Wednesday 5 January 2000

Playing Games - Chapter 2


Chapter 2


                                 CHASING MATT AROUND TO JUST TRY  

                                             AND GET MY BOOK BACK

 For example!  By how he got hold of my book, this one time and kept making this girl chasing him all around work while it was mostly quiet, thank god!  Only, what happened shortly, was he went into the back with me following!  And of course, because of my book,  I couldn't get to him! Course of him running straight into the office!  Which I could only describe, was like a very a small room, next door to the staff-room!  And slammed the door on me!  Making yours truly, to keep running up to door, like a flaming idiot as I was, banging on it, in for hoping it would open!  

 But, even though, I couldn't! Because of each time I ran back and bloody forth, towards the door, that I just at first, couldn't let the door to budge! And secondly, how something was just telling this girl that why, I'm I enjoying myself?  Hey!  Just why?  Maybe!  Just maybe, as I thought, it was hearing my darling Matt, laughing away, from the other side of the door! Which, once again, thought, I loved a little more then, been chased around from him in shop!  Even though, he grab hold of my small writing book, that was filled with my thought of his, I certainly enjoyed myself!  

 As, well as, it could have been him!  Him, from knowing that I was really trying so hard to push that dam door to open, with my elbow, over and over again-like!  But, who luckily for me, I had an idea!  An idea, course of half way, of just trying to reopen this door, that I wouldn't be at all surprised that Matt had held on from the other side!  That great big twit, as I thought!  But, who I couldn't help myself for liking it!  Really! 

 Course, at first!  This girl, meaning myself of course, while still on the floor laughing, along with him, which I did imagined it, had thought to herself  I'll give it one more bash!  In trying to open this sodden dam stupid door!  Because I really didn't want him to see what was in my book, that's if he was going to do!  So, as I finally got up, off the floor slowly, pretended I've had enough of doing this!  This girl yet again, whammed her left elbow for the very last time, towards that office door!  Only, once again this door wouldn't want to budge, which boy!  Did I felt my elbow! 

 So, as this girl, Sandy Dazley had an idea!  An idea, that would make out, that I've had enough, by pretending to go back out, course of wanting to see if Matt might actually give in!  In reopening this stupid door!  I had suddenly gave one more shot, in doing it again!  Just to see what may happen, after hopefully trick Matt by doing this!  Which, to my surprise, had finally saw that I had exceed to open that door, from the office!  But boy!  Did this surprise Matt, a lot more then,  it had for me!   Because of the way, he jolted aback a little, by looking a little surprised, by how I did open that door!  Only, while I did!  Boy, all I could do was look straight into those big dreamy, sexy brown eyes of his!  And not anything else, that was around in that small office, in the dark!  Which, as you know, was so nice for me!  Really!  It was, because of just glazing into those deepest, dark brown eyes of his, while I suddenly opened the door slightly, where he certainly backed away, like I just added, in the office that lights was not on!  

As he probably didn't think to switch on the light, as well as, he didn't expect me to open it right there and then!  But, for me, it was truly the most nicest moment that I will ever remember from that time!  As, well as, mind you!  That time while just waiting for me to either going in the shoe stock-room, so, while trying to get a customer their shoe box and was going up the ladders, near to the door, had quietly put his hand through the door to keep switching the lights on and then off!  Which personally!  Thinking about that, had thought, you bugger you!  But, which once again, had truly really liked! 

 Or even, that time that just before, I came out to start!  Matt would go and hide his gorgeous self in one of the changing-rooms!  So, whenever I came out and would then go straight into the fitting-room, as usual, would bloody surprise me!  When it came to me of reopening this certain curtain!  That I at the time I had thought some customer had left down!  But No!  As you gathered, my darling, Matt was hiding himself in!  And I do mean, hiding in to surprise your truly, when he probably heard me slowly coming toward that cubicle!  

 As I think he knew of how I would react to when I had came to opening that curtain that he was hiding in!  I mean, it was when I suddenly saw that there, right in front of me was Matt standing with a huge big grin upon his soft silky face, looking straight directly at me! With those deep, mysterious, mesmerizing, melting, big brown eyes!  As, well as, noticing he was giving this girl one hell of a dreamy, sexy smile!  Which, what happened was, I simply ran, ran away from him!  Leaving him to have a little laugh to himself!  Not forgetting, there were those other times, while I was always trying to sort out the men’s jeans into size order, that he would simply come up and knock them all down!  Followed by one of his silly little laughs!  Which, even that, had done a little something to me, because of how Matt had put me in my place!  Meaning, of how I would blush just slightly but, who had tried to hide it from Matt.

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