Sunday 3 September 2023

The Face from my Past



 As, the title says, to all you viewers out there!  This guy, was a guy, that I once upon a time knew, from my past!  And if you really wanna know more...  Well just read my book, "PLAYING GAMES!  And why!  You may well add?  Well this is the face of Matt, from my book!   

 And who, like I mentioned in Chapter 42 more, as loved Matt for sixteen years now!  Yes!  That's right viewers!  It's been sixteen years, that I have loved Matt!  And even though, I will always, love him!  And love him I do!  Well I will carry on being in love with him, for the next year, and so on!  

But, is still happy to wonder, what if!!!  Just what if!  It would have been liked, back then, if Matt had allowed me to be his friend, then, rather joining in, with those "Barstard" from my old work-place, to play upon my feelings!  Hey!  As, I still like to wonder!  


Because, as Matt was the only one that ever brought a huge smile back on my face, as well as, making this girl laugh again, since my Manager, had to leave!  As, it was a sad shame that he disliked me!  Because of the way he was mostly acting towards me!  As, in one minute, acting alright!  Then, the other!  His behaviour towards only myself, "mind you," had changed to Mr Hyde from Jekyll and Hyde stories! 

 Why though!  Was I that bad?  Because normally, I do get on so well!  More so, with guys, then girls!  But, oh no!  He just made me feel there were sumat wrong!  Or, not liked!   But, who stupid me, still could not help, liking Matt!  So, viewers!  Aren't I a right fucking idiot to still feel, like I do for Matt!  But instead of liking the guy, I have seriously fallen in Love with him!  But who is happy to just dream, what if though! 

 Because ever since I can remember, I had always, always believed, if anything would have happened to me!  Then, it would have!  But no!  Nothing as!  So, as I know, full well, don't believe in anything so wonderful would ever happen now, to me!  Course, of how those, horrible "barstards" from my old work-place!  And even Matt himself, had played upon my feelings!   

 Though, with Matt!  I just couldn't, get annoyed or angry with him, for joining in!  Because of possibly how I was truly starting to feel for him!   But, it wasn't that I wanted him like that!  It was just my feelings!  And my feelings only then, had really started to show signs, that I was honesty falling head over heels for him so much!  

 But till this day onwards, I  do sometimes!  Just sometimes though, thought just what would have been liked, if Matt had liked me!  Then, for him to single me out, from the others, and who then acted half of the time like Mr Hyde!  From Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde?  Course, yes!  I had truly thought, Matt was nice, when he and that tall, but quite lanky, Pencil-stick girl!  With a nose that had truly looked-liked a deformed, but wooden puppets nose!  A puppet like Pinocchio!  Who's nose grows, if he tells lies! 


But the deference's, with hers, was she sure had a nose that was like a toffee-nose Bitch!  In other words, big Liz, as that was her name, was not only ugly!  But who looked-like a old Witch!   A Witch, that had certainly reminded anyone, if they had saw her then!  Plus, myself of course, of  that "Witch" from that old film, starring, the young Judy Garland, "The Wizard of Oz!  And that's no mistake!  Because, she truly had looked-like a pompous, toffee nose bitch!  That had thought she, like someone else, that I know of, was Miss two goody-two shoes!  But the difference was, the other was a huge fat trollop that was always lurking around the Kingfisher Centre, with a face like Godzilla!

 And so, if you wanna find out more about the huge, fat trollop!  That I swear, had a face like Godzilla!  Well just start reading my book, PLAYING GAMES!               



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