Wednesday 5 January 2000

Playing Games - Chapter 18


   Chapter 18


                                                               THE TIME

                                   WHEN SANDY HAD BROUGHT MATT 

                                                                A BOX OF ROSES!

 Then of course, there was a time when Ben had just popped in to ask Matt, "would you mind doing a small favour for me, mate?  Then, who asked, "if you weren’t to busy to give me a hand?  So, after Ben went out, it was then that Matt went up to Deek to ask, "would it be alright for me to go and help Ben later?  Which, he replied, “well ok!  "But only, if we’re not so busy this afternoon Matt!  "Ok!

 Which, was when Matt had went back to work!  Work, which shortly after, he had came waltzing up towards me with that look that could knock me down in an instant, by asking, “hey!  "Sandy do you mind, in getting me a box of chocolates!  “Possibly, some box of Roses!  "As, it's Roses I love!  Then adding, “because, right now, I could just fancy some!  Only, as I didn’t know, that half of the time he could have meant that as a joke!  Then, just asking me!   I did what he asked!  I got him a box of Roses, for later!  But saying that! Could he have meant that as a joke, I would have still brought my darling, sexy brown eyes aka Matt those dam box of Roses!  

 Now, okay!  At certain times, I did feel like Matt and myself had sort of got along, like how he was with, with the rest of the others!  But that was only until I noticed his behaviour or mood-swings, had kept changing towards me!  Which if I didn't felt what I had towards him!  And had the bottle to stand up to him, would certainly give Matt a nudge where the sun don't shine! But I couldn't!  Because I could only describe him as more like, Mr Hyde. from Dr Jekyll then what could have been a nice guy!  Because, one minute, Matt was acting all nice!  Then, he would turn into one hell of a horrible person!  

 And even more so, when Deek was always having his days off!  But who was also, working along side, his old and best friend, big Liz, "that snobby-cow!  Which, looking back, at that cow!  Could certainly think of a few more names, for her!  Which, really if anyone had wanted to know her personal!  Well I wouldn't advice it!  Course, me, personally!  I would even refer big Liz, as a real trashy bitch!  As, well as, having a name like, a scabby tall lanky witch!  That looks-like her nose could ever go slightly up in the air!  

 Why!  I'm even probably sure that big Liz had probably thought that she knew everything!  And I do mean, everything!  That "Miss two-goody two Shoes," that at times, I personally, thought wanting to slap that hideous, bloody scrawny, ugly face of hers!  And that was no joke!  Which, I was still referring to big Liz once again!  Or even better still!  Had felt like giving that "cow," a bloody good left hook, across her repulsive, vile, scrawny face!  

 Because, partly it was the way they were really acting towards me of how I was feeling, whenever Matt was around me!  Although, that didn’t really start after that certain day, which like I said, in one of my other chapters of mine, from this book!  When both myself and Matt had this one day off, but which after I came wondering in, to just try and leave a Birthday present for Matt, with little Liz and another!  Course, stupidly I had fell into their trap!  A trap, which was ending up giving Matt a soft and gentle kiss upon his skin!  Course, shortly after kissing Matt, I had felt some what different!  Different as in, of how I was going to feel for Matt now!  

 But, it was how everyone around work had certainly didn't help me!  Because, of the way, they all liked to stick together-like, by playing upon my poor feelings!  So, I wouldn't have known one way, or the other of how I was going to feel for Matt after!  And that was really ending up falling for someone, for the very first time of my life with a real guy!  Then, rather someone on the TV as I use to do, like when I was very younger!  Either way!  When they had all decided to be like this, to see how far they could possibly go to see what they were doing to me, would work or not!  Well, for seeing how I was acting, towards  him!  Or lets put it in another way, had must have known, what they were doing had worked!  Course, of falling head over heels on love!  Those "Bastards!  As they truly were!  

 But, saying that!  At the time, of what I thought of them, well I just couldn't say anything nasty about you know who?  Because, it wasn't that I got shy, when I had always saw Matt!  But who also, acted very venerable!  Which, on that same night, after getting tricked by those two imitators girls, for asking me to give Matt a kiss!  A kiss mind you, that I had ended up, kissing him upon his sort and gentle cheek!  Well, whether I was popular asleep that night or not, to make myself comfortable in my bed, had felt something very weird!  As, in going cross from the back of my neck!    

 Only, just don't ask me what I truly thought!  Because you would have probably thought to yourselves, that sounds daft!  But, really, for being an old fashion-time romantic, as I am! And who had never in my whole life-time had that sort of feelings for anyone!  Had felt could this be a cupid, brushing pass, at the back of my neck to tell me, "it’s now, your time Sandy!   As, in trying to tell little old me, it's your time, for sure, that you shall meet your true soul-mate?  Or, that's the One for you!  And I certainly do mean, of talking about falling in love with somebody!  Then, continuing to like some Actor, as I had done, in my past life-time, from the TV series!  Yet, saying that now, still couldn't imagine seeing myself with anyone!  Because, I've really had always had my doubts, for ever believing that one day this girl will possibility meet someone so nice and shy!    

