Wednesday, 5 January 2000

Playing Games - Chapter 21



 Chapter 21



                                                              THE TIME


                              THAT MATT TRIED TO ACT LIKE ELIVIS

 But, who I can never forget of course, this one afternoon, while Matt was left in charge but whom luckily for me, that big Liz wasn’t working with us anymore, that while it was quiet, Matt had started to act a bit daft around us, which most of us couldn’t help laughing away, because what that fool did which he was, when he had acted so very silly, was after putting one of that flaming Elvis Presley’s tunes on, the guy who was standing by the till with one of the girl’s had more then less, pretended that he was Elvis himself.  

 By trying to show us all of his Elvis impression moves.   Only, when he had, well that was when he made all of us laugh so much, because all Matt did while this Elvis tune was on was rubbing his chest around with one hand back, and the other forward, like he was doing it the opposite directions at the same time, with a silly grin on his face of course.

 Though, as for myself, well, I then just couldn’t help but laugh, as I normally do, because, come on when have you ever known or seen Elvis Presley, known as the King, to everyone when he was alive to do that, while singing away?  Hey!  And I do mean, rubbing his chest back and forth with a silly grin upon his face, like that complete idiot, Matt had?  “Well, have you?  Never, that's what!  Which, brings me to what I did myself, next as I couldn’t help myself from doing it either, because as I always loved dancing, had tried to show Matt of how Elvis had dance, which I’m sure he knew, but which I also, couldn't help of playing around them.

 Only, while I was really showing Matt these moves of how Elvis had really dance, one of the Security Guards from the Centre had appeared, by saying to Matt, “she’s blooming good."  Which just before I ran off, could remember in asking the Security Guard, “but, how can you see me, from where you are?"  Because from where I was, there was a huge stand, full of clothes hanging from the hangers.  So, this Security Guard told me, “well I can see you on the monitor, which was hanging near the front of our shop.  But what was most funny was, just shortly after that Security person had left us, that I walked up to Matt to ask him, “why didn’t you warn me?"  “As, I wouldn’t have done it otherwise."  But all Matt said was, “but he was right, that was good.”  As he then asked me "would you mind just in showing us all that again?" 

 Only, while I was doing this Elvis impression yet again for them, that some guy who just happened to past by, had stopped, as he also, noticed I was showing Matt and the others how Elvis Presley had really dance.  Why, they either started to take photos of me from their camera-phone or sort of filmed me-like to show maybe others. Who knows there?  Course, no sooner then I noticed this, then I did stopped dancing, but it was more then I can say for Matt, as he just couldn’t stop laughing, when he had saw the guy taking those one or two photos of me while I was dancing away.  Then, hearing him say, “I’m also filming her!  Which, what he probably meant, was he even probably got the Internet switch on to maybe showing some of his mates, from his phone of what I was doing.


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