Wednesday, 5 January 2000

Playing Games - Chapter 2


Chapter 2


For example, by how he got hold of my book once and kept making me chase after him all around work while it was mostly quiet!  As well, as waiting for me to either going in the shoe stock-room, so that while I wasn’t looking, could quietly put his hand through the door to keep switching the light on and off!  Or even those times that just before, I came out to start would always go and hide himself in one of the changing-rooms so that whenever I would come out and then, gone into the fitting-room to check them, would always seem to want to surprise me when it came to me of opening that certain curtain that he was hiding himself in!  

And I do mean surprising me, as I think he probably knew of how I would always react two, when I had always came to opening that curtain that he was hiding in!  I mean, every time that I suddenly saw that there, right in front of me was Matt standing with a huge grin on his face looking at me with those deep gorgeous big brown eyes of his, well what happened was, I simply ran away from him, leaving him to have a little laugh to himself.   Not forgetting, there were those other times, while I was always trying to sort out the men’s jeans into size ordering that he would simply come up and knock them all down, followed by one of his silly little laughs!  Which, even that, had done a little sometimes, to me!  Because, of how Matt had put me in my place!

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