Wednesday 5 January 2000

Playing Games - Chapter 29


Chapter 29


                                                                THE TIME



                                           WHICH ALL I GAVE THEM WAS

                               "IT'S ME TO KNOW!  AND YOU TO FIND OUT!

 Now, around mid January of 2009, while I was up Town having a drink but also, at the same time either drawing or writing away!  Had noticed to my surprise, while sitting in Esquires Coffee Shop just minding my own business, but my darling Matt!  As he was passing by more then once, around Esquires like as if he was doing this on purpose!  Making yours truly, wonder, did the guy know that I was there?  Or not!  Because it was the way, he simply kept on looking!  As if he was trying not to really glance over to my direction, but did!  

 And I do mean glancing of to my direction with that lovely look in his eyes!  Not forgetting, that lovely smile his of his!  Though, it was difficult for me more to not to stare back!  Because of those gorgeous, deep, dark, mesmerising, melting and captivating eyes of his!  Which, was a nice feeling for me!  Course, of thinking that maybe the guy could have came around, because he heard from those other morons from work, that I would have been there!

 But, I had to be realistic!  Realistic, because there may have been a simple explanation of why I just happen to see Matt on that day!  Then, just dreaming, what if I could have thought, Matt had came around!  And around to just slightly glance to where I was in Esquires!  But, as it wasn’t!  Well as I said, the next best thing was just thinking, oh!  What would it be really like, if the guy had liked me!  And maybe, that the reason, I saw him was coming over, was to see me!  As that would have been nice!  But, that was only wishful thinking!  Course, to see someone like him, possibly liking me, well, that was no chance! No!  Because I'm not blonde!  As he once kept saying, over and over, as well as, pretty!  

 Anyway, the following day when I had that day off well like always, I had gone straight over to my regular coffee venue to have a drink!  Which no sooner then I approach then who should over to me?  But one of my friends!  Who happen to know of what I went through, while I was at work with those, including himself!  While they were playing with my feelings!  So, after saying, “hello,” to each other!  Had joined me in having a coffee shop in Esquires!  Only, while talking, what I can’t remember exactly, was whether I had started the conversation about him!  Or whether she had!  By asking me something about him!  Matt!

 But whoever had started talking about Matt, had showed my friend this film that I recently brought from W.H SMITH!  Because on the front of this cover, it had some Actor, that I’ve never had heard of or!  Or even seen before!  But what took me by complete surprise, had really resembled you know who!  Matt!  And that's no joke!  For whoever this Actor was, had nearly made yours truly fall over herself!  Because of the likeness of how he looked the spitting image of Matt!  Which, I just got to admit it, when I first saw this particular film, on display in the shop!  Not just nearly fell over herself!   Like I said, but who did actually thought, that this Actor, whose name was Luke Wilson was a dead ringer of Matt!  And I’m not kidding either!

 Because, what was going through my mind right then and there was besides thinking, was that Matt?  Thought, how this was very uncanny-like to discover now, of all times, that Matt had a double look-alike of himself!  But going back to having a coffee with my friend on my day off!  Which, it was shortly after I had brought that film that took me by complete surprise!  Because of that certain Actor, Luke Wilson!  Which while getting it, couldn’t help herself by asking the shop assistant that served me, “who is Luke Wilson?"  Then asking them, “because that can’t be someone that’s called, Luke Wilson!  "Course, I know this person!

 Anyway, while we talking away, still about Matt!  Well after my friend asked me, “did I know where they were working now?" Replied, to my friend, Katie, of where-about Matt had worked!  And where exactly!  Because, she had offered to take me over there, to maybe see, if he was at work on that day!  Which was so nice of her to offer!  Though, on the way there, even though what she was doing, was extremely thoughtful!  Had actually put a huge smile upon my face!  Course by now, I was feeling nervous inside of me, like butterflies!  As well as, knowing soon, I may see him, that's if he was at his work! 

 Which yes!  Knowing Matt as I had!  Had always brought that shyness out of me!  Like he And that was always as you know, glancing into those lovely big brown eyes of his!  So, when we arrived, at where Matt had once worked at Bromsgrove!  Well course, I was getting slightly nervous of whether I might see him!  Had first took my DVD out from my bag to show my friend once again!  That if Matt was there, well, she would know who he looked-like?  Because, oh brother!  Did this Actor, looked so identical to my darling, Matt! But, when we had arrived, as she now sort of knew of what Matt was like from this Actor, she went on in, on my behalf to see if he was around!  Which she had!

