Wednesday 5 January 2000

Playing Games - Chapter 8


Chapter 8



 Now, as for when another Christmas was drawing more upon us, well something unusual happened!  Which, was not only a little odd!  But who I thought, what the hell, was going on here?  And I couldn’t say that this time it had involved Matt!  Because Matt weren’t there!  Because, of having two weeks off!  Which, again, brings me back to what happened that seemed a little to odd and strange!  Because what happened was!  Just minute’s after seeing Deek giving me the most biggest grin, while talking to Lynette from Wacky’s, he had then came  wondering back over!  Over to where big Liz was working and said quietly!  But which I couldn't help of over-hearing him say, “we have got to get Matt and Sandy together?

 Only, what did he meant, by that!   As I sure don't know!  Only that, was what he had said to her, shortly after he came back in!  While I was hanging near to the fitting-rooms, not far from where they were both were!  And who really couldn’t help noticing Deek was also looking straight at me, at the same time!  Still smiling away, like that Cheshire-cat from Alice in Wonderland!   

 Anyway, when it came to Matt's second week off!  Well, brother!  What happened was, who should be wondering into work, while Deek was giving me a hand with some jeans!  Jeans, that was on one of the tables, closer to the entrance?  As well as, who was walking so blooming quietly, that I didn’t even hear them, walking up behind me!  But Matt and Ben!  Oh yes!  It was both Matt and Ben, alright!  And as they came wondering in, as they did, could say had surprise this me!  Especially, after hearing that deep and sexy voice of Matts!  As, he had the most lovely voice, if he didn't decide to turn into that nasty, Mr Hyde!  

 Though, saying this!  It seemed that it was the way Matt was standing right behind me, with one of his smiles!  And boy!  I do mean, one of his smiles, that had always managed to knock this girl out!  But it was when he suddenly said, “what are you doing with my jeans Sandy?   As well as, how I had reacted to his deep and once again, his sexy voice, when he crept up behind me, as he had and said all that to me!  Because, boy!  Did he made me jump!  Because honestly!  It was when I had turned around and saw Matt who was standing just a few inches from me, smiling away, that did it!  

 Which, like I had said, whenever I saw him just smiling at me, had always seemed to managed to either brought my shyness back upon my face which I couldn’t help!  Or simply knock this girl way out!  Because no sooner then I saw him looking straight at me, with those amazing big brown eyes, that I started to think, oh my god Matt!  What the hell, are you trying to do to me!  Course, all I was really trying to do was, carry on with my work!  Work that while they had wanted to talk to Deek at the same time, had suddenly turned to Deek and tried to say so quietly to him, "would you just mind if I go Deek?  “oh!  “Please Deek!  Can I go!

 Because really!  I don’t think I could have stuck around Deek now!  Which to be perfectly frank, probably already knew of what was coming ahead!  Because of how Deek could see how I didn’t know which way to turn when I had realised Matt was now suddenly here and right behind me!  Because of my shyness was appearing!  So, after giving me a little nod to indicate yes!  Deek smiled!  And who knows, Deek had probably knew that I didn’t want Matt to know, of how he was starting to make me go all shy!  Shy!  As, I quietly walked away from them, nearer to the fitting-room!

 Only, while I was walking away, from the guys, heading towards the fitting-room, I just couldn’t help myself by suddenly turning around!  Just slightly, to look at what they were doing!  Call me curious!  But that was what I was doing!  As, that was what I felt, but who couldn't help those feelings!  Like slowly turning myself around to just see why both Deek and Ben was talking to Matt quietly at the corner of the shop!  But which, at the same time, noticed Deek couldn't help himself from smiling at me!  

 Anyway, just shortly after I had saw both Pete and Leah then coming wondering into work, Pete went straight to the guys!  While Leah herself, had came wondering towards me, with a huge smile upon her face!  Which, all that came to mind!  Was there’s nothing wrong in that!  The only thing was, while Leah was looking straight at me, she had one minute, kept on turning herself around to the guys!  Still looking-like that they were smiling directly at me also!

 Though, after she had kept turning herself around and then, back at me, she then looked-like she had then started to get a tiny bit suspicious!  Suspicious, into thinking why was Leah seemed to be turning to look at the guys, so many times!  Then, who kept turning herself back to face me!  Just why!  As, all I kept wondering after seeing Leah was giving me, that huge smile, like she knew something I didn’t!  Even though, that may sound strange, but would look at it from where I was standing, seeing Leah had kept on turning herself around to them!  Then, who kept turning herself back at me, would give anyone, suspicious of what was going on!  Not forgetting, that smile that Deek had given me while I was quietly walking away from them before, they had really started talk to Matt!  As, well as, that smile Deek was giving me while he and Ben was trying to talk to Matt!

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