Wednesday, 5 January 2000

Playing Games - Chapter 42




                                              FIFTEEN YEARS LATER


                           WHAT HAPPENED TO BOTH SANDY AND MATT???

                                                               AS WELL AS


                                                            JUST WHAT IF?

 Fifteen years later!  Yes! I do sometimes, just sometimes, wondered, what if our paths would cross again?  Or maybe just bump into each other, by pure accident-like!  Would I be pleased to see him?  Or!  Or not?  Well, saying that, recently, just recently, on July 2022, while this girl was just simply coming out of the Ladies, from the Kingfisher Centre, well who should take me by complete surprise, by passing at that precise moment?  But him!  My darling, Matt!  

 Yes!  It was definitely my darling, Matt alright!  Which was so strange to see!  Course, last time that you could say that I saw him really, as been what over fifteen years ago!  But who I hate to admit it!  Still, truly love the guy!  Which, maybe some would say, "that's mad, for thinking you're still in love with someone for that long!  But let me tell you, it's true!  I do still love him very much!  Because maybe it's course I always see myself as an old fashion romantic! Who as a youngster, had always wondered to herself, what if those feelings had occur in my life for falling in love with someone?  Just what if?  Course, if I ever did!  Well, it will be for entirety, then just one minute, I would like them!  Then the next!  I would go off them!  Like some would, these days!    

 Which, to be perfectly frank!  In my book, I would never in a million years, would do that to another!  Let a lone!  Thinking about there's others out there, that I could love now!  So, naturally, even though of how I feel like I'm in love with Matt still!  Well, I will always love him!  Always!  No matter, of how he had treated me way back then!  This girl is very much in love now!  As I could never switch all those feelings that I had and still do, off and try to love another!  As, well as forgetting, what he looked-like then!  Never!!!  Though, what I probably loved about Matt so much, was not just looking into those mesmerising eyes of his or that lovely smile!  But just noticing that he had such lovely short, but spiky, hair!    

 Anyway, getting back to when I saw him walking past the ladies toilets, at that precise moment, on that day!  Because even though, he had took me by complete surprise!  As he did!  Well did he made this girl realise to herself that she had truly missed him so much!  Course, of remembering that way back then, when my darling had decided to leave our work, well he not only broken my heart into two!  But he had also, left me feeling like I had a great big gap, where my heart was!  Because of how I truly love him!  Really!  I do!  This girl is still totally in love!  But now feeling I don't wanna live, if the guy is now never gonna be around!

 But who knew that he couldn't have cared for what he had done to me!  I mean, for how he really hurt my feelings, that deeply before and after leaving our work!  Course, of how I really cried and cried over him, for at least two and a half years!  Not to mention, when he weren't working around Redditch no more!  Well, whenever I had noticed him just walking around the Kingfisher Centre with either, one of his mates or his mum,!  Well, lets just say, this girl couldn't stick around, because of her emotions had got to the better of her!  Course, tears was actually starting to reappear from her eyes!  Which, meant, I had to leave the Kingfisher Centre, straight away!  And I certainly do mean, I had to quickly leave!  

 Course, the more I thought of just seeing Matt, right there and then!  The more I actually, did start to cry all over again!  Like when he had left work!  But more so, when I got home!  As I had to hid myself in the front-room!  Course, by now, my tears were running down my face!  Until, there was no more tears left!  Because I eventually ended up crying myself to sleep!  So, again!  When I saw him, as like I said, but now much older!  Well, lets just say, my feelings hadn't changed one bit!  In fact, as years had gone by, my feelings for Matt as definitely grown stronger and stronger!  For just by seeing him as I did, before wondering into H&M a clothes shop, told myself, how I couldn't help but looking back at him like it was old times once again!  

 Only, I couldn't help it!  While noticing he was walking further away on his own, carrying a black lap-top over his shoulder and wearing a black T-Shirt!  But boy!  What this girl had notice of him, was, if that was Matt!  And I do mean, a big if!  Well brother!  Did he seemed to have really lost his so-call-looks, that he once had!  And I seriously, do mean, he had lost his looks!  But who I didn't see that was so important in my book!  Why no!  As, it wasn't the looks that matter!  

 But just gazing into those dam, deepest, darkest, mesmerising, sexy brown eyes of his!  And boy!  Did Matt always seemed to knock this girl way out, every single time!  Whenever, I had gazed upon his direction!  Weather he was looking or not!  Because, of having a bloody good imagination!  Course, he truly had such amazing, biggest, beautiful, deep, dark, melting, captivating brown eyes, that you would not believe!  Course, he always managed to send me on either coo-coo land or on cloud 9!     

 Plus!  Plus!  They were the most adorable, big brown eyes!  And as for his smile!  Well, that was like a big bonus for me!  Yes!  It was like a bonus!  Course, with that look in those big brown eyes of his, he really had such a knockout smile!  That's if he had ever smiled more often, by looking at me though!  But he hardly did!  Which again!  Had proved in my mind, that he certainly didn't like me, at all!  So, getting back to when I just sometimes saw him!  Well, he had made this chick, feel like she was going all tingly inside herself!  Like I had butterflies in my stomach!  Plus, my knees!  Yes!  My knees!  Because of how I was feeling, like my knees, had even started to tremble at the same time!  But that was only because of knowing Matt was always around!  Or that I was gazing into those eyes of his!  

 As for that short, but spiky, brown hair, that he once had!  Well, what I saw, was no more nice short spiky hair!  But a cropped hair!  Which had reminded me of a hedgehog!  A hedgehog, that's only actually pops out from outer of nowhere, like how he had, all those many years ago, showing his face every now again!  But who's now got a very short, but mangy, looking hair that's really like a crinkly, bendy spikes, trying to stick itself upwards!  But just can't!  Being so horribly cropped hair like!  So, looking where I was, it was like Matt had truly lost all that remarkably nice, but short, spiky hair that he once had!  And gained such a really hideous look!  

