Wednesday, 5 January 2000

Playing Games - Chapter 18


Chapter 18


Then of course, there was the time when Ben popped over to ask Matt if he wouldn’t mind doing a small favour?  Which if he weren’t to busy well could he just pop round to his work and give them a helping hand?  So, after going straight up to Deek to ask him if it would be alright for him to go and help Ben later? Deek said, “well if we’re not so busy this afternoon Matt I’m sure I’ll be aright because  will be in.” So after Ben left and Matt had then gone back to his work well shortly after Matt had come up to me he ask, “hey!  “Natalie do you mind in getting me a box of chocolates?  “Possibly some box of Roses as its Roses I love!  Which he continued to say, “because right now I could just fancy some chocolates.”  Only, as I didn’t know if he meant this or not being someone that had liked to joke every now and again didn’t know if I should really go out of my way to get him some for later. 


Now, it was only around this time that Matt and myself had got on more like friends before, I noticed his behaviour had sometimes changed around me like if he wanted to be horrible and even more so when Deek was always having his days off but working with Liz.  So really my feelings for him around then didn’t start because it was not long after that, that I had felt from possibly everyone had played with my emotions that I had ended up as I do now for Matt!  And that is being in love with him or should that be really ending up falling in love with the guy.  Either way when they decided to be like this it was really to see how far they could maybe possibly go to see what they were doing to me would work. 


But as I  was saying on this day when Matt had gone out to help his mate, Ben in his work which was only next door to ours well as it was coming up to my end of my shift asked Deek and Laura of whether they reckon I should really get Matt some chocolates?  And what both had said was, “yes!  “Why not,” which after getting a small box of Roses which Matt had requested, nipped round to Ben’s work but which I must admit still wasn’t so sure of whether I was doing the right thing or not.  No matter what both Deek and Laura said I still didn’t know of why I was to do this. 


So, after going in, thinking to myself that the guys could have been around in the back working discovered that as I was approaching the till, Ben was the Manager and at first when he saw me smiled then without further a do shouted, “Matt, hey! “Matt, your Mrs is here!  Which could say had made me blush so because what had made Ben persisted to say something like that!  Which after seeing Matt coming out from around the back and then sitting himself down to just do something he then first asked, “what are you doing here?  So, after saying, “I brought you a box of Roses Matt because that’s what you said you had liked,” Matt smiled at me followed by a big “Aww!  “Thanks Natalie!  


Then, just before I went, one of his other mates that worked there had came wondering out from out of no way probably from the back, thought, was Matt going to introduce me to him as this is Natalie, from the shop next door instead which could say had took me by complete surprise had said, “this is Natalie, my second girlfriend!  What he meant, I do not know but I can tell you that was what he had definitely said to his mate.  But for hearing that from someone like Matt whether he had said, “this is Natalie, my second girlfriend,” had actually thought that was so nice. 



But still which I found a little too strange, because I really wanted to know why did the guy just suddenly wanted to say that?  As I’ve never been called, anyone’s girlfriend!  Then just before I was about to leave had heard a voice saying quietly to possibly Matt, “she’s beautiful!  Which just for hearing that also made me go all bashful because if they were referring to me as beautiful then all I can say is they must be (blind as a bat) because again, I’ve never been called that!  After going out of the shop though, really couldn’t help myself from smiling, because I think it was more to do with what Matt had said when I really had thought at first he was only going to introduce me to his mate as, “this is Natalie from next door,” then rather what he saying, “this is Natalie my second girlfriend!  


But instead of going straight home afterwards as it was getting late I decided at first to make my way back to tell Deek of what just happened as I still didn’t really understand.  For all I do know was the guys could have wanted a good laugh on my expense too probably make me think they honestly meant it which seriously couldn’t see that any of them have had meant what they had all said.  Especially, Matt for what did he really mean by saying, “this is Natalie, my second girlfriend.


Anyway, while telling Deek of what just went on over there, especially of what Matt said well both Deek and Laura had gave me a huge smile making me of course, to wonder if they could have possibly knew something that I didn’t?  Well could they?  Because as I just said, it wasn’t the smile that they were giving me that made me thought that but more of the way they were looking at me while I was telling them that. So as soon as I left them, still thought I’m not ready to go home just yet instead went to a small Italian Coffee Shop that was just around the corner from our work because I thought I need a drink after all that even though I could have had one when I get back. 


Only, what came to my mind was while I was sitting down waiting for my drink was, did Matt watch me after I had left them?  Because as he probably could have known that I had went straight into see Deek then going straight home so he could maybe go round himself to see Deek to find out what happened, while I was there!  As I just wouldn’t be surprised.  But before I will continue with what else had happened after that, well let me just tell you how all those feelings of mine for Matt had arose.  For okay!  Maybe all of those from work didn’t help by playing with my feelings but on that very same night especially now after hearing Matt say what he had do believe it could have been also something else, that truly had started all those feelings that I have for Matt to arise! 


For the thing was I just don’t know of whether I was popular asleep or not but all I do know was while I was trying to make myself comfortable to go to sleep on the night I felt something very strange going across from the back of my neck and that’s no mistake!  Only, if you ask me of what I truly thought about it would probably sound strange but what may also sound daft! Because of being a romantic person but yet who had never in her life had that sort of feelings for anyone felt could this be a Cupid going past me to tell me it’s maybe now definitely my moment for that to happen. And I am certainly talking about falling heads over heels in love with someone which probably trying to say it’s maybe Matt!    

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