 As for myself!  Well, while I saw her go on in, I waited outside near a coffee shop!  That was just opposite to his work!  And when my friend, Katie had came wondering back out, she first told me, "he was in there!  But before, I went in which was the whole idea, I asked my friend Katie, “whether we could just nip into the coffee shop to have a drink?"  Which we did!  But while we sat to drink it, near the window, talking of how it was so uncanny this Actor, was so identical to Matt!  Well, being who she was, my friend had just constantly kept on looking out of the window!   Which, while she had, noticed someone looking at me!  

 And I certainly do mean, how they were staring straight at our direction!  But who didn't seemed to look as if they were glancing at Katie while they were inside first, at their desk!  Course, as Katie was still noticing, Matt was looking straight at our direction, through the open door to their work!  As it was wide open, of course!  But was he?  As Katie then, said while still staring out of the window that, “he seems to be looking at you more then me Sandy! 

 Only, as Matt was the one that had always brought my old true self back out from within myself!  Because I was a very shy person, then being my normal self as I am!  Well something inside of me just couldn’t look out from that dam window to see if it was him or not!  Watching me!  I mean, I'm talking of Matt, the one who had always showed he didn't like me!  Then all of sudden, Katie said, “don’t look now?"  "But is that him?"  As she saw him first of walking out of the door!  Standing, but looking directly at the window of where we were!  Then, who really seemed to be looking straight at me!  

 And then, who had went straight over to their boards to either straighten it out!   Or just make out that they were!  That’s if it was him coming out, to do that!  Because it was what Katie had really reckoned, while noticing him coming out to do that!   As who knows, this could have been an excuse, on his part for trying to look at me more closer!  But who knows on that score?  Because he really could have gone out to straighten that board nevertheless of what my friend had said!

 But still!  While doing so, my friend did say, “you can look now, Sandy, as he’s not looking now?"  Which as I slowly turned my head, and definitely noticed, it was my gorgeous, darling, Matt that was trying to straighten this board out!   Whether he had pretended or not!  It was him, alright!  And who I can say, had put a huge smile upon my face!  So, after we both walked out, after finishing our drinks, my friend Katie had then, asked me, "well shall we go on in then?"  "In?  As I said!  Course, of wondering for a brief moment, I just didn’t know what she was talking about, until, the penny had dropped!  

  And even though how much I may have wanted to see him again!  As I really wanted to!   Well I don’t think that I was quite ready then!   Not because I didn’t wanted two!  Oh, no!   But I think it was to do with my nerves, that got to the better of me, more than anything!  Because of knowing that I was that close, of really getting to see him, after all this time!  But as Katie said, “well if you don’t want to go on in, then we’ll go!  Made me to rethink, oh!  Just go on in Sandy!  Just go on in! 

 So, eventually, as we entered!  First, Katie!  Then myself!  I did notice from the far corner, someone that could have been Matt!  But who as always, was facing the back from me, talking to a customer of theirs!  Which if you asked me!   Probably was him!  Since Katie had not long entered his work to see if he was in or not?  Looked around, making a slight fool of the both of us even though, I wasn’t doing anything!  Had occasionally, tried to glance over to the other side of the room, once more!  Where of course, this person could have been Matt!  Only something really just wouldn’t allow me to do so!  Because of going all shy and bashful!  

 So, I ran out!  Leaving Katie, who was still looking around, because of knowing that if I didn’t would either embarrass myself or make a complete fool of myself!   Because of just trying to see him, that was standing just in that far corner, talking to someone!  But before, I had, one of Matt’s colleagues had came over to see if we needed some assistance!  Which, it was shortly after I couldn’t stick around!   Course, of remembering that I not long dashed straight out, leaving poor Katie on her own! But who I really had felt then, that I needed to pop straight out!  Only to find herself going to that very spot, where Matt had tried to straighten that one board out!   Or had he pretended to earlier that day, with a smile on his face!  While myself and Katie, were still inside the Costas Coffee Shop near to that window!

 Now, after trying to sort myself out!  By stopping myself from laughing, well after dashing straight out, leaving Katie on her own!  Was another thing, you can say, Matt had always achieved on doing to me, while he was still working with us!  Which was making me feel go a little shy and starting to blush!  Because of unexpected like the guy, had always managed to make this girl laugh by what he was always doing! 

