Wednesday 5 January 2000

Playing Games - Chapter 31


Chapter 31


                                       THAT CAN'T BE AN ACTOR CALLED 

                                                          LUKE WILSON                 

                                                    IT'S GOT TO BE MATT!

 But getting back to this so-call film, that I once mentioned!  Because no sooner then I had saw it, then you could say had bold me over!  And that’s no mistake!  Which, in other terms meant how I nearly fell over!  Because of how this Actor was not only on the front cover of this film!  But who I’d really never heard of!  Had not only made this girl think of Matt!  But who just couldn’t help herself from buying it!  So, call me mad!  As I don't care!  Course, if you were me?  Well, I had to!  Because this Actor, sure did look like Matt, in every way!  And as for when I approached the counter to buy it, well what I remembered in saying to them first was, “who’s this?"  Because, of how I still couldn’t believe that there right in front of was someone else, that had truly resembled Matt in every way!

 Because let’s say for instance, that you were in my shoes!  That someone that you knew, but who then, suddenly came across some unknown Actor, that you never heard of before!   Let alone, who as not really came across any of his films!  Until now!  Was a dead-ringer to the person you not only knew!  But who had also, fallen deeply, madly and passionately in love with them!  And I’m not joking either!  This Actor, had seriously had the same look about Matt in every way!  His smile!  And what a smile!  As well as that look, when I always used to gaze into those eyes of his!  That could always seemed to hypnotise me!  Which was truly so uncanny to see that someone else now, was more like him!   My darling Matt, that is!  But which, I couldn’t help just thinking of Matt, more and more, because of this gorgeous Actor!  

 But that wasn't anything new!  Because before I came across that film called, Idiocracy who like Matt had!  Can't help seeing, that Actor, Luke Wilson was also, knocking this girl out!  Which, because of this, had got loads of his films!  My favourite one, is called, Family Stone!  Because of every time I had always used to see Luke's character, Ben Stone looking from down stairs to the top, with that gorgeous look of his!  As well as, his smile!  While pulling his scarf to side to side, like an idiot!  Sees his sister slap him, upon his head, to wake him up!  

 Which was while he had not long came wondering in to his family home for Christmas!  And saw his brothers girlfriend, Meredith played by Actress, Sarah Jessica Parker, starting to come down the stairs!   Course, for some unknown reason, the way he just had looked up as he had, had always reminded me of Matt!  And that's no mistake!  He did!  if you had watch that film and saw that sense where once again, his character, Ben Stone had looked up those stairs to his family home!  When noticing Meredith starting to coming down!  Had always, managed to me dream more of Matt then, thinking of him!  In every way, that I could remember of him!

 Anyway, getting back to that film, Idiocracy!  Because, after asking this assistant, behind the counter from W H SMITH, "who was this?"  As I honestly couldn't believe my eyes, that this Actor, who I once again, never heard of before, had really looked so much like Matt! Was told, “it’s an Actor, called Luke Wilson!  Which I must say, had didn’t know what to say next!   Only, "that can’t be someone else!  "Because I know this guy!  As, I still replied!  thinking I was trying to convinced myself that, that couldn’t have been some Actor, by the name of Luke Wilson!  But, Matt, himself!  Honestly I did!

 So, after buying this film!  Which I had to!  First, showed my friends that worked at Wacky’s  course, when I had, had like myself, thought, after see this Actor, by the name of Luke Wilson probably would have thought the same as I do!  Because of how he really had looked-like Matt to me!  But which I didn’t say anything to them, while I first showed it!  Because I wanted to see for myself that if they two, had also noticed who I was trying to talk about?  Since I still couldn’t believe it myself!  But anyway, as soon as they gazed upon this from cover to this film, well they, like myself, had said, "my god!  “That’s Matt, that is!  As for myself!  Well, that’s what I told them, afterwards!   How that Actor had looked exactly like my darling, Matt in every way!

