Wednesday, 5 January 2000

Playing Games - Chapter 12


Chapter 12





 Now, as far as I knew, there were only two members besides Deek of how I felt for Matt, which what seemed strange was, just shortly after telling Gabby of how I was really feeling for Matt, well two weeks later, on this one day, I found out, while being with little Liz that after we both came wondering into work that day, Matt had suddenly announced that he broken-up from his girlfriend, Babs, after little Liz asked, "how was your weekend been Matt?"  Which, may not seemed strange to some, but to me, it sure did, course it was just a little two odd, that what happened, happened just two weeks ago, after telling Gabby of how I was starting to feel for Matt.

 Anyway, getting back to when little Liz and myself had came wondering in and little Liz, first said, “hello,” to Matt and then asked him, “how was your weekend been Matt?"  Matt replied, “not so good?"  Then, little Liz asked, “oh!  “So, what happened?"  Which, all Matt said, “well, me and my girlfriend had a massive argument, which ended badly."  Which, little Liz tried to reassure him that, “I’m sure things will be alright, you’ll be back together again, in no time!

 Only, the next thing I noticed, while Matt was trying to tell little Liz, “I don’t think that will ever happen,” turned his head slightly around and gave me a look and I do mean, that certain look with a little smile.  But again, being a very shy person as I am, especially when it always came to seeing Matt of hanging around me, couldn't explain of why it only my old true self, only came upon the surface now, when "the big Brown Eyes," aka Matt, was always seemed to be around me!  Because no sooner then I saw him looking at me in the way he did well it always made me turn just slightly around, so I couldn’t see the guy was looking at me with those amazing deep, dark but big brown eyes of his.

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