Wednesday 5 January 2000

Playing Games - Chapter 3


    Chapter 3


                                         TRAPPED IN THE SHOE-STOCK ROOM

                                    WITH MATT SITTING BETWEEN THE DOOR

                                                            SMILING AWAY

 Then, of course, there was the time!  The time, when Matt who I like to refer him as my darling, had quietly walked into the back, while I was in the shoe shock-room with one of the other girl’s, sorting most of the shoe boxes out!  Or should that be, while we were trying to!  Heard a noise!  A noise that had sounded like a door, from the back was opening!  And opening it had only shortly after that, I aka Sandy had heard a chair being moved from the staff-room, to the door of the shoe stock-room!  Which, ok!  At first, didn't try to bother what or who was moving or playing musical chairs!  Only, I don't know what Abby had thought, as she was still sorting the shoe-boxes in our shock room! 

 Though, getting back to who was playing around with this dam chair, that now had certainly sounded was right in front of the door-way!  The door-way to our shoe stock- room!  And was trapping both myself and Abby, even though, they had finally allowed Abby to go!  Had  still decided to sit his huge fat ass on that dam chair!  Even though, I can't really say that about him, being it was Matt!  And of course, the way I felt for him!  Just noticing Matt had that lovely, huge smile, upon his soft and gentle face!  And those dam eyes of his glaring into mine, just, as always, couldn't look at him!  Dam!  

 Because of every bloody time I had!  Well Matt would always managed to send this girl do-la-le!  As, in simply, feeling my tiny little hairs, at the back of my neck, was standing on end!  Not to mention, "mind you," starting to feel like I had butterflies in my stomach!  which, to be honest, I didn't quite understand!  Because as these feelings, of mind was quite new to me!  As, well as, feeling like my dam knees was trembling a little!  Not forgetting, going a little shyer!   

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