Wednesday, 5 January 2000

Playing Games - Chapter 9


Chapter 9

 Then just two weeks before this certain Christmas had ever approached, well while I just finished work on this day what seemed so strange had happened as I had to come back in for something saw Ben and Matt not only hanging around the front, but who seemed to be hanging around doing absolutely nothing yet, I could be wrong, as they could have possibly be talking to Deek who was doing something near the till!

 Anyway, while I wondered that day and approach the till where at the time, Deek was on the phone to someone, I was sure that I suddenly heard Ben saying, “Matt fancies Sandy!  Which, had made me wonder why on earth would Ben say that?  Not to mention that he had took me by complete surprise!  But as he took me by complete surprise then noticed Matt was looking at me even though I’m sure he was trying to make out that he hadn’t heard what Ben just said what he had.  

Shortly after all that as well as noticing Matt was looking at me, I even heard Matt say something that was very unlike him to say especially to me because what Matt said was more like someone would probably want to say to someone else, if they really liked them but giving them a hint!  Because what Matt said was, “watch out, something will happen,” or it could have been, “watch it, because something will happen,” either way that was what Matt said to me while at the same time trying not looking at me, even though, I could vaguely see that he really was looking at me really!  Because, those Brown eyes of his, don't tell lies, while noticing that look, while again, trying not to look at a person which was me, who was going a little shy, while trying not to notice him at the same time!    

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