Wednesday 5 January 2000

Playing Games - Chapter 33




                                                             CHAPTER 33

                                                                THE TIME


                                  WHEN MATT WENT ROUND AND ROUND

                                                             IN CIRCLES!

                                             BUT NOT LIKE A TEDDY BEAR!                                         

 But if I’m not mistaken, before I even heard that news about Matt and his big fat trollop,  that had became his wife, through playing a dirty rotten game!  There was a time that while I was only sitting down in my usual coffee shop, just minding my own business of writing or drawing, got the most biggest surprise ever!  Because who should I see, just walking up that looked like they were first heading straight towards me?  But you guess it! It was Matt, himself!  

 Only, while I had thought it was Matt!  Matt had turned to head straight out, which was when I wanted to give Lacy, one of my other friend’s, a quick call!  Because I couldn’t wait to see her, let alone of telling her of whom I just saw going past Esquires more then once!  Only, no sooner then I got my phone out, that to my amazement Matt just suddenly showed himself up yet again!  By walking straight past from where I was sitting once again!  Which for that moment, stopped me from calling my friends because you could say, I was shocked to see him wondering back, after I thought he had really gone!  And who seemed to me, while passing, gazing slightly down!  But who I think, was not trying to look at me!

 So, as soon as he past, yet again, only this time had went the other way, I did believed that he then finished going past like a Teddy Bear, as in saying, haha!  Because of going around so many times!  As I thought, now, I can call my friend!  Or should I say, had tried two!  Because, no sooner then I got through to her, that suddenly, from out of no where, who should be coming waltzing back from around a corner?  Walking still not far from where I was sitting again?   But Matt, again!  Which, made me wonder now, to myself, what the flaming hell is going on here?  Because this was to weird by half's, for seeing Matt now, so many times!  And less in a very short period of time!  But was I complaining?  I think not!  No!  Far from it!  It was just I did wonder in some ways, was he doing this on purpose? 

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