Wednesday, 5 January 2000

Playing Games - Chapter 35


Chapter 35



                             BUT, WHO I WANTED TO OPEN IT STRAIGHT AWAY!

                              BECAUSE OF WHAT I WAS TOLD WHAT IT WAS!

 Now, whether this happened later that day or not, I can’t really say, as it could have been on another day that a friend of mine, back then did a really lovely thing which even though, was my Christmas present, had told me of what I’ll be getting from her!  As she told me she had somehow got in touch with a professional Artist from America that only does the gorgeous Actor, "Luke Wilson" portraits for people like myself, that adored him.  Which no sooner then she said that, then I had kept harping on to her, "how I wanted that picture now, of Luke Wilson."  Like immediately, because deep down I reckon that I was slowly, but surely, falling in love with this Actor also, then with only Matt who even now, can’t help myself from thinking about!

 Because the way it happened, was no sooner then Matt left, that I cried for two and a half years, over him. And I truly mean, that I had cried over him that length of time, but after stumbled upon that very first DVD of "Luke Wilson" well, it was really the spitting image of Matt, that you could say, was the reason, that restore my heart, of how Matt had left me when he had!  So later, just before leaving my friend Lacy who came wondering back, while waiting for yours truly, well as usual, she went hobbling along to that "weenie- Charcoal piece of Pencil-stick" aka Bobby, then after coming out and left, well, as we were coming towards Matt’s work, Lacy said quietly to my ear,  “hey!  “Sandy guess who’s standing outside their work?"  

 Which all I did was turn slightly to her, just slightly and replied, “so!  “I don’t care!  Even though, the truth maybe, that I did actually care so very much, suddenly turned to see there, near to the front of me, but standing at one of the corners of their work, was, "Big Brown Eyes" aka Matt, who when he saw me approaching with Lacy and probably who had overheard me say what I had, because while I was looking at him well had noticed he was giving me that certain look with one of his lovely smile, that could have easily knock me down right there and then, or hypnotise me on the spot! 

 And after we past I just couldn’t help myself from turning just slightly around to see whether Matt was still there because who knows he could have gone straight back in, but no!  He was still standing there looking at me but this time he moved to the other side of the entrance like as if he was trying to hide himself from me but yet at the same time, didn’t!  Because like I said no sooner then we had walked past his work and that I couldn’t help but turn that I noticed those big adorable brown eyes was watching me with a smile a shy smile may I add!

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