Wednesday, 5 January 2000

Playing Games - Chapter 30


    Chapter 30


                                                                 THE TIME

                                    FINDING OUT MATT AS COME BACK!

 Then, one day while I was busy sorting some jeans out near the front of the shop, Cilla was doing something at the till whilst Bobby, of course, was still on her break but, who had shortly returned well what can I say, but when she had, she cried out with what looked like excitement or just surprised, "hey!  “Sandy guess who I just saw?"  Which for some unknown reason, replied, “who?" "Deek because I didn’t want to get my hopes up, if it could have been Matt, let alone, mentioning his name to Wednesday aka Bobby.  But to my surprise, it was my darling, that Bobby had tried to tell us, that she saw, while smiling away, at me.

 Which no matter what, I thought must say, had certainly made my day especially, after hearing from her, "he was now going to work back here."  And as so, being as I was, just didn’t want to show both Bobby and Cilla, who was both looking at me with a smile, that I could have been remotely interested in this news, that Bobby just saw Matt, not forgetting, he was now working back here!  So, what I did then, was walk straight in the back to get away from them both, so I could really start to smile to myself because of knowing now, I will probably see Matt frequently, since he’s now back for good!  As that was what I meant, by saying that, I didn’t want to show both Bobby or Cilla that I could have been interested in knowing Matt was back.  Because in my mind, to now know of course, that Matt was back wanted to keep me feelings to myself, then show them, that I was actually so pleased!

 Only, after coming back out, still smiling to myself, Bobby still continued by saying, “and who knows Sandy, you may just see him, after you finished work."  Which to be honest, hadn’t thought about, because at the time, all that was going through my mind was, "oh! Matt, you’ve come back!  Which meant, even though, I hadn’t seen the guy yet, had still somehow, made this girl, feel all girlie-like, as if like my knees was starting to trembling a little, because of knowing she really may see him again, the one she truly loved!  So, when my shift eventually finished, I do believe that I had felt slightly nervous.  Only, the first thing that I did, was after leaving, instead of just going, had quickly ran straight across to Wacky’s to see my friends, because I don’t think I was ready to see him just yet, even though, deep down, I so wanted to, something just told me, not now, Sandy!  Not now!

 But while I was talking away to my friend’s, something did tell me that you can’t really hide much longer from the guy, that’s if he was out and about!  So, before leaving them, I said to myself, right here goes!  Because of knowing that I might see him had tried to walk calmly until, I got so closer then I had to quickly run, because of noticing right outside his work, talking to a girl, was oh!  "Brown Eyes" aka Matt!   Only, what seemed funny was even though, I tried to avoid him by running quickly past them, he, himself, had also tried to pretend that I weren’t coming their way, by running.  Because what I could see while really pretending that I was in some sort of a rush, was while Matt was just standing outside from his work talking away to this girl, first noticed, this girl had kept turning around to see if I was getting more and more closer,. 

 And secondly, after seeing her turning back noticed Matt had kept looking slightly down every now and again, slowly but who had also, kept turning his head slightly around to the other way.  But who knows of why he did what he did?  Maybe, he was trying to say hello, in his own little way, but didn’t know how, without showing some feelings for me, that if he had any!  Because, what I had saw, was someone that was showing signs of being a little shy like myself, if whenever he was always around!

 Which probably could have been slightly difficult for him to say, “I’m so pleased to see you Sandy."  But saying all that, about what I thought of what he must have been really thinking was only wishful thinking, of mine.  Because I couldn’t really imagine-like that this guy who even though, way back then, had played with my feelings, so I would end up falling in love would actually end up being so in love with him, deeply would like me in the same way.  But let me make one thing perfectly clear, when I said that he played with my feelings, so I would probably end up falling for him, as you know, wasn’t alone, course, don't forget, it was the rest of them, that played a very big part in that, also.

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