Wednesday, 5 January 2000

Playing Games - Chapter 15


Chapter 15


Then of course, there was a time that Matt had to do something in the window but who had needed some help by putting this huge poster up on hooks so they would hang.  So, as I was so close by he asked me, “can you give me a hand?  Only, after going in the window display where he was he just simply asked me to hold onto both ends of the poster while he stepped out for the moment!  Because as he made out that he had wanted to see if I was holding it straight so he could then hang it.  But no sooner then Matt had stepped out then he locked me in which after he had went outside and took his camera-phone from out of his pocket and started to take pictures of me trying desperately to open this dam door even though it was locked. 


Only, while I was trying to open it noticed Matt just couldn’t help himself from laughing so much that in parts it looked as if he could have nearly fallen over himself because of really seeing me of how many times I was trying to open this door shouting to be, “let me out Matt?  Over and over shall I say which Matt would not do!  As for myself though well even though I should have been angry with him or annoyed for him locking me in like he had couldn’t because it was Matt.  Though the strange thing is if it was anyone else, well that will be different as I think I would! 


Which brings me too say if Matt wanted my help to check if I was holding the poster straight for him so he could then hang it then why on earth did the guy then decided to lock me in as he did and then ended up taking a picture of me with his camera-phone more then once?  As that was what I couldn’t understand.  But what I forgotten to say was while I was locked up and shouting to Matt, “let me out,” well as soon after taking some shots of me of trying to open that dam door had also noticing while Matt was really laughing, so was my friends from Wacky’s.


Anyway, when Matt finally let me out so he could really get back to hanging that poster up well because yours truly had still thought which I had could have still been in a funny mood had also like he had locked him in!  Because whenever he had shall I say had acted in this way towards me had not only enjoyed myself around him but also thought Aww!  That’s nice!  But what I didn’t know was no sooner then I had locked him in and disappeared into the back to get my camera-phone so I could do exactly the same back to him like as he had too me.  But as I heard Matt just vaguely, also thought he could have been taking all this funny too! 


Until that was after I came wondering back out from the back with my camera-phone that did I then hear Matt shouting out, “let me out now,” but letting him out I did not do straight away because what I had gone and done was the same thing as what Matt  had done to me and that’s no mistake!  As I also went out from the shop with my camera-phone too take a picture of Matt being trapped in there.  But no sooner then I had, had saw Matt trying to shout, “get me out of here right now!  And no how many times he tried to shout that I was now demanded to take a photo of him on my camera-phone before letting him out.






But every time I tried to take a picture of him that my camera-phone just wouldn’t allow me to take one which not only got me so annoyed but who also had kept jumping up and down where Matt could see me.  Even though it may look embarrassing on my part for jumping up and down like a complete fool in front of everyone to see wasn’t so sure of what to think of what Matt thought about it all!  Because of the way he was just looking at me like he didn’t think that was funny unless he really did, but waited till I wasn’t looking if you know hat I mean?             

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