


Chapter 4


                          WHAT IS MATT DOING WITH BOTH HIS LEGS UP?

                                        AND PUTTING BOTH HIS ARMS AT 

                                       THE BACK OF HIS HEAD SMILING?                                                          


 Not forgetting, "mind you" the time while I was working Matt had called me in the back for something!  Which, I wondered, in a wishful-dreaming-thinking, oh, yeah!  Now, what! Only, after wondering in the back I really had surprised myself!  As, I saw Matt was lying back in a chair, in the staff room, with both of his legs right up onto the another chair! Giving me the most lovely smile!  Which always placed me in a slight awkward position!  Because, really you should have been there, to notice Matt was making me feel like he was trying to indicate something else, to me!  Which, I could have been wrong!  But, by god!  Once again, I dreamt if only it that what I was thinking, was true!  Then, for him playing around!     

 For it was the way he was simply making me feel all going shy-like inside of myself while wondering in the staff-room properly seeing both of his arms stretched out, at the back of his head, like he was relaxing!  While still smiling away, at me with that mystifying look in his deep, dark mysterious, gorgeous and may I also add, his sexy brown eyes!  But who did made out to yours truly, if you want to sit down, well why don't you sandy sit on my lap?  Because of how he had got both of his legs, also still stretch out on the other chair!  And secondly!  It was how he had managed to allow me to start to feel like I going to blush in front of him!  Which, because of this, it had made certainly made it so awkward for me, to stick around near to him!  

 Only, due to that I wasn't thinking straight, had suddenly dashed straight out from the staff-room, before I thought I would really had thought, I would even blush more!  And in front of him!  But no sooner then I did, I heard Matt started laugh a little to himself!  Which, I felt like I was really now going to blush!  But unfortunately, for poor me!  What I couldn't forget was, no soon than I thought he was making me feel like this, while I was in there with him of course!  And then, I dashed straight out of the staff-room, that his behaviour towards me, had suddenly turned to the worst!  

 Because Matt had then, changed into Mr Hyde, who as you know, from the character, in the novels or films that they were a horrible piece of work, to everyone!  And I certainly do mean, with anyone that came across his path! 

 Though, I can definitely say, though, even though, those other complete "Barstards" from work didn't help either!  Due to they also, had decided to play upon my emotions, so I wouldn’t know whether I was either coming or going of how I was now starting to feel!  Feeling for while I was always around Matt!  Which, I’ve got to say, the way he really had acted towards me!  And I certainly do mean, me aka Sandy, probably would not act to  anyone else!  So, if it won't for my feelings for him, of course, would also, call the guy, a flaming "Barstard" also!  Or "you Prick! 

 Especially, as I was sure Matt must have known somehow, that I was not being my usual self around them, but only himself!  Which, was simply feeling like I was acting my old and true self!  Which, of course was being really shy when I had just glanced into those remarkably, deep, melting big brown eyes of his!  The only thing was, I had no idea of why Matt was being like this towards me!  And me only!  Because, one minute, Matt would act all nice as pie, by making yours truly laugh!  Course of acting all silly-like!  Then, the next of course, his behaviour would suddenly change!  Change into someone that no one would really want to know!  As, that's how ghastly he was, when this un-sudden behaviour had appeared!   

 Which, most of those times was actually while he was in changed and working along side with that bloody, snobby-bitch aka big Liz!  As, she was known to me, but which I thought was entitled to a few more names!  Because of how she had always made me feel, while hanging around Matt!  Though, there was another good reason, of why I didn’t really want to be around Matt, if I knew Matt was going to be in charge!  And in change, with that oh so pozy-nose, but lanky and hideous, gruesome, aka big Liz!  And that was because whenever they would work together, well they would always reminded myself of all those awful, bad times that I had of being badly bullied! Bullied, by those nasty bullies from school, those  many years ago!



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