 Short!  But very badly cropped hair!  That's even truly looked-like as if a huge rusty old lawnmower had been rolled over his big head over and over again, to mangle it up as it was!  So, he would have looked-like a poor old hedgehog!  But a very badly deformed one!  That's lost it's long, prickly spikes!  And gained an awful bloody hideous look!  And brother!  If I had the bottle, to go right up to him and tell him, "hey!  "Matt!  "Bloody grow that hair back!  I would have!  Trust me!  I would have! 

 Though, way back then, even though, how Matt had truly acted towards only me, had actually, made this girl feel like she was mostly invisible!  Yes!  That's right!  Invisible!  Like she didn't even existed to him!  So, while I saw him going off now, as I did, I even spotted he had a Tattoo on one of his arms!  A Tattoo, that had somewhat made yours truly thought of pigs!  Pigs, that's been branded with a mark on their huge, fat, enormous bodies!  And that's no joke!  It did!  

 But what had surprised me more was, this girl didn't tilt her head, like how she had used to!  No-sir-re!  Course, maybe, it was the way he had looked now!  Honesty!  With that hair of his!  Short, but horribly cropped, that really how I mentioned, was so like a deformed hedgehog! Because of how his hideous, but short cropped hair was more like it had been driven over and over by a very old rusty lawnmower!  Looking awfully short!  But mangled up, on top of his huge, big head!  Then, rather how he once looked!  Short!  But who had a very nicely spiky hair!  

 But thinking back to how Matt hadn't liked me in the past, still unfortunately, couldn't help herself, for truly still being in love with him, in my heart of hearts!  Because of being an old fashion romantic, that is!  And who had always dreamt, as a young girl, that if I had ever had those love feelings over someone, then it would be for entirety!  Not who would keep changing their minds, from one minute, wanting to stay with the guy!  Then, the next!  Who would leave them!  Because, that's how his big, enormous fat-trollop had always treated my darling, Matt!  As, if the guy was an idiot!  Course of how he couldn't plainly see, what was happening, in front of his gorgeous, adorable, melting, mesmerising eyes!  Yet, saying that!  It does take two!  

 Even though, I hate to say that!  It does!  Really it does!  Any relationship does take two!  So, even if anyone would say, but theirs was simply not a really proper relationship, because of one minute, we would all see Matt and his fat-trollop of being together!  Then, the next!  We don't!  So, this was so must Matts fault as well!  Being like any other guys, with a pea in his brain and who didn't wanna control his bodily functions, below!  Like I had said, it takes two!  Not one!  Even though, what that humongous, fat Creature from the Black Lagoon aka the fat trollop, had always treated Matt, while she was occasionally with him!  It's also, his fault!

 And even though, he was like that!  Well back then, I did actually find Matt was a knock-out!  Yes!  That's right!  I aka Sandy had always thought, Matt was a knock-out!  But, that was only course of every time of trying to gaze into those big, beautiful, dark, melting eyes of his, I would always start to feel like my knees were tremble a little!  Plus!  For whom I had always felt I had butterflies in my stomach!  But, after seeing him now, still couldn't help wondering to herself, boy!  Matt, just look at yourself Really!  Just look at yourself now!  Because just by noticing him from that far distance on that day, Matt just didn't seemed to do anything to me anymore!  

 Even though, he had always use to somehow bring that shyness out of me, by gazing into those amazing captivating eyes!  Sadly!  Couldn't say that it had made me feel like how I saw him in that way, those many years ago!  With how his hair as it is now!  Horribly cropped!  Plus, knowing now, I just really wouldn't like the guy, anyway!  Because of whom is now tied down with baggage's!  Yes!  That's right, baggage's, that in the past, knew full well, that Matt and his enormous fat-trollop had always kept on going back and forth, as in, on and then off with each other, from their un-strange relationship!  

******That was more like and who knows probably still does it with each other!  Like two, old mad Rabbits, humping away!  But who, after a short while, decided to jump back of with one another!  Course, who knows!  They may have been fed up with each other!  Until, that is!  Those two very old Rabbits, had decided to meet up with each other yet again, to hump some more!  But in reality, well who knew of why, those two mangy, twisted pair of revolting sicko, had always ended up parting all over again and again!  Unit, the next time, we unfortunately, had to see them both hanging around all over together!  

 Which, I hate to say!  But for whom, I was sadly referring to my darling, Matt!  Yes!  Matt!  But only while he was with his extremely, enormous, fat trollop!  Who yes!  Was, and still is quite enormous!   Like that big fat trollop could blow-up, at anytime, like a time bomb!  And boy!  Do I mean, at any minute, she could have blow-up!  But for whom, the delusional Matt, had always kept on saying out, while acting like a most big-headed git, as he certainly was!  Or a Prick!  Because of times, he just couldn't help himself by shouting out so loudly, "oh, how I love blondes!  "But pretty ones!  

  Which, if that's the case!  What flaming happened!  Because, what I would say now was, "Matt much have been as blind as a bloody wrinkly, skinny, but very loud old bat!  That certainly needed a guide dog, if he really thought that his Miss fat trollop was oh, so fuckin' pretty!  Or even saying like a cucumber!  As a joke!  Which he probably still does, from this day onwards!  And I wasn't the only one that would have thought this!  Course, I'm dam well sure, the rest of our friends from out of work, would have still thought the same as I do, if they were still around!  Because, of what they had all thought of them both, all those many years ago!        

 Not to mention, their weird, but, none-existent relationship, as we had all known it to be, was even like old Yo-Yo's!  Yes!  That's right!  Yo-Yo's, that you may come across, going backwards, forth-wards, over and over again!  Because, of the string, that after shortly slinging it forwards, goes mad!  Like it didn't wanna control itself!  But as I already mentioned, like everyone knew, as well as myself, their weird, and un-strange relationship, wasn't through real true love!  But for who had always, saw them hanging around with each other for just one thing only!  Course, of remembering how Matt was, with that fat-trollop of his!  

