Wednesday 5 January 2000

Playing Games - Chapter 9


Chapter 9


                                             NOW, DID I HEAR RIGHT?

                                                  "MATT FANCIES ME!

 Then, just two weeks before yet, another Christmas had approached, well while I just finished work on this day what seemed so strange, happened!  As it was when I came back in for something, but who after seeing Ben and Matt, not doing nothing but hanging around!  Around nearer to the front of the till could be mistaken by what I overheard next!  Course, as I had wondered in!  Well at first, they could have been just talking away to Deek, who was doing something at the till!  Yet, while I was approaching the till, well while Deek was on the phone to somebody, that is!  I had suddenly, like I mentioned, over-heard Ben saying to Matt, “Matt fancies Sandy! 

 Which, made me question to myself, did I hear right?  As well as, why on earth would Ben say such a silly thing like that!  Knowing that Matt had never liked me!  Not to mention, that Ben had really taken me by complete surprise!  Because of also, noticing Matt was looking slightly at me, in what seemed in a very, very shy way!  But who was trying to make out he didn't hear what Ben had said!  

 Though, saying this!  While Matt had been looking directly straight at me, with that amazing shy look in those gorgeous big brown eyes of his!  Well, what I couldn't help noticing was just Matt more!  Maybe!  Just maybe, it was more his sexy voice, saying, “watch out," "something will happen!  Or it could have been, “watch it," "because something will happen!  Either way! That was what Matt had said, while at the same time, trying not to look straight at me, but who couldn't help he had! 

 Which, what was going through  my mind then was, Aww!  Aren't you lovely Matt!  You big brown eyes, you!  Because his damn, big, dreamy, brown eyes don't tell lies, while I couldn't help gazing into them!  While, at the same time had brought a shy look upon my face!  And who can't blame me, course, oh boy!  Those eyes of his, are always certainly doing something to me, alright!    

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