Wednesday, 5 January 2000

Playing Games - Chapter 16


Chapter 16


Not forgetting, there was even yet another time of when this person who you must know had thought the world of saw Matt and Pete talking to one another near the front but which when I saw them both talking away had made me wonder was Matt talking about me over to Pete?  Because it was really how they kept looking me while I was approaching near the front of the shop so I could throw away some old tricks that was lying around.  As it was also to do with the fact, while doing so noticed that Matt had suddenly approached the till, to serve some customer which really he could have left it to someone else, but didn’t if you know what I mean! 


Then noticed Pete was now standing right in front of the door-way to the till where I couldn’t seem to get out.  And even though he was facing from the back of me talking to someone well what I didn’t understand was after asking Pete, “could you move please Pete?  Didn’t!  Which I first thought he probably didn’t hear me as I then once again asked Pete, “Pete can I get past please,” but still Pete would not budge as it was like Pete was actually doing all this on purpose so I couldn’t get out while Matt was still there serving the customers. 


Because of being so near to the guy that I adored so that being trapped in which I’m sure they both knew would bring my shyness out of me and I do mean really shy Why! Well, it was just that there was this brief moment while asking Pete if he could possibly move so I could then go that because of how I was really feeling for Matt had turned around facing the back from him to make out that I was doing something then not to show that all this was because I was actually really going all shy and even more so when Matt moved slightly closer to me.  But even though I tried to hide my face underneath my small black cap didn’t help me one little bit from hiding the shyness away from him. 


Because it was really how he acted then, as well as asking me to, “take that cap off Natalie!  Which as you should know would have made it slightly harder for me as it meant I didn’t know then of which way to turn because as Pete wouldn’t let me out that meant I was certainly trapped in so close to where Matt was.  Which once again, who knows what may the truth behind that as they could have probably did this on purpose luckily though Pete did eventually allowed me out as he moved. 

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