 And I certainly do mean, of what he was doing!  Which could be practically anything!  So, after walking back in, where I left Katie looking around the Mobile Phones, saw she was actually, talking to herself!  And not noticing that I had left!  But when Katie had realised to herself, that I wasn’t around, asked me, “where have you been Sandy?"  Which, after answering!  She replied, “because as I just been talking to myself!  "Because as I thought you were here!

 Only really!  If you must know, while Katie was telling me this, I still couldn’t help myself from turning slightly around to see if this was Matt or not, from facing the back of me! * And they were!   As I noticed them facing from the back of me!   And why?  Well, I just wanted to see him, that's why!  As to what everything that happened to me, with my dad who I will always love, thought, I could need a bit of cheering up!  So, while looking to where Matt was, still thought, oh!  If only things could have been different between us, Matt!  As for after Katie and myself left his work well, one of us had thought instead of going home now, well, why don't we both go back into that same coffee shop, that we were in before?  But saying that now, I do believe, it was myself, that asked Katie that, “could we possibility go back in for another drink?"  Because I think I needed it!  As for Katie, well she had no quarrels with me, for wanting to go back in!

 As for I when I got into work the following day, well nothing was said about what I did on my day off, until Wednesday aka Bobby had happen to approach me and ask, “so Sandy, did you do anything nice yesterday, on your day?"  Replied, with a smile, “well, one of my friend’s had took me out for the day!  Which once again, she said, “oh!  “Like where did she take you?"  Answered, “well it’s me to know and you to find out!  Which was when Bobby had asked me with that look of surprise, “oh!  “And why not Sandy?"  Replied back, “because I don’t want to that’s why!  Which, if you had only saw Bobby’s face then, could probably think to herself, that she looked a bit suspicious!   As to why I wouldn’t tell her!   Tell her, of where my friend Katie, had took me on the day before!

 But while she had looked-like she could have been the slight bit curious of not knowing, Cilla, who had now took over, as the Manager from that big fat baboon, that I had earlier on, didn’t want to think of!  Let alone, who I really didn't want to talk about!  Because of what they done to yours truly!   Whilst, I was so very upset about how now, my darling, Matt wasn't working with us any longer!  As well as, I can say who felt I was hurting, over him!   As she first, wanted to know of what all the commotion was about!  

 As well as, like Bobby, Cilla who looked more like a thin, but slightly tall Plastic dolly-shape!  That, if  some child would get hold of it, wouldn't be at all surprised, that they would want to bend it's thin lanky legs!  Like it was going to do the splits!  But wouldn't be surprised that the the lanky plastic legs, would break!  

 As well as, try to twist it's tin plastic arms apart!  So it would break it, like most thin dollies!  Buy, as I was trying to say, I wouldn’t tell Cilla, when she asked me, "but why, wouldn't you want to tell us Sandy?"  Answered, “because I just don’t, that’s why!  Then, told them, “as it’s me to know and you to find out!

 Then later, while Cilla was in the back taking her break, well who do you reckon that wondered in?  But Matt!  Who, as soon as I saw him, couldn’t help in trying to avoid by going near to the back!  Only, that didn’t quite work!  Course, after talking quietly to Bobby, he approached me, by asking, “was that you, that I saw coming into my work yesterday Sandy, with that woman?"  But before, I could say a word in!  Bobby, who was just another name that I referred her to the tiny, skinny, pencil-stick!  Had came to find what was going on!  But, no sooner then she had, had my chance to escape from answering to his question!  Or was it from Matt, himself?  As I do believe it was really from my darling, Matt!  Then from answering questions from Bobby, herself.

 But if I did answer to his question if I had!  Well I do think he knew perfectly well, that it was me that he had saw with that woman, who was Katie!  And like I said, after seeing him talking quietly away, in the far corner to Bobby, first looked straight at me!  While still chatting away!  Giving me, an idea, that did Bobby probably told him of my dad, who had sadly died!  And as for herself!  Well of course, now she knew of where I had been!  So, as I was intending to do so, before Matt came wondering towards me!  In the way he had, like he needed to get something off his chest!  Which is an expression of saying he wanted to ask little-old-me, something!  But as tried to avoid him, once again!  By going nearer to the back, to do some work, just couldn't!  

 The only thing though, knowing he was there at the front, still talking to Bobby, just couldn’t help yours truly, from glancing over to where he was, every now and again!  Which when I did, had surprised Matt was also, looking straight at me with those gorgeous dark brown eyes and a slight smile.  But all that I could think of by now!  Was if Bobby now knew of where I was yesterday, well for trying to keep that a secret from all those other Muppets, as now definitely gone out through the bloody window!

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