  As, we all around him, besides, his mates and those idiots from my old work-place could see the way Matt was like!  Of not wanting to control his bodily functions below!  Like how I mentioned, how he was!  While always hanging around with all the those other girls, before his fat trollop had came along!  Being so very immature as he was, that is!  And yes!  I was referring to Matt!  Even though, really I didn't wanna to describe him in that way!  Matt, was sure so very immature!  And at times, acted like a complete prick!  As, for herself!  That big fat-trollop!  Or that miserable, enormous, Faggot face!  That I've got so many names for!  Well just like Matt himself, didn't wanna control her huge, fat, humongous body, while one minute, she was with him!  Then, the next!  We would all see them being a part yet, again! 

 Until, we all saw those two measly twits, who certainly I'm describing both Matt and his fat trollop!  Because of how it definitely fitted them down perfectly, while they were always together! Just like how Roald Dahl had written his two nasty characters, in one of his well-known books called, The Twits!  Yes indeedy!  That name had fitted them both down perfectly!  Course for one!  We wouldn't be at all surprised, that she was only stringing him along, because of knowing he wouldn't be able to see what she was doing, right in front of his biddy, but big brown eyes!  Which, was playing a dirty, stinking, rotten game!  Yes!  A game, which he couldn't lead his own bloody life!  

 While Matt of course!  Just didn't seem to wanna control his bodily functions below, while every time, being with his miserable fat trollop!  Which, everyone could always seem to hear, while she was coming our way!  Because boy!  It was either, like hearing a blooming loud, huge thump each time when her fat body was coming closer and closer towards our work!  Or!  Or that is!  A very, very badly stink-bomb that could certainly went off at any time!  Why!  Well you could even say, she stank so highly, that it was even bad than a poor, innocent, smelly skunk had!  Which, as you know does smell really badly if anyone had got so nearer to them!  

 Only, knowing that we couldn't have escape from that awful, Miss O' mighty blob aka Matts fat trollop of coming over!  Well the rest of those measly idiots from work had always seemed to act like they were all palliz-waliz, towards Matt!  Which meant, they had all acted like she was oh, so, bloody lovely!  Weather they had liked her or not!  They acted as if they all had liked her, because of being Matts enormous, huge, fat trollop!  

 But, as for myself!  Well, knowing her as I do!  And I do!  Matts Miss O' stink-bomb aka the fat trollop, knew she was definitely coming to see Matt!  Because once again, it was of her very badly, foul, disgusting, aroma smell!  Not forgetting, that awfully, thump, thump sound when her enormous, huge, fat blob of a body, was getting more and more closer to us all!  But for who the only person, that had always denied that, was Matt himself!  The stupid and immature Matt!  And of course, the rest of those "barstards," from where I had once worked!  Because it was always the way, they had all reacted around Matt!   

 Though, getting back to of how I thought to myself, when I saw him, on that day as I thought, bloody hell man!  Or!  Even, oh my god!  Just look at yourself now, Matt!  Don't you look like you've let yourself down a lot!  And I do mean, down!  Course, by looking at Matt now, well he also certainly looked-like he had gained some weight!  Weight!  That since all those many years ago, of when I had known him a bit better-like from work, hadn't had!  Which, if I had the courage to do so, would now, personally shout out so loud to him, "hey Matt!  "Haven't you gained a hell of a weight now!  Which couldn't help reminding me of Humpty Dumpty, that sat on a wall!  And okay!  Even though, the guy had still sort of put a smile upon my face, on this day, had hate to admit that I still truly love him!  Mad!  I know!  But honestly!  I really I do!  Madly!  Passionately!  And even deeply!  

 Because through all those fifteen years, that I truly loved Matt!  And boy!  Do I!  My feelings that I had, as really, truly got more and more stronger for him, throughout the years!  Course, next year, it'll be sixteen years, that I've truly loved Matt!  Honestly, it would!  It'll be sixteen years!  Then, the following year, would be seventeen and so on!  But again, that wasn't my fault, for feeling as I still do have for Matt!  Why, hell no!  Because, once again, it was all down to them, from my old work-place that had played upon my feelings!  Plus, Matt himself!  Which, as you know, no one should ever do to anyone!  Those "barstards!  Course, boy!  What I can tell yeah is, they had played with the wrong chick!  

  As for Matt!  Well, I think I can safely say, I would know Matt wouldn't change!  Because as there's a saying, "Leopards don't charge their spots!  Meaning, the way Matt had always acted towards only me, may I add, all those many years ago, nasty!  Rude and horrible!  Can't really, imaging seeing him changing into a more nicer and shyer person, over someone like me!  Because of how Matt had always seemed to look really annoyed, with a nasty foul look, upon his face when he seemed to see me around!  So, again, I'm so sadly to say, knowing how Matt truly were, all those many years ago, to me, can't ever see him changing into a more nicer and shyer person!  As I've always dreamt of knowing!  That's someone, wanting to be around someone like me aka Sandy!    

 Yes!  That's right!  Me!  Sandy, for who Matt had acted so nastily, half of the time, back then!  But for who I've allowed myself then, to like!  Because of not liking anybody, since of knowing him!  But for who really still loves to imagine herself of meeting that someone that could only be so nice!  As well as, who could only be slightly shy, if they saw me around them!  And so, even though, the way he was to me, at times, was actually the only person now, that could have done this to me!  Then, rather someone else!  **That is!  Because of remembering of how Matt wasn't at all a very nice person to only me aka Sandy most of the times, from work!  Plus, that is!  Of knowing full well, of what I do now, of Matt, I wouldn't wanna know him in anyway!  