 Then, shortly after showing them of this film, I then thought, maybe in a couple of days I’ll show the guys from work!  Of what they might think of this Actor!  Especially, pain- face Wednesday aka Bobby, because of how Matt had always seemed to like to walk straight to her, for a chat!   A very long chat!  Whenever he had always popped in, like he was making an impression that they had always been the best of palsy-like!  Only, that was not so!  Because when Matt along with his mate, the snobby bitch of a cow, as she was, aka big Liz, had actually started working for us!  Well Bobby wasn’t even working with us!  But still, that’s what Matt had always made me feel whenever he would come wondering into work at times!  Simply ignoring yours truly, while walking straight towards Bobby to talk to her! 

 Only, what I found that was so strange!  Was when Matt had approached her, he and Bobby had started to talk so quietly-like! As if they didn’t want anyone to hear what they might be saying to each other!  But who would want to!  But getting back to this film of mine, that at first had took me by complete surprise!  Because of whom that Actor that I’ve not only never heard of!  As you know!  But who I’ve never come across to any of his films until now!  Now, of when it was so strange to say, discovering this Actor after knowing Matt!

 So, a few days later, as I planned to, brought that film, Idiocracy into my work, to show both Bobby and Cilla!   That whom, Cilla had so much reminded me, of one of those completely awful long plastic thin dolls, that as a child, noticed some dolls with long scaggy blonde hair!  Plus, that had long thin legs!  Of what they might thought, of this Actor, called, Luke Wilson!  Because, of when both Lynette and myself, had noticed, after seeing this DVD cover with this Actor on it!   That resembled someone, who we knew straight away!  So, no sooner then they had also, both looked at it!  Had by god!  Took them by surprised!  Because of how I noticed the look upon their faces, by looking at each other!  

 Not forgetting, mind you, of what they said!  Was more then less, the same, as what Lynette and myself had said, when we both saw that Actor!  Course, of the way, they simply looked at me with that smile!  And how I reckon, they could also, see the resemblance!  From whom this Actor, Luke Wilson had really had looked-alike!  And even the he was the younger brother to another Actor!  Which, if you wouldn't have known, is Owen Wilson!   That I could only describe as, the blonde, with the wham-bam thank you mam, in nine different places!  But, whom, Luke had truly and remarkably had looked more like my darling, Matt, then, his wham-bam thank you mam, in nine different places, older brother, Owen! 

 So, really after saying about that!  I just couldn’t help but asking Bobby that, “if you want to Bobby, I’ll leave you this film of mine with you, so you could show it to him?"  Meaning, Matt!  As I just couldn’t say his name!  But to my surprise!  A few days later, after just finishing work and like usual, went over to Esquires coffee shop!  That I normally go into, to have a drink noticed at the corner from my eye, Bobby coming my way, shouting, “hey!  “Sandy, Matt wants you to pop into his work to see him!  

 Which yes!  You could say, how I did seem to wanted to know from Bobby?  "You what Bobby?  Because of all the times, I’ve known Matt, this just didn't sound like him at all!  So, once again, I asked Bobby to repeat herself!   Because of how I thought am I hearing this right?  So, Bobby said this again!  Why!  She had even showed me a text from Matt of saying it!

 After Bobby went and left me, still drinking my coffee, but who was now still thinking to herself why, did Matt want me to pop into see him?  Well after Finishing my drink!  Had thought, well I might get this over and done with!  But who still couldn’t believe that the guy, that showed me that he had despise me!  But who I couldn't help of truly caring for! Had now, sort have asked to see me whether I had a message through Wednesday aka Bobby or not!  Because of my nerves seemed to feel like it was starting to show up!  Course, of having a good imagination!  That if someone like myself, had walked into that guys work, that they had also, worked with!  Was the one that I personally had fell hopelessly in love with!   Showed their nerves by maybe feeling their knees were trembling a little!  Well could you?

