Wednesday, 5 January 2000

Playing Games - Chapter 14


Chapter 14


Not forgetting, there was even a yet another time I don’t think I want to forget in such a hurry like the time when I was being tricked into staying at work because of Matt was due to come into work on his day like myself may I add, including when Lizzie had put me in such an embarrassing position by asking me that, “would you give Matt a kiss?  Not to mention telling me, “Matt would like you to give him a kiss?  Because first of all what happened was on this particular day after finishing work and went straight over to see my friends that worked in Wacky’s well what I didn’t expect was to end up laughing so much that I would run straight out from their shop still laughing mind you, but laughing all the same.  Because as I was laughing so much well let’s say could have thought that I was crying then laughing.  And that’s no joke! 


Which brings me too why I don’t think I would want to forget this day because of what really happened next!  And that was as soon as I ran straight out from Lynette's shop laughing as I did well what I didn’t realise or expect was but what had totally surprised me next was while I was half way of going out of the shopping centre had heard my name from a far distance more then once.  So, as I turned around I noticed it was Matt that was calling me which at first didn’t know of why he was there because as he was really suppose to be at work working. That is until he spoke and asked me, “are you alright Natalie?  Which what came to mind was, ‘oh?  ‘Matt, how sweet of you too come out all this way from work to find out if I was okay! 


Only, if you really must know while thinking how the guy had rushed out from work as he had just so if I alright, had made me want to really want to do something that I wouldn’t have dreamt of doing to anyone else, being a true romantic as I am!  Which was too take him in my arms and whisper, “oh! “Matt how I really love you!  But again, because of how the guy had always made me feel by making me go all shy and bashful-like well I couldn’t say anything to him, let alone of whom I couldn’t help herself of thinking once again if only you could take me in your arms Matt course, who knows this girl may have the bottle too give you a kiss so tenderly on your lips then rather your cheek. 

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