Wednesday 5 January 2000

Playing Games - Chapter 15


  Chapter 15


                                   WHEN I WAS AN IDIOT FOR GOING INTO

                                                    OUR WINDOW DISPLAY!

                               COURSE, OF ENDING UP BEING LOCKED-IN

                                                              BY MATT, HIMSELF!

 Then, of course, there was that time that Matt had to do something in our window, but who needed some help!  Help in by putting this very huge poster onto some small hooks so they would hang!  But, saying that!  As, I was so close by, he asked me, “can you give me a hand Sandy?  Which, like a fool, because of how I felt for him, went into the window, where he once again, asked me, "will you hold onto both ends of this poster Sandy, while I just step out for a moment!  Because of how Matt had made out that he really wanted to see if I was holding it straight, from the outside of our work!  

 Only, no sooner then that bugger, aka Matt had stepped out, that, that blooming Muggins here, aka Sandy, had heard the lock to the window-display, being slowly locked from the outside!  Which meant, Matt had locked me in!  And as he had, would you believe Matt then went straight out and took his camera-phone out from his pocket!  And then, started taking photographs, of me, locked up in that small window-display!  Where I was trying desperately to open that dam door!

 Though, while I was really trying to open this stupid, dam door, had suddenly noticed Matt from out-side, laughing so much!  That in certain parts, it looked as if he could have nearly fallen over himself!  Because of  seeing yours truly of trying so many times, to really try to open this sodding door, shouting out, “let me out Matt!  Over and over!  Which, being, Matt wouldn't do so!  As for myself, well even though, I should have been so angry with him, for locking me in!  Just couldn’t!  Because to be honest!  Seeing him, had started to make me laugh!  Though, the strange thing was, if that was anyone else, of doing this, well that would have been different!  Courses, I truly would have gone mad! 

 Which brings me to say, if Matt had really wanted my help, to check if I was holding this poster straight, then, why, on earth did he lock me in, like he had!  And then ended up taking a pictures of me, with his camera-phone more then once, may I add?  Hey!  Just why!  As, that was what I couldn’t understand then!  But saying that, while I was locked up and shouted, “let me out!  That no sooner then I had noticed, Matt had took some shots of me of trying to open that door, that I also, noticed while Matt was laughing, so was my friends, from Wacky’s!  Which, I had thought, how dare they also thought this was funny!

 Anyway, when Matt did finally let yours truly came out from the window-display, so he could get back to hanging that poster, that he was going to do in the first place!  Well, what I thought was, could Matt, be acting like he wanted a laugh!  Course, shortly after he got back in there, that yours truly had did exactly the same, as to what he just did to me!  Because, no sooner then I pulled the lock forward, so he wouldn't be able to get out when he tried to open the door, that Matts behaviour had suddenly changed!  And changed it had!  To our evil Mr Hyde!  Which, was nothing new!  Only, it was still a shame that he had acted like a complete, immature person, then joining in with me!  Which, was laughing!  

 Because basically, what happened was, while I was thinking, he could have thought, what I did, was funny shouted, "get me out of here, right this instance!  As, he totally acted like a complete Barstard!  Because, he was in one of his foul moods, as you know, of telling me off as usual!  Course, of just trying to get my own back, from trying to lock him up, had shortly  went out with my camera-phone!  Which, as usual, Matt had acted like a right total prick! As, I yet again, heard his deep, voice, vaguely shouting, "get me out of here, right now!  

 But, oh brother!  Before, I let him out, I had just simply tried to do what I was intending to do!  Which, getting my camera-phone from out of the staff-room!  And then went straight out!  Straight out to also, tried to take a couple of pictures of him, locked in that window-display, like he had with me!  And just see how would he like it being locked up!  But, being the way he acted, Matt had truly showed he needed to grow-up!  And more so, by trying to join in, by having a laugh!  Because really!  As, I also had tried to do the exactly same to him, had acted so piss-off with me!  Because by seeing Matt being locked in, by me, like a big stupid Ranganathan, was so funny!  While I aka Sandy was this time, outside, just like how he was!  By taking out my a camera-phone!  

 Course, what the difference was!  It was that I had got my own back on him, for what he had just done to me!  Hey!  Only, getting back to when he got back straight in that window display, to try and hang that large poster and had locked me in! with his camera-phone, couldn't!  Because of not just seeing me, being locked in!  And who then saw me trying to shout my way out to Matt!  Who may I say! Saw that he couldn't take the photo of me being locked in!  Because of seeing me shouting away, to him as, I had done!  Tried not to laugh while seeing him outside, just couldn't stop laughing anyway!  As, well as, noticing Matt had then nearly fell over himself!  Then, seeing my friends from over Wackys couldn't help myself from cracking up myself!  Because of noticing they were all laughing as well!  

  Only, no sooner then I had tried to step out with my camera-phone!  That Matt shouted, “get me out of here right now!  With a truly foul look upon his face and eyes that felt like anger!  Only, no matter many times he had tried to shout out that to me, that I was really determining to take that blooming shot of him!  Before, letting him out of course!  That every time I tried to take a photo of him!  That my dam camera-phone just wouldn’t allow me to take one shot of him!  Which, not only got me so flaming annoyed!  But who kept jumping up and down, where Matt could see me!  Even though, it may look embarrassing on my part!  As, I was jumping up and down like a complete idiot, in front of everyone to see!  And I don't think I was even thinking of what Matt was thinking about!  Because of the way he was simply still looking at me, like he didn’t think that was funny, unless he did! But waited till I wasn’t looking, if you know what I mean!             

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