 Because that was one thing that I was sure didn’t want to happen!   If I went round to see Matt first!  Still couldn't help  imagining that look I might get from him!  Not to mention, of how I might feel!  So, as I said!  Instead of waiting to go later to see him, which I was intended, decided that I’ll better see him right away!  Only, before I did, I first had popped into my work to fetch that film of mine that I had left with them!  Because I thought, being best mates, Bobby would have wanted to go round to show Matt that film!  That really had the Actor that so resembled him so!  But as you know who did not!  Because while Bobby was trying to tell me that Matt had so wanted me to pop round to his work to see him!  She also said, “well if he’s asking to see you Sandy, you might as well show him that film of yours yourself!

 So, when I was ready to fetch the film from work, well instead of going past his work like I usually do, I went through a shop, just to go around another way!  So, I can still get to my work!  Just don’t ask me why I did so!  Maybe, it was just that I didn’t want Matt to notice I went past until I had my film!  So, after I went around the other way, still heading towards my work, what I couldn’t help in saying to Bobby, as I went in was, “Bobby I will get you for this!  Because surely she must have known that I couldn’t take it round myself of the way I felt about hi!  Unless that is, something was going on, that I didn’t know about!!!  

 And so after leaving them to head straight for Matt’s work, well let’s say I was now really couldn’t help myself from feeling a little nervous!  Not to mention, just a little scared!   Because of knowing now, I was about to see my darling, Matt again!  But it was more so, of when I got so close to the entrance of his work!  Of how I couldn’t help myself from looking around the corner of the entrance, to see if I could see him, without trying to see if he could see me first!

 Only, as I did!  Who should I see, right near the front?  As they had their back from me?  But none the other!  My darling, Matt!  As, he was talking to girl!  But saying that!  That  didn’t last for very long, because no sooner then I tried to take a step further then, Matt had turned slightly around and smiled at me!  But oh, boy!  What a smile that was!  As, I felt all goose-bumps, and chills running down my spine at the same time!   Which first after saying, “hello!  He then said, “I’m sorry to hear about your dad Sandy!  Which, all that came to mind was how did you know about my dad Matt?  Because for that moment, it didn’t dawn on me that Bobby could have opened her scrawny, little mouth and told him about my dad’s death!  

 As I asked him!  Which he replied, “Bobby told me!  Then, after saying, “thanks!  I then tried to tell him by showing him this film of mine that, “who do you think this Actor, Luke Wilson looks like to you?"  Which, all Matt could say, with a cheeky grin on his face was, “who me?  So I answered, “yes!  “Why don’t you think so to?"  Which all he added to that was, “if you think so?"  But while looking at him, I wouldn’t be at all surprised that he already knew of why I could have brought this film to show him!

 Anyway, shortly after, Matt turned to one of his colleagues, that was standing near to the front, talking to him, left me to ponder around!  Thinking, well, really!  Why did you want to see me Matt!  If that’s all you going to say, hey!  Just tell me that?  Why?  So, while looking around and then who spoke to someone, since they wanted my opinion about which phone they should get?  Turned slightly around to Matt once again!  But who was still talking away, to his colleague, facing from the back of me!  Which I couldn’t help thinking now, how on earth am I going to get out from here, without brown eyes aka Matt noticing!  Because, although it had looked like they allowed people to go in and out, well let’s just say at the back of my mind, felt he trying to block me in!  

 Only, as I saw my chance, while noticing Matt was still talking to his colleague, decided to go!  Because as I didn’t want to start feeling like my knees could start to tremble, with nerves!  So, as I did!  I did say a quick, “bye,” to Matt!  And as for whether Matt noticed I left?  Well, who knows?  Because what I do know is, if I had stayed any longer and I do mean, if I had stayed!  Well, I would know because of how I felt, my knees would start to tremble a little, from nerves!  Because of being so close to him, at his work then!  Which may sound daft!  But that was true!

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