Wednesday 5 January 2000

Playing Games - Chapter 11


Chapter 11



                              BUT WHO ENDED UP, GOING ALL SHY OVER IT! 

                                           COURSE, IT WAS SO, SO NICE!

 Then, there was this other time!  The time that I don’t think I want to ever forget, in such a hurry!  And why!  You may say is, well when I had popped into work, to leave a birthday present for my darling Matt, with the a couple of girls there!  Only, before I knew it!  Had got tricked into staying!  Staying, by those two young girls!  So, when Matt would eventually turn up on his day off, like myself!  As, he was due to come any minute, by those girls, had first, asked them to pass my present over to him, personally! 

 But what I couldn’t see was why!  Why couldn’t they easily pass on this present from me, to him by themselves if I went!  Anyway, while I was trying to figure why they couldn't pass it on, like I asked them!  Little Liz had said, "why don't you wait till Matt comes in and give your present yourself?  As, well as, asking me, what I didn't expect to hear!  Which was as asking me a question, that would never would have thought to hear in a million years!  Which, was asking me, "why, don't you give Matt a kiss!  

  Anyway, while I was trying to figure why they couldn't pass it on, like I asked them, little Liz said, "why don't you wait till Matt come in and give your present yourself?"  As, well as, asking me, that I didn't expect to hear, as they both asked me a question, that would never would have thought to hear in a million years!  Which, was asking me, "why, don't you give Matt a kiss!  "A kiss!  I said!  As I didn't know what the hell they meant, by saying, "why, don't you give Matt a kiss!    Course, all that I could think of was, I can't do that!  

 So, after Little Liz had said that!  She change it to, "well, why don't you give him a kiss on his cheek!  Which, made me feel like saying, "but, why?  Which, at this time, Matt came strolling into work, looking gorgeous as ever!  But instead of talking to the rest of the other guys, that was up in front of the shop, couldn't help noticing he was looking directly straight at me!  Me!  With those bloody big  brown eyes!   That I couldn't stop looking at!  Only, for me!  Well, because I couldn't help looking straight into those eyes, was now starting to think to herself, oh Matt!  Don't do that!  Please!  Just don't!  Because you're sending this girl all bye, bye with your awesome look! 

 Anyway, while I was noticing him looking straight at me!  Me!  Which, once again, couldn't avoid!  Because it was that flaming look, which vice-averse, meant, I seemed I was captivated to that look at his!  As, for little Liz!  Well all she did, was nudged me to go up to Matt to give him his present!  But no sooner then I had and tried to give Matt his present, then Matt slowly turned his head around!  Which, was where I gave him a kiss upon his soft and gentle cheek!  And boy!  Even though, I didn't know at the time, if I should be doing what they asked me to do, but did it anyway!  Would felt so nice to give Matt that kiss!  As, I felt, that, that was like it was meant to be for me!  Because of not kissing anyone, in my entire life!  As, well as thinking, well could he be "the one" that I should ever kiss in my entire life?  

 But after kissing Matt!  Even though, it was upon his soft and tender cheek, well boy!  Did he seemed to bring my shyness out of me!  Because, no sooner then I had, I immediately dashed straight out from work!  So, it would look-like to them, that I needed to get something, that I could have forgotten!  The only thing was, I do believe in my heart of hearts that they probably knew that, that wasn’t true!  As for Matt!  Well what can I say, is  after I kiss him, upon his soft cheek, well as, I quickly dashed out, had heard Matt saying in a soft, but shy voice, “thanks Sandy!  

 And then!  On the following day, as I slowly walked into work as usual, well boy!  Did I make quite sure, that when I had wondered in, would I make myself unnoticed-like!  By trying to hide my face, wearing a small black cap over my eyes so Matt wouldn’t be able to see me!  But, did it work?  Well, hell fire!  No!  It didn't!  Course, when I came wondering into work that day, hoping Matt wasn't going to be there, well, let's just say he was!  At the front, by the till, with one of the girls!  Because of hearing his voice, while I wondered in!  Saying, "hello, Sandy!  Which, once again, was really hoping he hadn't saw me!  Me!  If he was in!  Due, to the fact, I would start to blush in front of him, because of the day before! Which, I'll never forget!  I mean,  kissing him upon his soft and gentle cheek!

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