Wednesday 5 January 2000

Playing Games - Chapter 12


Chapter 12





 Now, as far as I knew!  There were only two other members, that knew of how I seriously, felt for Matt now!  And that was Deek and Gabby!  Because while I wondered around Town one day, I came across Gabby just by accident, sitting somewhere in the Centre!  And while she was, I told her of how I thought, I was now starting to fall for Matt!  Which, for me now, was the biggest mistake ever!  But back then, I probably hadn't thought that!  Because to me, falling in love with someone was going to be so special!  And that falling in love would be for life for me!  Then, these feelings would stopped after a while!   So, shortly after telling Gabby of this, that two weeks later, little Liz and myself came wondering into work which I had thought, was for something!  

 But instead, little Liz being so nosey was ever, asked Matt a personal question!  A question, which Matt had then suddenly answered, "that I've broken-up from my girlfriend!  Which, may not seemed strange to some!  But to me!  It sure did!  Because it was just a little to odd, that what just happened, happened!  Which was just two weeks after telling Gabby of how I was probably feeling  for Matt!

  Anyway, when little Liz asked Matt, “how was your weekend!  And then, poor Matt had replied, “not so good!  Well, after little Liz again, said, “oh!  “So, what happened?  Well, that was when Matt had said, “well, me and my girlfriend had a massive argument, which ended badly!  Which, after little Liz tried to reassure him, that, "I’m sure things will be alright, ""you’ll be back together again, in no time! The next thing I suddenly noticed was, while Matt was trying to tell her, “I don’t think that will ever happen!  Noticed that he turned his head slightly around and gave me a dreamy look, followed by a little smile! 

 But once again!  For being a shy person as I am, especially when it always came to seeing Matt!  Of hanging around, couldn't explain of why my old true self, was really coming upon the surface, when my "big brown eyes" aka Matt, was always seemed to be around me!  Because no sooner then I saw him looking straight at me, in the way he had, well it had made me turn just slightly around!  So, I couldn’t see the guy was looking at me with those amazing deep, dark, and oh may I say, was melting, mesmerising eyes of his!

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