Wednesday 5 January 2000

Playing Games - Chapter 10


Chapter 10


                                                       AS IT CAN'T BE IT'S HIM!


 But, let’s just go back when it was one August!  After popping into Wacky’s to say, “hello,” to my friends to show them this DVD that I had just bought, called, "IDIOCRACY!  Because of who this Actor from the front of it, had so much resembled someone!  Someone as in meaning, Matt in every detail!  As, in likeness in every way!  His gorgeous smile!  And his don't forget, his big captivating, dark brown eyes, that could easily also, knock me aka Sandy way out in a flash!  Like Matt had always gone and done in my past to me!  Not forgetting, this Actor had dark, but shortish, spiky brown hair, like Matt had!  And boy!  Even just typing all this down, as certainly made this girl go hot! Hot!  And a lot hotter! 

  Anyway, while trying to talk away to them, while showing this DVD, to them, heard Matts voice, from across the way!  But who I can say, had taken me by complete surprise to!  As, he first shouted out my name more then once, "Sandy!  Then, secondly!  Who I couldn’t help but, noticing that he was just standing around the entrance from our work, smiling, directly at me!  Which, all that I could think, while looking at him, was Aww!  Matt!   

 Only, whilst I was still gazing at Matt, Which, of course I just couldn't help myself, Lynette suddenly, came out, by saying, “you love him?  "Don't you, Sandy!  Which, after asking her, “who!  Once again, heard Lynette say, “why, Matt of course!  That’s who!  "Matt!  As, I said!  Then, who said, “what do you mean, "I love him!  As, I continued to say, “as I don’t know what’s love is!  Then, with that reply, heard Lynette telling me, “why, love is if you are thinking about someone always!  "Like constantly!  

 Though, after turning around yet again, to face Matt just slightly once again!  Because who couldn't!  With those dam hypnotic, deep, melting brown and may I say, sexy eyes of his!  Plus!  If he would ever, smile more!  And more to me!  Well oh my god!  It would make my day!  So, while he was still hanging around at the entrance and who was still facing me, with one of his loveliest smiles ever!  Had turned myself back to Lynette and said, “well actually!  "I do think of Matt, quiet a lot!  

 Which, Lynette then ended up saying, “well that’s what I mean, Sandy!  "You do love Matt!  Which, after asking me this!  Had some what felt, quite scared or nervous, should I say!  Because of how she had described what love was to me, had made this girl wondered well, how!  And why, did all this come about!  And why now, to this guy, especially!  I mean, for truly thinking of Matt, like I had!  Then!  And still probably do, won't ever go away!  As, I will always have these feelings so deeply, for him!  Which, won't my fault to love for him!      

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