 Anyway, going back to what I was saying on that day, when Matt had gone out to help his mate, Ben in his work!  Course, as it was coming up to the end of my shift, I had asked both Deek and Laura, "whether they, reckon I should really get Matt those box of Roses?  Their reply was, “yes," “why not!  So, after getting a small box of Roses, that Matt had requested, mugging here, aka myself had nipped round to Ben’s work!  Which, I must admit, still wasn’t sure of whether I was doing the right thing or not!  No matter what Deek and Laura had to said, at that time!  I still didn’t know of why I was to doing this!  But, there again, I was weak, to stand up to all of them!  More so, if it had came to Matt himself!  Because I would have done absolutely anything for him anyway! 

 So, before I went straight in, I thought, could the guys be in the back, working!  Or not!  But, as I slowly wondered in, I first saw Ben was at the till, smiling away at me!  Which, he then shouted, “Matt!  "Hey!  “Matt!  "Your Mrs is here!  Which, could say had made me blush!  Because what made Ben persisted to say something like that?  Which, after seeing Matt coming out from around the back and sat himself down to just do something, he then asked, “what are you doing here?  So, after saying, “I brought you a box of Roses Matt because that’s what you asked!  Which all Matt could do was smile at me!  Followed by saying, a big, “Aww!  Then, saying, “thanks Sandy!  

 Then, just before I went, one of his other mates, that had also worked there, had also, came wondering out from no way!  Probably from the back like where Matt had been!  Thought, was Matt going to introduce this girl to them!  Hey!  But after asking Matt, "who this?  Waiting for his reply!  Instead, of replying, “this is Sandy!   Matt just simply said, "this is my second girlfriend!  Which, all I could think of way back then, was what on earth did he mean, by saying that?  Second girlfriend!  As I sure didn't know! 

 Only, that, that was what he truly said to his mate, after he to had just came out from the back!  Because, by god!  I had thought, now, did I hear right!  Did Matt say, “this is Sandy, my second girlfriend!  Shortly after he approached me, with that lovely smile!  That I could have easily melted me, while looking into those big, hypnotic, brown eyes of his!  Then,  adding, "what are you doing here Sandy?   Which, was when I showed Matt the box of Roses that I brought for him!  Which still, I found a little to odd!  As, all I wanted to know now, was why did Matt just suddenly come out of saying what he had!  Because boy!  I’ve never been called, someone's girlfriend!  Let alone, saying, "this is my second girlfriend!  Just never!  

 So, really, what was Matt really thinking of saying that, to this mate of his!  Not forgetting, that whoever had said to Matt, before, I had left Ben shop, had heard a voice coming from behind!  Saying quietly, to Matt, “she’s beautiful!  Which, I had thought, they must need dark glasses and a walking stick to think that!  But just for hearing that, made this girl go a little shy in herself!  Because if they were referring to me, as beautiful, well, once again, all I can say was, they must be blind, as a fucking a bat!  Because I’ve never been called that by anyone!   

 Anyway, while I was on my way to the shop, well, something couldn’t help myself from smiling away!  And I do mean, smiling away!  Course, what happened next was, while I was just on my way out of Bens store!  Was more to do with how Matt had said, when he introduce me to his mate!  Who had hair that was blonde!  And who had a nice smile!  But who this girl, had her eyes fix on Matt!  Because, rather what I thought he was going to say, Matt had said, “this is Sandy, my second girlfriend," to his mate!

 And instead, of going straight home afterwards, I decided to first go back!  Go back to tell Deek of what just happened!  As I still didn’t know of why Matt had said what he had to his mate, while I was in there!  For all I do know was, the guys could have wanted a good laugh, over my expense!  Probably to make me think they honestly meant, it!  Which seriously, couldn’t see that any of them meant what they said!  Especially, Matt when he said, “this is Sandy, my second girlfriend!

 Anyway, while telling Deek of what just went on over there, well what both Deek and Laura did was, give me a huge grin!  A grin, that made me start to wonder if they could have possibly knew something already, that I didn’t!  Well could they?  As I thought, to myself, while looking at them, it wasn’t the smile!  But of the way they were looking st raight at me!  So, as soon as, I left them, from work, still thinking I’m not ready to go home just yet, went into the small Costas Coffee shop, that was just around the corner from our work! Because oh brother!  Did I think I needed a drink after that!   

 Only, what came to mind was!  While sitting down, waiting for my drink, was did Matt watch me after I left them all, from Giles for Sports?  Well did he!  Which, I think, that was what it was called way back then!  Though, as for Matt!  Well he could have probably known that I went straight back to see Deek and Laura, before, ever going to have that drink at that small Costas Coffee!  So, who knows!  Matt could have gone around to see Deek to find out what happened while I was there after I left!  As, that I wouldn’t be surprised!  

 But before, I continue, with what else, happened regarding that instant!  Well let me tell you all those feelings of mine for Matt had rise to the surface!  For okay!  Maybe, all of those from work didn’t help by playing with my feelings!  But again!  I must say, it was so weird how all my feelings had slowly risen!  And that was no sooner then I had given Matt that Birthday kiss upon his soft and gentle cheek!  Which, was not only two days before my beloved dads Birthday would have occurred!  Course, my dads Birthday would have fallen on June 24th if he was still alive! 


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