 Even if I do extremely love him so very, very much!  And who possibly, was trying to be a more nicer person to me!  I just could never see that from happening!  So, like I keep on saying, because of knowing of how he once was to me!  Of the way, he was always acting towards me!  Plus, of knowing now, Matt as got loads of those filthy sex-objects!  Which, in English terms, are their vile, revolting children!  But, is not!  Course, it was all through their none-extended, un-strange bloody relationship!  That they had always kept on going on and then, off with each other again and again back then!  

 Which to me!  Is a very sad shame!  Because if you wanna know, I've always been dreaming of him!  Yes!  That's right!  Dreaming of Matt!  The difference though, for every time, of every night, my dream of Matt was seeing his amazing big, but very beautiful, dark brown eyes, burning into my mind so constantly!  Night by night!  Being a really more sweeter and nicer person!  Not to mention, who had liked to be funny and slightly shyer, while trying to be around me!  Then, rather who had really preferred in reality to be nasty!  Moody and most of all, giving me that look of anger upon his face!  Course, truly!  At a lot of times, Matt really had always given only myself, may I add, a terrifying, anger look!  

 Even while he was always being around those immature girls from work!  Plus, that repulsive, skinny, pencil-stick Wednesday aka Bobby!  And while being around with that fat-trollop oh his!  That, who had played a dirty game, by giving birth on purpose to all those three filthy sex-objects of theirs!  Plus!  Who is now, his enormous fat trollop wifie!  Yes!  That's right!  Because of how she had played a dirty game, by telling Matt, " I'm up the dove!  Probably had made out to him, that now, I'm pregnant, you can't leave me!  Which, even if he won't, married to her!  I probably still wouldn't have thoughts, in wanting to know him again!  Course of having all those loads of filthy sex-objects by her now!  As that's not me!  No way!  Not to mention, I wouldn't wanna know anyone like Matt!  Because of the way he had truly behaved like Mr Hyde, all those years ago, towards me!  Then, rather, as he was with all the rest of those others, from work 

  And even though, I had said that, about him!  Well, most of the times, you could say I just couldn't help having fond memories of how he was!  Because of acting like he probably wanted to be funny and nice!  Like half of the time it was through being with all those other silly, stupid, immature girls, that not just worked there!  As I'm sure he did try to pretend to act nicer towards me!  I just couldn't help myself!  But who seriously! Could see that he needed to grow up, himself also!  Plus that weenie, pencil-stick, Wednesday aka Bobby!  That ever since she had started working with us, had noticed both her and Matt had seemed to get along!  And get along like they were already palsy-walsy!  Then, rather like two work colleagues would! 

****But there again!  They were, like the rest of them, so immature!  Those "barstards!  As well as, not forgetting, that one particle time, when Matt had simply came waltzing into work and just plainly ignoring me!  Yes!  That's right!  Matt had simply just came waltzing in and just plainly ignored him!  And only speaking to that Gruesome looking, Wednesday aka Bobby!  That at times, even  showed that she thought she could get any fucking guys, with that hideous look of hers!  Which showed he certainly needed to grow up!  Why!  

 Because, while noticing Matt was really ignoring me completely, to chat to Bobby!  And then, to Emmitt!  Who had came wondering into work shortly afterwards!  Made yours truly wonder to herself, that the way Matt was, wasn't any different to like any of those other jerk-offs around the Town!  Which, to be perfectly frank!  Had honesty never liked that about him!  So, even though, I may love Matt!  Madly!  Deeply!  And passionately!  Think I know that the way Matt really was then!  By how he had seemed to just love turning himself into that nasty character of "Mr Hyde" from those stories, of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde!  Had made this girl realise to herself, of how that's another reason, why, oh why I wouldn't wanna know him for sure now!  As a person!  And as a friend!  

 ***Because trust me!  I wouldn't wanna know someone, who was once mostly horrible to me!  That all I had done, was really allowed herself to care about a person!  Then, carrying on liking different Actors from different series!  Now, would I!  No!  I would not!  Even if I truly had wanted to know my darling, Matt as I had done, from when I first known him!  Wouldn't!  Not if he was still like as he was!  Nasty!  With the most annoying, but angry, moody look upon his face, looking towards me!  So, because of him, in that way, this girl as now gone straight back into dreaming!  Dreaming of what if there was someone out there, so very nice!  Nicer and shyer!  As I had always imagined!  Or dreamt of!   Like I had, when I very young!  For meeting that special person in my life!  As well as, like my beloved dad had always once told me, could see that will happen to you, one day, Sandy!  

 But which, I had always thought now, being a mutual person and all, then I was!  That when will that day come!  Hey!  As I had always dreamt of that!  Not who would actually thought, that someday it would happen to me!  Because, boy!  I always thought that if I did, well I would still like them, to be tall!  Dark hair!  Nice eyes!  With a really lovely, sexy smile!  Plus!  Who as to be slightly broad!  Not who's weight that as turned to fat!  Like a fat pig!  But who's slightly board!  As, this girl had always, once loved to dream of meeting someone, who could have even been a little shy, like herself!  Oh yes!  They would certainly would have to be a little shyer over me!  As, I liked that in a guy!  Then, rather a big-headed nasty, rude snob!  

 Which, sometimes Matt had even reminded me of one, while I was still working at where I used to work!  Course, boy!  At times, did Matt always wanted to show off in what seemed a very nasty way, while being with that so-call, toffee-nose, bitch!  But who also, had showed signs, that they were mentally, bitter twisted that had no remorse for, while I was always around both her and Matt!  Which I was referring to aka big Liz!  But who!  While I was there, every time, had loved to turn into that Mr Hyde!  Which, I never liked!      

