Wednesday, 5 January 2000

Playing Games - Chapter 5


 Chapter 5


                                                               THE TIME 


                                     THAT MATT WAS STANDING THERE 

                                                           BY SUPERDUGS

                        ONLY, HOW DID HE KNOW, I WAS JUST AROUND?

 For I give you an example, on this one occasion while I had this day off, saw Matt where I was coming out from the ladies toilets in the Kingfisher Centre, just simply leaning against a wall, that was opposite looking slightly down at first, then who slowly glanced back up where I wondered how did Matt know I was around here?  As well as, why else, was he just hanging around here, doing nothing but looking down, then who slowly looked back up as I came out from where I had been?  Because, it was like he had somehow knew I was around there, but waiting for me to come out from where I had been!  Which, that was still to weird to work out.  

 Anyway, no sooner then he saw me that he slowly approach, to first ask, “are you doing anything important Sandy?"  Which, to be perfectly frank, got a little confused to where this was heading, until, he asked another question, which was, “could you possibly come into work to help us out for a few hours?"  Which, I actually thought, 'Oh, Matt! I would do anything for you, but, not for work! 

 Because, there was something about Matt that made me feel at times, like I was going in a little world of my own, that l I couldn't say no to him!  Even though, I told him, “I’m doing something Matt, so I’m sorry I can’t help you."  But as it was how the guy had somehow send me in a trance by looking into his big brown eyes, whenever he did smile, well, I couldn't refuse.  So, while walking along with Matt toward work, with a little smile upon my face, thinking at the time, that this was nice of walking along side Matt.  As well as, thinking, it was going to be fine, when I got in, wasn't! 

 Course, no sooner then I asked Matt, “where these jeans had to go?"  Of being a new item, that must have came to us, while I wasn't there, not only gave me such a strange look, but which, had shouted from the back of the shop, while once again, hanging around with that flaming "Bitch" aka big Liz, whom really had a bloody nose that was like one of those toffee-nose sobs, that thinks they knew everything!  Not only shouted, “my god!  “What do you mean, you don’t know where those jeans go?"  But while he made yours truly, look ever so stupid, added, by crying out loud, “how long have you been working here Sandy?"  "Hey!  "Just how long?"

 Then, what’s more, what the guy had surprisingly said to me next, could say, had truly hurt my feelings so deeply, because of what he said was, “do you know what, each day, I can’t wait for it to be over, because of how you always frustrate me so."  Then, after asking him, “well do you want me to leave then?"  Turned suddenly, to that repulsive big Liz again, then, who turned back to me and said right in in face this time, “Oh!  “Why don’t you go away."  As, if he was trying to tell me, "I can not stand of seeing you Sandy!  

 Which, what shocked me even more so, was after Matt had truly yelled out that, at me, he simply shouted, “because I can’t stand the sight of you!  Which, coming from him, personally had once again, truly hurt my feelings so deeply then, anyone could imagine!  But, what was so worse was, it came out of Matt mouth, who I had simply thought, before of going into work, 'Oh! Matt I'll do just about anything for you, just anything!  Then, for helping work,' 'but why, did you have to turn into "Hyde" right" now?  Course, of simply carrying on by saying, "why, don't you get out of my face, as I can't stand the sight of you! 

 Which, first, didn't really understand of why he would say anything like that to me, since it was him that asked for me, in the first, on my day off.  Anyway, because of the way I was now starting to feel, but, which I didn’t want to show it, made me feel that I could have cried right there and then, in front of him.  But again, because I didn't, course, of possibly trying to stop myself from doing so, did not help!  Because, shortly after Matt had said all this to me, left me totally speechless, as I didn’t expect anything like that would come from his own mouth, especially, as I came in on that day for just Matt.  

 Because just noticing Matt leaning on that wall as he did, opposite the ladies toilets, on my day off, asking me so nicely, with that gorgeous look of his, "if I would kindly help them, at work?"  Especially, as I thought then, that after he asked me, as he did, to come in, like he had!  Did thought to herself, that it was going to turn out to be okay, for me on that day.   Well, lets just say, if I knew what was going to happen, for the way Matt had spoken, after I asked him about those new pair of jeans, probably wouldn't have come in!  Course, I only gone into work on my day off because of Matt and not because of work needed some help!  

 Only, what I truly didn’t expect to happen was, while I was walking away from both of them, tears was just starting to flood down, upon my face, but only tears, as I didn't seem to be crying, but just tears running down my face!  Though, while I was near to the front of the shop after walking away from them, still trying to do my work, by sorting some clothes out  well, trying not to allow from anyone of noticing how deeply Matt had hurt my feelings, by saying what he had, tried so hard in hiding my tears behind some clothes-like.  Noticed some customer had saw me, as I slowly glanced up and looked at them and for them looking back at me, made out, that they were trying to say, "what's wrong with you?   

 Only, what was more worst, while noticing this customer that was on the way out, was that flaming, "snobby-cow-like" aka big Liz had also, saw yours-truly, from the corner of my eye, as she seemed to be hanging around near to the till, doing something!  Or was she?  Course, what was going through my mind was, could she have been there to get back to Matt, to tell him what was happening?  In other words, what was going through my mind, was when she probably saw me, well would have she wanted to rush straight back to Matt, which, I was correct in thinking, because, no sooner then she had saw me, then she disappeared. 

 Which, I did thought I was safe for a brief moment, until, Matt had suddenly reappeared in front of me, with that glare in his face to say, “now, what’s wrong with you Sandy?  Which, I thought, as if you didn’t know what was wrong Matt?  But instead, of telling him the truth, I actually told the guy that, “I’ve got a headache," "a terrible headache!  Which, I was sure that while I was telling him this, knew in some way, he probably didn't believe me course, I wasn’t really telling him the truth!  So, as I was waiting for some sarcastic comment from him, all that the guy said was, “go in the back then,” which after coming straight back out, had noticed Matt was looking directly at me with that glare again.  Which, puzzled me, as I wasn't so sure what to make of that look he was giving me!  Was it a nice look?  Or simply a look, that was trying to tell this girl, "oh grow-up!  



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