Wednesday, 5 January 2000

Playing Games - Chapter 1




Chapter 1


The first time I met him was when I walked into work and even though our eyes didn’t meet something had told me that this tall, dark hair, mysterious stranger was going to start something off in my crazy life.  But how!  All I do know was when I had walked into work that day and noticed this guy leaning against a table with arms folded looking like he was in a world of his own, while Deek, who was the Manager was showing some girl something at the till, thought, he’s nice.  But being a shy person as I am, well when it always came to someone I thought had seemed really nice couldn’t seem to go up to them, let alone speak to them.

As it was while I was coming back out from where I had got myself ready for my shift, that I was told by the Deputy Manager that we’ve now have two new people starting today, the one, is with Deek who’s called Liz, the other is Matt!  For whom must have been him that I noticed leaning against that table with arms still folded and looking slightly down, because as there wasn’t anyone else, around when I came back out from the staff-room with Fazz, who was the Deputy Manager way back then!

Only, if you must know seeing him as I did, had told myself not to look at him even after I went up to this new girl Liz so that I could introduce myself to her, still couldn’t exactly look up at him.  Not to mention, as I was walking past him so I could make way towards the fitting-room, had still told myself not to turn around and look at this guy.  But which, had definitely brought a smile upon my face for sure while I was hiding myself around the corner of the fitting-room, as I then, only decided to look at him, because of knowing no one could see me!

 Anyway, that was how I met this so-call mysterious person who I had wondered even after knowing he was going to be a member of us that, was he going to start something off in my crazy life?  Because, of how each time he really made me laugh and smile at the same time, but which I didn’t realise then, would end up falling in love with him also.  

And even though, we did seem to get along as like good friends do at the beginning, well because of how they were all sort of making me feel that they were now starting to be a bit funny with me, as not in ha-ha!  But, how they all seem to joined in together to make it a little harder for me to be friend with him!  Especially shortly after Fazz had decided to leave us, made me wonder that maybe it was best for all of us, that me and Matt just won’t be able to be friend’s!  Not because I wanted to no!  But again, like that they were all now making it harder for me to continue of being a friend with Matt!

 Only, all this as I said, didn’t happen until, Fazz had really left, because what I can vaguely remember was just before he had, well what I noticed was Matt had still showed his funny sense of humour around me.  As well as, he had seemed to act like he really cared of what I thought of him going for Fazzs' job, as a Deputy Manager because all he kept on asking me was, “would you mind so much Sandy, if I went for Fazzs' job?

Yet even though, that was then, and this is now, after it’s only been now, what sixteen years,  since Matt had left, but which now I’m no longer working there myself due to the place had closed down in January 2012, which makes it roughly, I think, fifteen years, that those feelings that I was starting to experience over Matt, as still not changed through all these many years since work had closed down and I discovered then, that I really had ended up loving him!  Probably even more so now, then before, because what I liked about him, in the first place was how he had first acted all stupid-like first it was around me then it was  around the others!  But, sadly again, for me at the same time how he had always singled me out!  And no matter how he treated me at times, I just still couldn’t help myself from liking him even more because of those times that he really made me laugh!


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