 Though, the trouble was!  In those early days, when I was younger, a lot of guys had just simply liked Tarts!  Tarts! That would only go around with them for the sake of having sex!  Sex!  And more sex on their minds!  Then, rather, like myself!  Who had always dreamt of wanting to know someone, first!  Then, who could maybe later on, had wanted to know each other better, for a very long time!  Then, rather once again, rushing into something, that many stupid girls out there now, does think to themselves, but we are in a relationship!  A relationship, that only knowing the guy, for a short period of time!  As, well as, thinking having sex after meeting them!  Then, rather wanting to know them better, like I would!  If it had came to it thought!  

 Which, shows that they have no idea, what is a real true relationship is!  Who like myself, can safely say, does!  Course, as you know, even though, I had ended up falling head over heels in love now, which again, wasn't my fault, at all!  Or even intentionally, that I had ended up being in love with Matt!  No!  It weren't!  Because, it was all those sodden "barstards" that had played upon this poor girls emotions, before Matt had decide to leave!  Which, was leaving me all emotional!  And in tears!  Tears, that I truly had ended up crying over Matt, for two and a half years!  And that's no joke!  I really had cried for two and a half years, over my darling, Matt!  Which, I really wouldn't have thought, that I would have fallen in love, with Matt for real!  But I did!  

 And ok!  He may have wanted to go and move on!  But really!  To do what he had done, before he left!  By joining in with the rest of those other "barstards" from work who also, played with my emotional!  As, that was not expectable in my book!  But who, at the same time, was having that so-call non-extent relationship, with his fat-trollop!  As, you could say, this was more like someone wanting to keep switching any old tap, on and then off over and over again and again!  Course, yes!  He truly had started to hang around her like that!  Because he acted like a bloody particle, immature person then, who really some had kept on saying Matt just doesn't know what he wants!  But did that bother me at that time!  Why!  Hell no!  

 Because at first, I didn't look at Matt, like I had eventually done and felt for him later on!  Oh, no!  Course, it was really those from Wacky's that had truly told me what they had thought of Matt and his stupid on-off relationship with her!  His fat trollop!  Because what one of them had told me was, "it's all in Matts head," "that truly believes, he's in a real  relationship!  But who they didn't describe her as that miserable big, fat-trollop, like I add, later on!  But there again, I did have more as a very good reason, for calling her that!  And so many names, like I had done!  

 Especially, firstly after getting her humongous, fat blob of a body, that we would call, "up the dove" so she could trap Matt!  Because of truly believing I was after Matt!  Which, once again, I won't!  Really!  I won't!  I mean, if he was after so many girls back then!  Which, I can tell yeah, Matt sure was like that!  Well, I don't know why, everyone had reckoned I was after him!  Course, they must have been mad!  As, all that I felt, was my mind was all mixed-up!  Like I didn't know, weather I was either coming or going!  Because at the time, I didn't really see Matt as I had done, later on!  Course, around that period of time, my feelings didn't seemed to have been played upon from those at work or him!  Emotions!  That, once again, should not have been played upon!  As well as, I didn't really say all that about his none existent relationship, that everyone was truly saying about Matt and her then!  As well, as Matts, himself!  

 But saying that, did you know Matts so-call girlfriend, that was really an on-off relationship with him!  Had also, had played a big part in this, in some way also!  Course, would you believe, that, that enormous, huge, fat Bitch aka Matts other half had ended up threatening me, shortly after having their first baggage!  Yes!  That's right!  She had threated me, at work!  After wondering into our work to show off their newly-born spog!  "In plain English terms," that's a baby!  But, if I hadn't already said this!   A baby, it was not, to Bobby!  But a really truly hideous spog!  That once again, came out through their relationship that was truly an non-existent one!  That was always on one minute!  Then, the next!  You would hear it's off again!  As, that was what it was always like!  On then, off!

 But it was only after noticing Matt shortly wondered in, that did I also, discover his other half, had showed me her true identity!  Which was bring a real bitch!  A real big, humongous, fat bitch of Matt!  Though, I had wondered what if my friends from Wacky's was still around here!   Would all of them agree with me!  By thinking like I had!  Who was starting to really see her as she was, underneath that humongous, fat, blob!  That people would call a body!  Which, was a totally miserable, fat cow!  Or saying, "oh!  Look!  There's, that fat-trollop once again!  And again!  Who's now, Matts Misses!  Poor sod!  Course, of how she was always like!   Like those from my work had done with me, played a game with me!  But in her case, she had truly played a game upon Matts life, before, it had came obvious! 

  As it was a game that if I hadn't said this before!  Had played a dirty, rotten, game by getting that humongous, fat, body of hers, up the dove!  Or locked up, should I say!  Course, of how she didn't want anyone else, to know Matt in that sort of way!  That if it had came to it!  Which firstly!  Showed how she didn't want Matt to lead his own life!  Or could even trust him!  Because that's really the whole point in any relationship, if ones in one!  Trust!  And being loyalty to them!  Not, playing around which they could have been doing, while being with the same person!  And I do mean, who had been playing a dirty rotten game on the guy, that they were with!  Because of not wanting to allow the guy to choose their own path in their own lives!   

  And secondly!  Secondly!  Of how she really acted like a bloody control freak!  Then, rather, someone who would allow the guy to decide weather they had wanted to be with them or not!  Course, that's what she was more then what I said about her!  She was definitely a control freak, alright!  With one hell of a huge, humongous, fat, faggot of a body!  Then, normally seeing a fat person, just waddling around in the Kingfisher Centre half of the time!  With, may I add, her very hideous, old, deformed hag, of her Dinosaur mummy!  Just walking along side her!  

