Wednesday, 5 January 2000

Playing Games - Chapter 11


Chapter 11




                              BUT WHO ENDED UP, GOING ALL SHY OVER IT! 

                                           COURSE, IT WAS SO, SO NICE

 Then, there was this one time that I don’t think I want to ever forget in a hurry, because it was when I only went into work, to leave a birthday present for Matt with the other members from work.  Only, before I knew it, I got tricked into staying.  So, when Matt would eventually to turn up on his day off, like mine, which they were all due any minute, could give the present of mine directly to him!  But, for asking two girls for passing this present over to him couldn’t see for why they couldn’t easily give it to him on my behalf!  Well, all one would add was, "why don't you wait for Matt to come in and give the present yourself?"  As, well as, asking me something, that I didn't expect to hear, as they both sort have asked me a question, that would never would have thought, to hear in a million years,  which, was asking me, "why, don't you give Matt a kiss?" 

 "A kiss?"  What do you mean, giving Matt a kiss?"  Course, all that was running through my mind then, was, 'I can't do that! So, instead, after Little Liz had said that, she change it two, "well, why don't you give him a kiss on his cheek?"  Which again, made me feel like saying to them, 'but, why?  Which, at this time, Matt came strolled into work, and instead of talking to the rest of them up front, couldn't help of noticing he was looking directly at me with that bloody gorgeous sexy look of his!  Which, made me think to myself, 'oh, don't do that Matt!  Course, you're sending me, bye, bye with that blooming look of yours! 

 Anyway, while I was noticing him looking straight at me, which, I really couldn't avoid because it was that look, which vice-averse, meant, I was now sort of hypnotise and drawn to that look at his. As for little Liz, well all she did was nudged me to go up to Matt to give him his gift from me!  Which, no sooner then I had slowly walked up to Matt and tried to give him his present, then, Matt slowly turned his head around, where I did give him a kiss upon his soft cheek.  And boy!  Even though, I didn't know I could do this, felt that was so really nice.  As I felt, that, that was like it was meant to be for me, because of not kissing another in my enter life!  As well as thinking, 'well could he be the one, that I should ever kiss in my life?  

 But for being a very shy person as I am, when I seemed to see Matt around now, well as soon as I kiss Matt, immediately dashed straight out from work, so that it could look like to them, that I needed to get something, that I could have forgotten!  The only thing was, I do believe that they had probably all knew that, that wasn’t true!  As for Matt, well what can I say, but only after I kiss him, upon his soft and gentle cheek, as well as, quickly dashing out, heard Matt saying in a soft shy voice was, “thanks Sandy?"  

 And then, on the following day, as I slowly walked into work, well, oh boy!  Did I make quite sure, that when I wondered in, unnoticed like, by trying to hide my face by wearing a small black cap over my eyes so I wouldn’t be able to see Matt, when I came straight into work that day course, of having an idea, Matt was going to be there!  Which, I was so right in thinking he was at work that day, course, of hearing his voice as I had wondered in by saying, "hello, Sandy."  And which all that I could do then, was hoping he didn't see, yours truly from blushing, because of how the day before, remembering of how I kiss him upon his cheek.

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