Wednesday, 5 January 2000

Playing Games - Chapter 16


       Chapter 16



                       THE TIME WHEN PETE HADN'T ALLOWED ME OUT!

                                                          TRAPPED IN 

                            SO CLOSE TO WHERE MAT WAS STANDING!

 Not forgetting, mind you!  That there was even yet another time of when this person who you must know I had thought the world, saw Matt with Pete, talking away to one another near to the front of the shop!  But which, after noticing them talking, had made me wonder what was Matt talking about to Pete?  Because it was how he had first kept looking at me with those big brown eyes, as well as, while I was slowly approaching the front of the shop!  

 As it was also to do with the fact, while doing so, noticed shortly after Matt had suddenly approached the till, to serve some customer, but who could have left it to another, course there was someone else, near to the till, but who didn’t, approach the till!  As for myself, well, as I needed to throw some old tickets away, had to go pass Matt!  But who once again, tried to hide my face from looking at him. 

 Which, really wasn't easy for me, at all!  Because it wasn't of being so very closer to someone, I felt I was falling for!  Not forgetting, remembering the day before, when I was tricked into giving oh brown eyes, aka Matt a soft and gentle kiss upon his cheek!  But, as I tried to ask Pete of moving, course, of noticing he was standing right in front of the door-way to the till, well, he just wouldn’t!  

 Even though, he was facing from the back of me, just inches away from me, talking to someone, just still didn’t understand of why, after asking him, just would not budge!  As. I firstly thought, maybe, he didn’t hear me!  So, after asking Pete, "hey, Pete!  "Could you please let me past?”  He once again, didn't!  As now, this had seemed like Pete was doing this on purpose, so I wouldn’t get out from being so close to you know who?  That seemed to be serving that same customer! 

 Though, honesty!  Being closer to Matt, as I was, had started to slowly make this girl feel that I was adoring that great big idiot!  Only, while standing oh so close to Matt had made yours truly, go oh so shy in herself!  Why?  Well, it was just that there was a brief moment, while asking Pete, for the fourth blooming time that, "if you could possibly move so I could get out of here!  Felt like, for a brief moment, while noticing Matt now, had slowly turned himself around to look at me, I turned myself back!  

 Because, of just feeling that my shyness by now, was really making me feel a little uncomfortable!   And why?  Well, this time, Matt was slowly moving more and more closer to me!  Which, thinking back to it now, this girl had truly liked it!  Anyway, even though I still tried to hide my face underneath my small black cap, didn’t help me at all, from hiding the shyness away from the person I was slowly falling for!   

 Course really it was how he acted!  As well as, asking me, “take that cap off Sandy!  Which as you know, would have made it slightly harder for yours truly to turn around to him!  Because as for Pete wouldn’t let me out, meant I was certainly trapped in, close to where Matt was!  Which, what was the truth behind of that smoke-screen?  Of when they beforehand, had saw them talking away, earlier on!  Because, they could have probably did this on purpose!  But who luckily for me, Pete had eventually allowed me out!   But, did I want to feel like getting out from where I was now?  Well, the answer to that was, no I didn't!

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