 Though, don't forget, that was how we had thought, of Matts so-call "girlfriend" then!  But, who I had only spoken like this, about that twisted fat blob, before all of them, from work had really played upon my feelings over Matt!  As well as, it was when I found out, that it was an on-off relationship once again, through those that worked at Wackys!  Then, rather a real and true relationship!  But, just before that huge, fat-trollop had threaten me at work on that day, I had noticed Matt had also came wondering into work!  Which, while he had I noticed he was truly giving me one hell of a horrible, angry, moody look!  A look that really had made poor me feel, that he was trying to say, I don't like you Sandy!  Which to be perfectly frank!  I had already knew what Matt had totally felt for me!  

 But as I truly, truly couldn't stay while now knowing the guy that I loved was right in front of me!  Or simply now, just around!  Went wondering into the back to hide myself away, because of how I was really feeling for him!  But who, after coming back out from the staff-room door to carry on with my work, at the back, discovered that nasty fat-trollop of his, had showed her true colours!  As I had said!  Because after waddling her very humongous, fat body, that fat-trollop of Matts had truly came waltzing up to me!  With her pram and said, by looking straight at me, "I had three phone-calls, that had wanted to speak to Matt!  Who had then, continued, with her huge enormous gob, "how they were also friends of Sandy's!  Which after thinking, so!

 She more then less lashed out to me by saying, "if I ever hear that you've been talking to Matt!  "Or even go near to him!  "As well as, touch him!  "Well, I will send the Police onto you!  Which, then she ended up, looking down at their newly-born sex-object!  Saying, "course, look what I've done!  As, Matt as now got responsibilities!  Which, showed that bloody bitch had certainly played a right dirty game, to trap him down!  So, she wouldn't allow him out of her sight for good!         

 So, because of all this!  Matt had ended up marrying her!  Course of how she had trapped him all those years ago, with not having one or two sex-objects!  But who had ended up having three filthy sex-objects!  And even though, it was an all an on-off relationship!  You really couldn't miss them!  Even if one tried!  You just couldn't miss her!  As she looked-like she had a twisted huge, fat face!  Plus! Plus, that deformed fat huge body, that kept going around with him at times!  Which, those that knew Matt, from out of work-like, could seriously, see that this wasn't a proper relationship! 

 Who though, later on decided to play yet another dirty rotten game, by giving her huge, enormous, fat body, that I can only describe, better known as, The Blob from a old!  But well-known film!  That had starred the great, well-known, Actor, Steve McQueen!  Told Matt, that she was up the dove for the fourth time!  Yes!  That's right!  For the fourth bloody time!  Meaning, of course, she was fucking pregnant!  And all this, was probably down to thinking if she had thought, Matt had liked someone else!  

 Well, like always!  From what she had gone and done in the past, when she had probably thought I was after him!  Which, why would I want to!  Hey!  Being that he was always, most of the times, acted so horrible to me!  Plus, who had a terrifying look, that I wouldn't like in a person!  Nasty!  Mean!  With an extremely horrible, angry moody look about him!  No!  I flaming wouldn't!  Course, of how he got that fat, humongous, blob of his, aka his fat trollop up the dove also!  

 I mean!  Even though, how much I love Matt, as I still do now, in the year 2023!  I would never thought, for one minute back then, that I really wanted him!  Him of all people, for myself in a romantic way!  Why!  Hell no!  Course, that's not in my nature to say, "oh, Matt!  "I want you!  Like a particle, jealous bimbo!  Such as herself!  That great, enormous, fat trollop of his!  Course, once again!  The guy wasn't at all nice to me!  Even though, he may think he was!  He was not!  Not that I had once imagined in a guy!  Shy!  But who was extremely so very nice and that would make me laugh!  

 And secondly!  Secondly!  All that Matt had only wanted from any girls, was bloody sex!  Which, part of me would still love to just think of meeting someone that's thinking as I do!  That's being an old fashion romantic!  As, I'm not someone that says to herself, "I want you Matt!  Or, "I need you!  Like some pathetic, spoilt, selfish bimbo!  That, that Creature from the Bottomless-Pit, or some Creature from The Black Lagoon of Matts on-then-off girlfriend, had truly always behaved, when they were around him!   

 With it's fat twisted miserable-face of hers!  Even if they tried to smile, just couldn't!  Because of looking like a miserable old Sag!  Which, don't forget, the name, The huge, humongous fat trollop as that is what they are more well-known, around here now!  If one does see, around the Redditch Kingfisher Centre!  Not forgetting, the name The Blob either!  As they had showed that they were the kind that was trying to get what they wanted!  By tying that so-call person down as she had done!  Thinking now, that I've done, what I did  well you or anyone else, can't have him!  Course, look what I've now done, to him!  Hey!  Just look!  As, my humongous, fat, large, Blob of a body, is now pregnant! 

 Which, for the way, they kept going on and then off with each other!  Well like I was told!  And told by my friends from Wackys!   Well, whatever that humongous Fat Trollop had truly gone and done, well if anyone that had a mind of their own and who could see also, what that fat bimbo had done!  Would also probably agree, that isn't a human child from a real, true love relationship!  But!  But a bloody sex object or a spog!  Course, of the way, they were truly going out together way back then, on but then off!  Over and over, for just pure having Sex!  And not like a serious relationship!  

 Course, once again, I didn't even think for one minute, that I wanted Matt for myself!  No way!  But, what I do believe is, what Karma goes around, it will sure come back to them!  So, even though, it takes two, for a relationship to work out!  Well, like I was always told then, by those that knew him around, had always said, "it's only Matt, that thinks, in his head, that it's a relationship!  As well as, mentioning, "course, you can't say it is a relationship!  But, only  sex! "Sex!  And more bloody sex that he's with!  

 Not forgetting, they also, said, "course, would you call a relationship, that's always, on off going-like?  "Well would you Sandy?"  Which, like anyone would, if their not so fickle or stupid, like how Matt and his humongous, Fat, bitter twisted Trollop were together, back then!  And who knows!  Probably still are, until this day onwards!  Agreed with them, that, "yes!  "That isn't a relationship!  "But, like as you said, must be just for sex, sex and more bloody sex!  As Matt did act like that!  So, if I was asked, now, what I would have to say to Matt!  Well it would have to be, "ha! "Bloody ha, ha, to you, Matt," "wherever you may be!  Course, like I mention, what karma goes around, must have come right back to you, for the way, how Matt had truly hurt me, all those years back.  

 Not to mention though, Matt, maybe fickle or stupid, if he hasn't worked this one out, already!  Course, who may have a serious problem with her, if he knew, what Sandy knew of what his so-call Bimbo of a wife, had seriously done, behind his bloody back!  If and only, if they had separated or parted yet again, like always!  Before, maybe going back to Matt and possibility reconvincing that great big idiot, back then, that her huge, fat blob of a body is expecting a Filthy Spog!  

 Which, it was in their case, as we all knew!  Course, I very much doubt, that those that was his mates or family, would say, "but, it's not!  It's a human Child!  Though, if they only knew, like how a lot of us did, from out of work-wise!  As, it was plainly sick, to even imagine that Matt was like that!  But, yes!  Some of us had knew he was like that!  With his bitter, yet twisted, deformed, repulsive, blonde girlfriend!  Who was that fat trollop even then, for just having sex!  Sex!  And more flaming sex!  Then rather going out with that special someone, in the right way!      

 ***Anyway, some years back now, while Sandy was just minding their own bloody business, just walking towards W.H SMITHS,  had not only noticed that "humongous, Fat, twisted Trollop" was walking so slowing towards her, wearing dark glasses, not with her hideous, Ancient, Prehistoric, old hag, of a Dinosaur Mother, that does look bitter and twisted!  If anyone saw them!  Even thinking was she walking with one of Matts Sex-Objects! Which, she wasn't either!  Why, no!   And she certainly wasn't with Matt!  Far from it!  Course, what Sandy noticed, while walking past W.H SMITHS was seeing her, holding hands with some tall, wimpy, but lanky guy, that had dark, wavy short hair! 

 Which, all that Sandy could basically, think of at that present time, was, 'you fucking Bitch, you!  Course, if that is you, trying to hide that ugly look of yours, behind those glasses, but who was smirking away, well, how could you, go behind Matts back like this?  "How?  And who Sandy had also, truly thought, "how could you, hurt poor Matt like this?  Course, of ever imagining him, possibly finding out that you could have had a secret affair, before, maybe, going straight back to Matt, like you guys normally acted in the past?  But, just feeling for how Matt would really react two, ever finding that out!  As, he would be distraught, hurt, as well as, possibly feeling dam well, humiliated by how she had truly went behind his bloody back, and just maybe having sex with yet, another, if they had parted then, hurt him, like how he once hurt Sandy!  

 Which, even though, Sandy could have been wrong, about in thinking that she was having affair behind Matts back, with this slightly tall, but "skinny-lanky" guy, who did have the same hair colour that Matt had, then, well, let's just say that later on, that "Fat Trollop" of Matts, "Misses," showed up around the Redditch Kingfisher Centre, with yet, another "Sex-Object," but, who what Sandy had kept wondering, was "but, was this One, Matts kid, or Not?  As, Sandy had thought, she wouldn't be at all surprised that it won't Matts Sex-Object," because, of that time of seeing her, walking past "W.H SMITH" as she did, holding handing with somebody else, then Matt!   Course, it certainly looks like she had another child, to maybe, think all over again, it's was mine, if  had happen like!

 Though, as, for myself now, well, let me say, "I'm now enjoying my life, like my dad had wanted me two, before he sadly past away, in 2008.  And which, after thinking to myself, way back then, that after Matt departure from our work, now lost my beloved dad, who not only loved so very much, but, who knew how I truly felt for Matt.  So, the way I was now feeling, was, because of  how I was so close to him, had thought, to herself, 'I've lost another important person in my life now!  Which, was so difficult to cope, course, of feeling that I lost two people that I loved so much now!   

 And even though, I do still very much love Matt, weather he's here or not," "I will always love him, course, my feelings is not like any other that would turn on and then off, as my feelings are genuine, course, my feelings have got more stronger, throughout these fifteen years, for him then ever, not forgetting, Luke Wilson!  Who, like Matt, do think I could be in love with you also, course, of the way he truly reminds me of Matt!  Maybe, its those dam eyes of his, who like when I used to look deeply into Matt's eyes, would feel like he could definitely hypnotise me, in an instance.  Even when I see "Luke Wilson" unforgettable, mystifying, lovely smile, could knock this girl way out, like Matt also had, those many years back! 

 But, getting back to what if Sandy and Matt would once again, cross paths after all these years or just simply bump into one another!  Well, let me tell you I can't see that from ever happening, course, of how I'm sure he's married to that Creature of the Bottle-less-Pit!  Or, or the Creature from the Black Lagoon!  As well as secondly, after playing a very dirty game, to trap the guy, from living his own life and making his mistakes.  Like having loads of trashy sex-objects from her humongous, fat body by him!  

 Course, I like nice guys, really nice guys, and not someone that just want sex, as well as, someone, that in the past, did act like Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde towards only me and no one else, which Matt was like towards me.  Not forgetting, if he had disliked me that much back then when I knew him more, well why, would I want to see Matt, that I will always love now?  Course, I'm certainly not allowing anyone like himself, to hurt my feeling over again, by first of all, giving this girl, a look that could be an angry look, which, was glaring down at me with a very bad moody look!     

 Anyway, it was more when I said, secondly, it was having bloody loads of trashy sex-objects from the blob that we call a body!  As that was what they all are, you know, bloody sex-objects," not someone's children course, once again, like I was always told, from those that knew Matt around work, those many years ago.  But I'm not talking of those "measly, freaking "barstards," that was so friendly with Matt from work, why, no!  It was those that simply knew him-like, outer side from work, that always said to yours truly, at times, "hey, Sandy, would you call, someone that's in a relationship, if they were always going out with them, an on and of?"  As well, as telling me, "as it's only Matt, that really believes that he's in a relationship with them," "no one else, does." 

 So, anyway, if anyone stumble upon a truly, humongous, Fat but very twisted Trollop going around the Kingfisher area, in the Redditch Town Centre, then, you've not unfortunately, seen Matt's wife, but, whose sometimes, just sometimes is seen around with either, one of their sex-objects or SPOGS whatever, you want to look at it!  Or just sometimes, the hideous creature or The Creature from the Black Lagoon goes around with, the mother, whose a very ugly, wrinkly, decrepit old hag, that truly looks more and more like a hideous Dinosaur, then anything else!  And yes!  That's right!     

 But, whose Mother, is most definitely looked so alike a very hideous, Prehistoric, Decrepit, old Ancient, Dinosaur, that as you know, were around, those millions of billions years ago!  But, who frankly, should have been bombed by one of those Asteroid, like it had, with all the rest of them, that got extinct back then, by the Asteroids!  Then, rather Asteroid missing the dam, decrepit old hag, of a "Dinosaur," as it did!     

 Which, I feel sorry for those, if any that does come across a "Prehistoric, Old Hag," that I could even describe that last ever "Dinosaur" is bitter, twisted and deformed if you saw the hideous Mother, of  the fat, humongous trollop" going at times, into The Muffin Break Coffee Shop in the Redditch, Kingfisher Centre with either Matts fat trollop," of a wife, or going in with maybe, one or two of their dirty sex-bloody objects!    

 *Not forgetting, though, at times, that very Old, Decrepit, Ancient, Dinosaur, of that Fat Trollop that should have been Shot long ago, as well, as bombed, as I just mentioned just sometimes goes into Muffin Break on their own trying to sit down where no one else, could probably try and see them, closer to Next clothes shop, at the far, far back of "Muffin Break."   But unfortunately, for everyone of their customers, can't hide their hideous, twisted, deformed plus, their revolting small body, as it's turned out, with short yellowish hair and a face, that by-god, if anyone does see them, wants to really puke!  And I certainly do mean, Puke!  Even when that "Dinosaur" try's to put smile to anyone around!  

 Why!  I wouldn't even be at all surprised, that, that miserable "Dinosaur" could be flaming linked to "Nessie," "The Loch Ness Monster," that only rather appears from the loch in Scotland, that's if it existed or not!  But if it does, well the Mother of that "humorous fat Trollop" that she's well-known around more in Redditch, really could be related to "Nessie."  Again, the "Prehistoric Monster!  

 Though, getting back of meeting Matt, after all these years, well, it wouldn't be just so strange!  But as I'm more realistic, can't ever see that from ever happening, only imaging it, if we had, like, 'what if?  'Just, what if we did?  But, there again, "would I want to, or not?  Course, now, I'm a dreamer, yes, a real dreamer, not someone who's so bloody desperate, for looking for a guy, because, as I'm a total, old fashion, romantic person, that believes that true love, takes a hell of a long time to start between two people who may love each other.  Then rather just meeting anyone, then either start going out with them or having sex, which I'm not like that at all!     

 There again, if I did bump into Matt, after all these years, well, really I don't know what would truly happen?  Only, maybe guess that the guy hasn't probably changed, course of knowing how Matt disliked me, way back then.   And not to mention, he had joined in with the rest of those measly Barstards from work, to play upon my feeling over him, so all those hopes and dreams, that I once had of dreaming, as now all been shattered!  

 As I can't believe in that phrase, there's always someone out there!  Or that, I will meet someone nice, because of how I truly feel for Matt deeply!  So, instead, now I just think to myself, oh!  If only, I can meet, Luke Wilson, in person?  If only?  Then, rather, imagining seeing Matt again, course, with Luke, well, first of all, the Actor, just wouldn't know of why I truly love him so much!  

 *And secondly, with Luke Wilson well, I know I wouldn't run away from him, like how I did when noticing Matt was around!  Because of how I was truly feeling, when he just couldn't help himself, by knocking this girl down, by allowing me to just gaze into those deepest, darkest brown eyes of his, whenever he was always around.  Not forgetting, his lovely and sexy smile, And oh boy!  Could Matt certainly hypnotise me on the spot, but who I always ended up blushing right in front of him.  Which to be perfectly frank, was bloody worth it, if I have to admit it to myself!

 But, for watching any of Luke Wilsons Films, especially, The Family Stone, which I love more, had always somehow, reminded me, of looking straight into Matts, adorable big brown eyes!  So, Matt, wherever you are, thanks, for allowing this girl to not just have those feelings, that I did, but who I still do for you, course, I'm not like anyone you had met then!  But, who, whenever I would see any of those Luke Wilson, DVD's especially, that film, The Family Stone, could now truly imagine that I've got that very same feelings, as I do for Matt!  

 As, I truly believed back then, that after Matt had sadly left our work and then, shortly after, coming across to the very first DVD of Luke Wilson well, I not only felt that was so bloody uncanny, of how I did come cross this Actor, right there and then.  But who thought, it was like a sign for yours truly to say, "well, Sandy, maybe you should start to dream of loving this Actor!  Because of whom he truly resembles me of!  So, again Matt!  Wherever you maybe now, my brown eyes, thanks darling!  Just thanks, for just allowing this girl to now be hopeless in love, with not only one person!  But two!  "Which is Matt and that Actor, Luke Wilson!  Only, this girl really does truly feel like she will only love the one forever and ever!  And that's you Matt!  So, Matt!  Wherever you may be, my darling, I sure truly am in love with you!  "Really I am!  "I love you!  "I love  you!  "And boy!  "I love you only!   Just remember that, my darling!  x x x x        



                                                         THE END

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